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Portable Soft Sided Pet Crate - Ventilated Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home with Steel Frame

A Port-A-Crate P2 Indoor/ Outdoor Pet Home are made of a sturdy double steel frame.  Outer Cover is washable and corners are rounded to avoid marking walls or furniture.  Windows with roll down covers on sides and back.  Zippers are made of strong materials and have locks.  A cushion is included with the bed to make comfortable.  The crate can set up and fold down easy for storage and travel. $100. BUY.


Natural Neem Oil Flea Shampoo with Natural Pet Deodorizer Ingredients

Botanical Dog is The Natural choice for your pet.  Botanical Dog Neem Dream Dog Shampoo is a non chemical alternative.   The shampoo works well as a mange shampoo since Neem Oil is very good at killing mange mites.  The shampoo is great for skin problems like Flea Bite Dermatitis.  Botanical Dog Shampoo is also made with eucalyptus which is a natural pet deodorizer.  The Shampoo is 100% biodegradable and bottles are recycled.  $15. BUY.


Action PetPack - Backpack Pet Carrier, Ultra Light

Taking your pet on a plane can be a hassle with most carriers but the Teafco Argo Airline Approved Extra-Small Action Petpack Carrier makes it easier than ever.  The Action Petpack is worn like a backpack to free both hands.  It can fit neatly under the passenger seat during flight.  Two mesh windows in the front for added comfort of your pet.  Petpack has a removable fanny pack for the little extras you need for travel like treats and small toys.  Liner can be wiped clean. $138. BUY.


Cat Flap Door with Infrared Key Hangs on Cats Collar to Unlock Cat Door

Staywell Infra-Red Cat Flap lets your cat in or out but keeps other cats out.  It has a manual 4 way control lock for in only, out only, locked and opened.  Has a worldwide fitting for windows, walls and doors.  Infra-red collar key comes with a free collar and fits cats up to 15 pounds. $130. BUY.


Angels Eyes Dog and Cat Tear Stain Preventer Pills

Angels’ Eyes is a product made specifically for dogs and cats.  It can remove the tear stains around the eyes and mouth.  Instead of using a product to take away the stains by putting it on the face, it does it with a pill.  Just trim the hair as it grows in and within 5 weeks, the hair should be clean of stains. It is safe to take during pregnancy and for puppies or kittens that are over 6 weeks old.  Angels’ Eyes is available in meat or chicken flavor.  $25. BUY.


Zogoflex Dog Toy is Durable and Floats in the Water

West Paw Designs has a great toy for that favorite pooch.  It is called a Huck and it is made from a material called Zogoflex.  It is a hefty weighted ball that has ridges to keep it bouncing all over the place and keep your dog’s attention along with exercise.  The Huck even floats in water!  You can get it in three bright colors such as red, green and blue. $8.50. BUY.


Lightweight Plastic Dog Wash Bath Tub with Leash Clip

Scrub-A-Dub Dog tub with sprayer makes it easy to give your dog a bath inside or outside.  The tub can be used anywhere you have a faucet for water.  The lightweight of the tub makes it easy to travel with. The drain of the tub has a special screen to help keep hair out of your pipes.  The tub has a built in leash clip to keep your dog in place.  It comes with its own hose and shower head.   The tub can handle dogs up to 100 pounds. $160. BUY.


Continuous Clean Litter Box Automatically Cleans Cats Litter Box Routinely During the Day

The PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous – Clean Litter Box has to be the best invention ever made.  Who doesn’t like to clean the litter box everyday and sometimes twice a day?  This runs 24 hours a day cleaning the litter box and disposing the waste into recycled shopping bags.  The machine is quiet so it won’t disturb or scare your cat.  Litter box comes fully assembled and can be used by cats that weigh up to 12 pounds. $130. BUY.


Ultimate Bed for Your Dog to Rest on the Deck or Patio - Outdoor Dog Furniture

Did you know that Fido would love to have his own patio furniture?  No, it’s true. So instead of letting him get hair all over yours, give him his own.  Ultimate Deck/Patio Dog Bed by Doctor Foster and Smith carry a dog bed just made for the outside.  It is an orthopedic bed that is both water proof and will not fade from UV rays.  The cover is 100% polyester and can be removed and thrown in the washing machine.  Bed is available in 3 colors such as wine, navy and chocolate.  You are also able to personalize the bed with the dogs name or breed. $100-$170. BUY.


Evanger's Nothing But Natural Dog Treats

E29178ecb825406288169400c185b0f6_reWell Nothing But Natural sounds delicious. What else can we say? This jerky treat is available in 4 flavors Pheasant, Chicken, Venison and get this......BUFFALO! We took a survey and only 12% of our staff has ever tasted buffalo so this sure is a great opportunity for a lucky dog. $6 each. LINK.


Test How Smart Your Dog Is

KitboxWell first off, PoochIQ website says that packaging "may" differ from that picture over there but it also says they can give your dog an IQ (Intelligence Quotient for the noobs) rating score between 55-150 on what they call a Pooch IQ scale very similar to the human IQ scale which doesn't have as solid defined boundaries but basically are relatively in those numbers. There is an interesting video at the bottom of the page. $79.99 for a booklet and a couple props/toys and the opportunity to prove little Rover is a genius. LINK.


The Classic Retractable Leash

This is probably the most affordable way to own a good example of fine German engineering. The Flexi Retractable Leash is a classic and pretty much a necessity for any dog owner.


Lafeber Nutri-Meals for Birds

NmwrappedandunwrappedLafeber has been the leading innovator in bird health since 1973 and continues to create new and exciting ways to keep birds eating healthy. Nutri-Meals are one a newer product which are more like granola bars than bird food. LINK.


Dog Outdoor Exercising Set with Obstacle Course and Poles and Tubes

Are you looking for something that not only gives you and your dog exercise but also creates quality time?  PetSafe has a ten foot adjustable tube that you and your dog can enjoy.  The tube is made up of long-lasting Rip Stop fabric.  The tube grows in length as you and your dog become more confident.  The adjustable tube comes with instructions for easy assembly and a carrying case to make traveling trouble-free. $110. BUY.

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