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Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder - Stop Squirrels From Eating Bird Seeds

Squirrel Stop Bird Feeder. Isn’t it frustrating to hang out a bird feeder but have the squirrels eat everything?  Contech has come up with a great idea to keep squirrels away.  Hang your bird feeder from SquirrelStop and problem solved.  SquirrelStop is set up to start spinning for about 20 seconds when it registers the squirrel’s weight.  Product is safe to birds and squirrels.  There is no assembly required, just hang it with your bird feeder and you are ready.  So instead of sending squirrels eviction notices get SquirrelStop. $49.


Reuse Your Soda Bottles with This Wild Bird Waterer

Wildbird Soda Bottle Watering Well. What better way to help keep green and offer water to your feather friends? One way is to use the soda bottle watering well by Gadjet.  Not only will wild birds get the water they need but you also have place for that used plastic bottle. The kit comes with a tray for the birds to sit on and drink, net to hold the bottle in place and a hanger. Dimensions are height 8.5, width 5.75 and length 1.75. $4.