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Wobble Ball - Dishwasher Safe Dog Toy Treat Dispenser, Cute and Practical

Wobble Ball. P.L.A.Y. is best known for their luxurious line of dog beds, but they have also designed an interactive dog toy that will stimulate your pup. This super cute dog toy treat dispenser is an innovative product that allows your dog to use his senses in order to get a treat. The toy features a cone-shaped design  and the rounded base makes the toy wiggle and roll so that the treats fall out as your dog plays. The entire toy can be easily taken apart and placed in the dishwasher, which will allow your playful dog to use it time and time again. $18. BUY.


PetChatz Video Phone - Wi-Fi Webcam Treat Dispenser - See and Talk to Your Dog or Cat While Away

PetChatz Video Phone. Does your pet suffer from anxiety when you are away from home? Do you miss your dog or cat when you’re at work? You can help him and yourself relax using the innovative PetChatz. This unique device makes it possible for you to interact with your pet in multiple ways even when you are separated. You plug it in and connect it to your wireless Internet connection so that you can talk to and view your pet throughout your absence. When you call him using your smartphone or computer, your dog will be able to see and hear you, and you can dispense special treats that will remind him of how much you love him. PetChatz is also beneficial for owners because you can see and interact with your pet at any time to give you peace of mind. $349. Preorder.

Treat Dispensing Dog Toy - New Kong Dog Toy

Provide your dog with hours of entertainment with the new Kong Wobbler.  Kong is a supplier of some of the most indestructible dog toys, making this toy perfect for strong chewers.  The wobbler is filled with food or treats, preventing your dog from eating too quickly.  The upright, wobbly position makes getting the treats out a difficult and challenging experience for your pup.  Once your dog gets started playing, he’ll never want to stop! BUY.


Kong Wobbler Dog Toy - New Kong Design, Toy Stands Up and Dispenses Treats Gradually

The Kong Wobbler Dog Toy is the perfect  toy that can be treat filled for dogs that are over 25 pounds.  The Kong has a twistable top that allows for easy treat filling and the wobbling action provides hours of entertainment.  This tough toy stands up to pulling, smacking, chewing, and tossing without a problem.  At random moments treats drop out to keep your four legged friend happy and encourage playing.  This is a great toy to keep your puppy from eating too quickly or to keep him entertained when you do not have time to play.  Buy the new King Wobbler for Dogs as soon as possible. BUY.


FUNKitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy - Cool Cat Toy That Dispenses Food While Your Cat Plays

Premier Pet Products FUNKitty Egg-cersizer Cat Toy has a bouncy inner space that allows for treats to be inserted into the toy and bounce out as your kitten plays.  The egg shaped design keeps the egg moving each time your cat bumps or bats at the toy.  Treats fall out at random intervals to allow your kitty a reward for time spent playing.  This toy may even get your lazy fat cat off the floor and running around chasing the see through egg.  Buy one for your cat to promote a healthy egg-cersize filled life.  BUY.


Nina Ottosson's Tornado Dog Toy - Interactive Dog Toy Stimulates Your Dog's Brain and Rewards with Food

A dogs brain needs stimulated too.  By offering interactive toys a pet owner can keep their pet entertained and help him or her to build skills.  Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy, the Tornado, offers compartments that treats or small toys and bones can be placed in and discovered by your pet.  The bone shaped contraption has several layers that can be moved and turned by your furry friend.  Buy one today for hours of entertainment for your pet and you as you watch them use their skills to find the hidden treasures. BUY.