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Feb182014 - Pet Boarding and Travel Website, Business Listings and Deals Do you worry about where your pets will stay when you are on vacation? This site has made it easy for pet owners to find the perfect places to keep their pets while they enjoy time away from home. They have an extensive network of pet boarders that offer a variety of services, and you simply click the features that you want your pets to enjoy in order to find the best boarder in your area. Whether you want a place where your pooch can swim or one that will give your pet a pedicure, you can find it in just a few clicks. It makes it just as easy to book a vacation for your animals as it is to book your own! SITE.


See and Extend Carrier by Petmate - Pet Carrier that Expands on the Side Providing Extra Legroom

See and Extend Pet Carrier. Your airplane seat reclines, why shouldn’t your pet’s carrier offer the option of becoming more comfortable? That is why Petmate has created this extendable carrier that will give your dog or cat a little extra legroom. You can zip up the extendable vestibule so that the carrier is small enough to meet the most stringent airline policies, but you can also unzip it when you are in the car or when you have reached your destination. You can access the carrier from the side and the top, and its mesh sides will allow your pet to see everything that is happening. It even has loops at the back to secure it safely to the car seat. $80. BUY.


Pegasus Carrier by Moshiqa - Ultra Luxury Leather Pet Carrier

Pegasus Pet Carrier. Moshiqa is known for providing dog and cat owners with the posh accessories they need for their pets, and this travel case is no exception. The Pegasus carrier is made of leather, and its timeless design will remain stylish no matter how long you use it. The pink travel bag features a mesh window that will allow your pooch or kitty to look around as you shop or travel, but you can also secure a flap over the window if your pet needs some quiet time alone. A comfortable handle allows you to carry the bag in your hands, but you can also attach a strap so that you can carry it over your shoulder. The Pegasus carrier will show your friends and family members that your exclusive taste in style extends to the products that you use for your pets. $1250. BUY.

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SafeSpot - A Safe and Secure Way to Lock Your Dog Outside a Store

SafeSpot. Pawz first brought you the innovative, waterproof dog boots that keep your dog warm and dry during your walks, and now they have extended their inventory to include a leash that will keep your dog safe and secure. The Safespot Locking Dog Leash serves two purposes. It first acts as an adjustable collar and standard leash that you can use whenever you take your dog outside or in public. However, unlike traditional leashes , it also locks in place so that you can secure your dog safely when you need to leave him alone for a few minutes. It contains a steel cable so that you can rest assured that no one will dognap your precious pooch, which will give you peace of mind as you take your dog out day after day. $70. BUY.

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Songs for Sophie - Music Specifically Designed to Calm Your Pets - Calms and Relaxes

Songs for Sophie. If your pet needs a little help calming down, then you may want to try playing this CD. The music is written and performed by George Skaroulis, who is famous for his soothing music, and he has turned his talents to helping anxious animals become calm and relaxed. Skaroulis has become the official musician for the Atlanta branch of the Humane Society because their animals will become visibly relaxed and calmer when they play his music around the shelter. The CD features 13 tracks that have successfully soothed many animals, including songs played by guitar, banjo, piano and other peaceful instruments. If your savage beast has not responded to other soothing methods, then this music may be the perfect solution.  $18. BUY.


AnimAlarm - Remote Temperature Monitoring System Keeps Pets Safe in Cars, Planes, etc

AnimAlarm. If you need to take your dog for a trip but worry about him getting too hot in the car or plane, then the AnimAlarm may be of interest to you. It is an innovative portable device that will monitor the temperature so that you can rest assured that your canine companion is always comfortable.  The device will regularly send updates and text messages to your cell phone so that you can monitor the temperature in your car, and it has a setting that you can use if your dog will be staying for an extended period of time in a kennel. The AnimAlarm comes with a USB car charger and a USB home charger so that it is always ready when you need it. $180. BUY.


Cuddler Carrier - World's Softest and Most Snuggly Carrier for Small Dogs

Cuddler Carrier. Your pet’s safety is always important, but it should be your primary concern when you are traveling with your dog or cat. Fortunately, this innovative new carrier from Pioneer Pet is designed to keep your pet comfortable and calm while also securing him safely as you travel. Its lush padding is made of eco-friendly recycled sponge, and the outside of the carrier is made with micro plush fabric that is stylish and easy to maintain. The entire carrier is machine washable, and its seatbelt strap ensures that your dog or cat will be safely secured in the car. This makes the carrier the perfect place for your pet to rest at home and on the road. $30. BUY.


Woolrich Pet Carrer - Stylish Pet Carrier with Outdoors Flair

Woolrich Pet Carrier. Are you looking for a fun and stylish way to carry your pet around town or on your next trip? Then this trendy carrier is the perfect solution. The carrier is manufactured by Woolrich, who is also known for their comfortable apparel for men and women. They have used the same luxurious materials and high quality fabric to create this plaid pet carrier, which features a cushioned shoulder strap for the owner’s comfort and a vented design that will keep pets safe and secure. The carrier includes several pockets for pet treats and essentials, and it can be folded for easy storage. $70. BUY.


Portable Pet House - High-Tech Fold-able Dog Tent - Ultimate Sporty Dog House

Portable Pet House and Containment System. This sporty pop-up pet house is a modern solution to taking your pet with you no matter what you have in mind. It features a highly useful and handy setup and breakdown mechanism similar to that of an umbrella to better ensure everything involved with its use to simple and quick. This stylish portable pet house is safe to use in cars and is constructed with mesh material durable enough to remain claw proof. It has a great stylish look and is modern in every way that any pop-up travel pet house should be, which will be appreciated by pet owners everywhere. $130-$160. BUY.


Popware Travel Cup - Colorful Collapsible Travel Bowl Attaches to Leash

Pet Collapsible Travel Cup. Popware isn’t only for people to enjoy anymore! This modern take on a well known human product is a wonderful way to ensure your pet has a refreshing way to rehydrate. No matter where you may be or what you may be doing this modern collapsible travel cup, which comes with a bottle holder, will serve your pet with the perfect way to enjoy a drink at any given time. It is resistant to microbes, dishwasher safe and features a clip to easily attach the stylish travel cup to any backpack or belt loop. $10. BUY.


SleepyPod Food Bowls - Cute Colors, Practical Design, BPA-Free Pet Bowls

SleepyPod Food Bowl Set. True to being part of the modern pet product world, the SleepyPod food bowl set allows for transporting and storing your pets many foods and water all in a single handy, stylish design. This modern food bowl set has 3 unique bowls that were constructed to be leak-free with proper use and spill resistant. The entire SleepyPod food bowl set is BPA-free and FDA food grade so it is safe for anyone or any pet coming into contact with it. They are microwave, dishwasher and even freezer safe so you won’t have much to worry about except remembering to bring them with you everywhere you go. $30. BUY.


Gucci Dog Bag - Luxury Pet Carrier is Stylish and Practical

Gucci Dog Bag. A luxury dog bag by Gucci is perfect for any owner who knows exactly what their dog deserves. The trim is made of premium brown leather and the handles are Gucci signature luxury colors of red lined with green on both sides. This stylish Gucci dog bag also features a zipper opening for easy access to the pet as well as mesh paneling on the sides to ensure the bag is able to provide a very breathable environment for the dog. The entire cushion inside the bag can be removed and washed but the rest of the bag is dry clean only. Also includes a leash with a clip, which is attached to the inside. $1550. BUY.


Doggie Helmets - Protect Your Dog While Biking

Doggie Helmets. Safety is never is short supply when using one of these doggie helmets for a ride on a motorcycle or bike of any kind. Protecting your dog’s cranium with one of these stylish, modern dog helmets is a must have for any biking enthusiast because of the safety is offers the pet that is joining the ride. They are fully adjustable and come in various sizes to fit your dog’s head perfectly for increased safety and the best part is that they are made entirely of the same material used in construction hard hats, which is high impact polymer known for its strength and ability to save lives during such times of danger and impact. $34. BUY.

Editor's Note: Great to use with a pair of Doggles for the ultimate dog biker protection.


Pet Tube - Round Tube-Style Pet Carrier and Kennel

The Pet Tube is an ingenious and stylish solution to traveling safely with your pet. It comes in both large and small sizes to accommodate animals of all sizes, which also helps with safety appeal. It is very strong and lightweight so you get the best of both worlds including style and safety. The ‘tube’ shape will allow your pet to move freely while the entire Pet Tube attaches easily to any car’s seat securely, which will ensure your pet stays out of harm’s way throughout the entire trip. $75 - $140. BUY.


Doog Mini Running Belt - Dog Fanny Pack for Runners

Doog Mini Belt. Following with the success of the original Doog Walking Belt , Australian dog product company Dog Owners Outdoor Gear has released a sporty version of their classic dog walker utility belt. The Doog Mini Belt incorporates a slimmer design specially tailored for active runners who wish to carry a sleaker fanny pack. It is made of mesh material and holds doggie poop bags, wallet, keys, phone all in a compact unit. $20. BUY.


Buddy Meals - On-The-Go Complete Meal, Treat and Drink for Dogs

Buddy Meals. Let your dog know you care about them by buying them food made from real, all natural ingredients.  Buddy Meals are the perfect solution for families on the go.  They are pre-packaged with a package of food, bottle of purified water, treats, two-section serving tray and a scented waste bag.  Buddy Meals are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and pro-biotics to help keep your dog strong and healthy.  Make sure your dog always has a healthy, all natural meal even when you aren’t home. Info.


DOOG Walkie Belt with Accessories - Dog Walking Fanny Pack

Walkie Belt with Foldable Water Bowl and Tidy Bags. Your dog needs to go for walks but it can be a hassle with all the different things you need to carry.  DOOG has designed the Walkie Belt to make walking your pet an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.  With a foldable water bowl and 60 biodegradable tidy bags to clean up after your pet, it has everything your pet will need.  The Walkie Belt has compartments for your keys, cell phone, money and a separate spot for your dog’s treats.  One size fits most with this all in one belt. $23. BUY.


Carrier Keeper - Strap to Keep Your Pet Carrier Secure in the Car

Carrier Keeper. Keeping your pet in a carrier in the car is a great way to limit distractions while driving but with no grip, the carrier will still move around.  You can now stop this from happening with the Carrier Keeper.  The Carrier Keeper straps are compatible with all seat beats and carriers and can extend up to eight feet!  With no slip adjusters, you will know that your pet will be safe the whole car ride.  When you are ready to take your pet out of the car, they can be removed in seconds with just the push of a button. $25. BUY.


Music to Calm Your Dog While in the Car

Being in a car can be a stressful situation for your pet.  Some become overly excited while others become nervous.  Help them relax with “Through a Dog’s Ear- Driving Edition” by Joshua Leeds.  “Through a Dog’s Ear” plays soothing music that will help calm your pet without the use of any drugs.  A dog’s hearing is one of their strongest senses, allowing calm music and noises to change their mood.  Help your dog relax, the natural way. $16. BUY.


Introducing the Popware Portable, Foldable, Adjustable Elevated Pet Feeder. Whew.

With its trendy yet practical design, the Popware Adjustable Feeder is the perfect feeder for your pet.  Because the height can be adjusted, it can adapt for pets of any size!  Its collapsible height of just 1.5” allows it can be stored almost anywhere and can be easily packed away in storage.  Complete with removable dishwasher safe bowls, this feeder is simple to clean.  The sturdy design can hold up to 20 ounces of food and 2 ½ cups of water! $40. BUY.