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Critter Mazes - Construct Your Own Customizable Rat Maze - For Rats, Mice, Hamsters, etc

Critter Mazes. Often overlooked when innovative products are being developed, we are always thrilled when creative small pet accessories are introduced. Rats and other small animals love a good challenge, which is exactly what a maze provides. These Critter Mazes are ideal for rats, hamsters, gerbils and other small animals that need to get out and explore while still being contained. The mazes come in different colors and sizes, and pet owners can assemble different paths and build larger mazes by combining multiple kits. There are two-story mazes for animals that have mastered single-story mazes and need something more difficult to do, and owners can add additional stories for even more fun. BUY.


Marshall Pet Products Portable Ferret Cage / Rat Cage / Chinchilla Cage

Your smaller pets such as ferrets and chinchillas need room to play and exercise.  Marshall Pet Products understand that you little friends need more room and have created the Folding Mansion.  Designed to easily set up and store, it won’t even require tools!  The Folding Mansion comes installed with four wheels to make moving between rooms simple.  The bottom tray can be locked into place to prevent any movement, but can easily be taken out for cleaning. $153. BUY.