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Pet Stages Heartbeat Pillow - Heartbeat Sound to Comfort Anxious Puppy or Dog

Petstages Heartbeat Pillow. Help comfort your new puppy when you are not there to.  The Petstages Heartbeat Pillow is designed to let your new puppy think that it is a real heartbeat, decreasing their anxiety of being in a new place.  The soft, comfortable fleece of the pillow will make your puppy want to snuggle.  Turn on the heartbeat whenever you desire and it will last for five minutes.  The sound will help your puppy fall sleep and ease them into their new environment. $12.99. BUY.


PetZoom Pet Park Potty - Dog Indoor Potty with Fake Grass

If you are working all day and not able to take your dog out, a great solution is the PetZoom Pet Park Indoor Dog Potty that allows you to provide your pet an accident-free living. It has a non-toxic synthetic mat that simulates grass so your dog will be comfortable using it. This dog potty mat can also be used as a housebreaking aid for puppies. It's sort of a reusable wee-wee pad. $30.


Richell Freestanding Pet Gate. Some doorways are irregularly shaped and does not allow for a traditional pet gate to reach both sides. This Richel Freestanding Pet Gate is a great solution because this pet gate stands up on its own without having to clamp or use any tools. It is also a very luxurious hardwood finish and even folds up completely flat for storage and transport. Another great feature is that this gate is a little shorter - specially designed for smaller dogs so you can walk over it easily. There is a larger version available. $120.