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Bamboo Training Pads - Eco-Friendly Puppy Pads Combine Natural Bamboo and Charcoal

Green Pet Shop Bamboo Training Pads. The Green Pet Shop has combined bamboo and charcoal technology to create these eco-friendly puppy pads without the need for nasty chemicals. They claim that not only do the bamboo and charcoal emit a scent that is attractive to inquisitive pups but that they also work as a natural odor control so there is no need for added fragrance. They also claim that bamboo fibers are quick drying, preventing your toilet trainee from tracking wet paw prints through the house and their superior absorbency allows the pads to hold up to 28 fl oz of liquid. $25. BUY.


Underwater Puppies by Photographer Seth Casteel, Sequel to Underwater Dogs

Underwater Puppies. Just when you thought photos of dogs swimming underwater couldn't get any cuter, Seth Casteel brings us Underwater Puppies, the sequel to his national bestselling coffee table book, Underwater Dogs. Seth auditioned 1,500 puppies, many from shelters, from all over the country for this extraordinary project. Over a hundred photos featuring adorable creatures, complete with cotton-soft fur and large helpless eyes, just paddling away in a storm of bubbles are collected in this book. How ironic that through all the splashing and bursts of action, these puppies create such peaceful, surreal imagery. $21. BUY.

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My Dog's Name - Website to Help You Choose the Perfect Name for Your New Pet

My Dog's Name. Are you having trouble finding the perfect name for your new dog? This new website is designed to offer you a selection of dog names based on the style that you prefer. Whether you want something classic and traditional, rough and tough or stylish and sassy, they will give you a wide range of names to consider.  You can even search by theme to find a name that will suit your pup, including names related to sports, movies, history and books. LINK.


Imagine Life with a Well Behaved Dog: A 3-Step Positive Training Program

Imagine Life with a Well Behaved Dog: A 3-Step Positive Training Program. Training a dog can be very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. This dog training book is a contemporary and genius instruction manual that will guide you through dog training in a matter of 3 steps. No modern dog owner should ever go without this training manual as it is very simple to follow and helpful in all of the necessary tasks such as potty training, human interaction behavior, other pet interaction behavior and all around doggy manners. $17.99. BUY.


How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days

Housebreaking can be a difficult task for dog owners.  That is why Shirlee Kalstone created the book “How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days.”  Kalstone understood that between work, family and life, training can seem like a hassle.  The book comes complete with a step-by-step training program that can help housebreak your dog is only one week!  With helpful tips, the book helps teach dog owners how to reinforce positive behavior and handle “accidents” if they occur.  Don’t struggle with housebreaking; make it a simple task with “How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days.” $7.99. BUY.


Nature's Miracle Quick Results Training Pads

Nature's Miracle Quick Results Training Pads. The Nature's Miracle brand name has been in pet homes for years as the bio cleaning stain and odor remover. These puppy training pads are specially treated with a "Fresh Grass" scent to teach your pooch good habits. Also has odor control which has been Nature's Miracle's specialty all these years. $22.


Simply Fido Organic Pet Blanket - Cute Pet Blanket for Puppies and Kittens

Simply Fido Organic Pet Blanket is the ideal resting spot for your pampered pet.  The certified organic fabric comes in two unique styles with Lolly Lamb’s or Oscar the monkey’s head decorating one corner of the super soft blankets.  All blankets are chemical free and easy to place for your loving family friend. These are also great for pet travel so the animal will feel at home, even when on the road.  Keep your pet in the lap of luxury by buying one today. BUY.


Get Naked Treat Sticks - Wheat Free, Corn Free, Soy Free Dog Treats For Teething Puppies

Get Naked Puppy Health Dental Chew Sticks are perfect for puppies or dogs on the go.  Brushing is not always possible so why not offer your puppy pal a dental chew to freshen his breath and clean those pearly whites.  The chew sticks are designed to get in between teeth and gums for maximum cleaning ability.  All the ingredients for this perfect treat are wholesome and organic, which means they are puppy friendly.  The chews are even calcium fortified to promote healthy bone and tooth growth. BUY.