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A Dog's Purpose Movie - Based on Bestselling Novel by W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog's PurposeIn this film-adaptation based on the novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron, the viewer joins a devoted dog on his journey to discover the meaning of his existence. ‘A dog’s purpose’ is directed by Lasse Hallström of ‘The Cider House Rules’ and ‘Chocolat’ fame and stars Hollywood veteran Dennis Quaid, relative newcomers Britt Robertson and KJ Apa, and Josh Gad as the voice of the title character. Dog lovers of all ages will be swept away by this movie’s unique and bittersweet storyline and humorous yet soulful script. $25. BUY.


Rain Reign - Newest Novel by Ann M. Martin, Author of The Baby-Sitters Club

Rain Reign. Written in the first person, this New York Times bestseller tells the story of Rose, a fifth grader on the autism spectrum, and her faithful dog Rain. ‘Rain Reign’ uses simple language to engage young readers and encourage them to see through the eyes of a child who is living with a diagnosis of high functioning autism; Rose’s touching story endeavors to make the reader understand what a companion animal can mean to someone on the spectrum. Ann M. Martin, best known for her popular and long lived book series ‘The Baby Sitters Club’, breaks down the social barriers surrounding young people with Asperger’s syndrome by drawing her readers into Rose’s world as she searches for her lost companion. $17. BUY.