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Songs for Sophie - Music Specifically Designed to Calm Your Pets - Calms and Relaxes

Songs for Sophie. If your pet needs a little help calming down, then you may want to try playing this CD. The music is written and performed by George Skaroulis, who is famous for his soothing music, and he has turned his talents to helping anxious animals become calm and relaxed. Skaroulis has become the official musician for the Atlanta branch of the Humane Society because their animals will become visibly relaxed and calmer when they play his music around the shelter. The CD features 13 tracks that have successfully soothed many animals, including songs played by guitar, banjo, piano and other peaceful instruments. If your savage beast has not responded to other soothing methods, then this music may be the perfect solution.  $18. BUY.


Pet Music CD for You and Your Cat to Enjoy

Music doesn’t just affect dogs, it also affects cats.  “A Day in the Life of Leo: Classical Music for You and Your Cat” is a collection of sixteen popular classical songs.  The soothing melodies of these classical songs will help your cat drift into a tranquil state.  Whether the music puts your cat into a deep sleep or just keeps them relaxed, the effects of the music will be obvious.  You and your cat will love the classical music choices! $12. BUY.


Music to Calm Your Dog While in the Car

Being in a car can be a stressful situation for your pet.  Some become overly excited while others become nervous.  Help them relax with “Through a Dog’s Ear- Driving Edition” by Joshua Leeds.  “Through a Dog’s Ear” plays soothing music that will help calm your pet without the use of any drugs.  A dog’s hearing is one of their strongest senses, allowing calm music and noises to change their mood.  Help your dog relax, the natural way. $16. BUY.


Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats

Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats: Vol 1. Play some calm tunes for your pets to enjoy and watch as they lure them to sleep. There is a science that explains how music helps relax humans. Cats and dogs are no different. You can use this to help your dog relax while your not home or during anxiety-filled car rides. This could turn out to be a great natural solution to psychological issues in your pet and help keep you calm and tranquil as well. $12.


Animal Healing and Relaxation Music - Calm Your Pet with Music

Did you know that pets can be disturbed by load noises due to their heightened hearing ability?  Their moods can change based on the noises they hear.  Animal Healing understands your pet and has developed a CD that plays music to calm them.  Many animals become stressed or spiteful when their owners leave the house, but playing this CD while you’re gone will relax them and put them into a different state of mind.  Let your pets know you care by considering one of their most powerful senses. $11. BUY.


Dog Gone Classical Music - Mozart Music with Nature Sounds Specially Designed for Your Dog

Dog Gone Classical Music: Mozart. This dog and pet music cd has a very interesting concept. Not only does it feature the melodic classical tunes of Wolfgang Mozart, but it is also blended with nature sounds that will help calm and soothe your dog and dog owners as well. Each track has different Mozart compositions layered over babbling brooks, ocean waves, rainfalls, songbirds and tranquil night sounds. The natural sounds soothe your dogs and has tremendous healing benefits for your dog. $12.