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Beyond the Myth - Pit Bull Documentary Shedding Light on their Loving and Loyal Characteristics

Beyond the Myth. Many people fear pit bulls because of the negative attention that they have received in the media, but this documentary emphasizes the loving and caring nature that the breed can exhibit. It covers the legislation that has taken many pit bulls away from their families, as well as the number of dogs that have been killed out of fear. The video’s stories highlight the stories of pit bull owners and how they have been affected by breed specific legislation, and it debunks many of the myths about how violent and dangerous pit bulls can be. Many viewers have declared “Beyond the Myth” a must-see documentary for pit bull owners, animal advocates and animal lovers. $25. BUY.


It's Me or the Dog: Season 1 DVD Set - Starring Victoria Stilwell

It's Me or the Dog: Season 1. Watch some of your favorite episodes from Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog: Season One” on DVD.  Victoria Stilwell, expert dog trainer, helps families transform their dogs.  Untrained pets can cause stress and separate a family.  Victoria steps in and helps families with seemingly untamable dogs take control of their lives.  With the help of a “pet cam” plus observation and interviews, she helps families see what they are doing wrong and corrects their methods. $60. BUY.


Cat Sitter DVD - Video for Your Cat

Cat Sitter DVD. Don’t worry about leaving your cat home alone anymore!  With the new Cat Sitter DVD your cat will have constant entertainment.  Its success is undeniable with appearances in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and on the Daily Show.  The Cat Sitter DVD plays sounds and images of things found in nature such as various birds and rodents.  The DVD will captivate your cat and turn it into the only video they will ever want to watch. $10. BUY.