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Rain Reign - Newest Novel by Ann M. Martin, Author of The Baby-Sitters Club

Rain Reign. Written in the first person, this New York Times bestseller tells the story of Rose, a fifth grader on the autism spectrum, and her faithful dog Rain. ‘Rain Reign’ uses simple language to engage young readers and encourage them to see through the eyes of a child who is living with a diagnosis of high functioning autism; Rose’s touching story endeavors to make the reader understand what a companion animal can mean to someone on the spectrum. Ann M. Martin, best known for her popular and long lived book series ‘The Baby Sitters Club’, breaks down the social barriers surrounding young people with Asperger’s syndrome by drawing her readers into Rose’s world as she searches for her lost companion. $17. BUY.


Underwater Puppies by Photographer Seth Casteel, Sequel to Underwater Dogs

Underwater Puppies. Just when you thought photos of dogs swimming underwater couldn't get any cuter, Seth Casteel brings us Underwater Puppies, the sequel to his national bestselling coffee table book, Underwater Dogs. Seth auditioned 1,500 puppies, many from shelters, from all over the country for this extraordinary project. Over a hundred photos featuring adorable creatures, complete with cotton-soft fur and large helpless eyes, just paddling away in a storm of bubbles are collected in this book. How ironic that through all the splashing and bursts of action, these puppies create such peaceful, surreal imagery. $21. BUY.

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CAT vs HUMAN - Book that Illustrates the Complex Cat-Human Dynamic

Cat Versus Human. Cat lovers will definitely relate to these humorous cartoons sketched by Yasmine Surovec, who operates a blog by the same title. Its comedic approach to the relationship between cats and humans is sure to draw a chuckle from any cat lover, even if the sketches hit a little too close to home. The images depict the effect that cats can have on romantic relationships and social situations, and there are witty comparisons between a life with cats and a life without cats. $9. BUY.

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Texts from Dog II - Second Installment of Texts from Dog by October Jones

Texts from Dog II. What would happen if your dog were able to use a cell phone to send text messages? This sequel to the original Texts from Dog, both based on the popular website of the same title, has witty messages and text conversations between a dog and his human, and they will give you insight into your dog’s mind while also making you 'LOL'. Each page is filled with hilarious and sometimes crude texts about a dog’s life, with topics such as being fed, being penned up in the yard, daily canine activities and more. The funny messages even include graphics that give the book even more character and style. After reading it, you’ll be wondering what your dog would be telling if you if he had the ability to text! $14. BUY.

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Crafting with Cat Hair - Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat Hair

Crafting with Cat Hair. If you love both cats and crafting, then this is your chance to blend the two. Rather than getting frustrated by the amount of cat hair that you find around your home, turn it into something useful. This book has several ideas for projects in which you use cat hair to make something completely original and unique. Whether you want to create an unusual cat toy or a picture frame as a gift, you can find the directions and tips you need to make fabulous projects that will remind you of your favorite furry felines. $14. BUY.

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Love Saves the Day - The Story of Prudence the Cat by Author of 'Homer's Odyssey'

Love Saves the Day. This heartwarming tale is touching on its own, but it is made even more so because it is told from the perspective of a cat.  Prudence was only five weeks old when she was found and adopted by Sarah, and the following three years of her life are filled with affection and laughter. When Sarah does not come home one day, Prudence lives with Sarah’s daughter, Laura, who has always resented her upbringing and had distanced herself from her mother. As Prudence and Laura struggle to understand each other’s preferences, habits and personalities, they are brought together by the love they both share for Sarah. It is written by the same author who wrote “Homer’s Odyssey,” and critics and readers alike have declared it to be touching, funny and unforgettable. $15. BUY.


How to Exercise Your Human - Shorty and Kodi's Guide to Becoming a "Purrsonal Trainer"

How to Exercise Your Human. From the creaters of the Youtube channel Sho Ko come the humorous pet book starring Shorty and Kodi along with their cat guardian Robert Moore. With the usual cuteness we are accustomed to in their videos and the quirky title marketted towards cats, we are guessing that this will be an entertaining read. Featuring exercises along with adorable images referencing their highly popular videos, fans of the show and cat lovers will definitely enjoy this book. $20. BUY.


Cat Miracles - Collection of Stories of Paranormal Cat Activities

Cat Miracles: Inspirational True Stories of Remarkable Felines. Whether you need a reason to think favorably of cats or are already the owner of several adorable felines, you will enjoy this book. The heartwarming stories revolve around cats that have gone above and beyond normal feline behaviors in order to protect or reunite with their loved ones. These unusual stories will appeal to readers of all ages who are looking for something interesting, mysterious and enjoyable to read. Just be ready to laugh, cry and be amazed at the collection of incredible but true cat adventures. $13. BUY.


I Could Pee on This - Humorous Book of Poems from a Cat's Perspective

I Could Pee on This. If you have ever wondered what your cat is thinking, then this whimsical book of poems may give you some insight. “I Could Pee on This” is filled with humorous poetry that is written from a cat’s point of view, such as “Some of My Best Friends are Dogs” and “Kneel Before Me”, and the text is enhanced by photographs that perfectly illustrate the quirky behaviors of cats. The collection of poems will resonate with cat owners, but even dog lovers will find the book to be charming and witty. $13. BUY.


The Dog Who Rescues Cats - Story of a Dog that Finds Cats in Need

The Dog Who Rescues Cats is a heart-warming tale of Ginny, a dog who exhibits the extraordinary ability to assist cats in need. The book begins by telling the story of how Ginny’s owner, Philip Gonzalez, was disabled in an industrial accident and how he struggled with depression and despair. In an attempt to recover from his devastating emotions, Gonzalez adopts Ginny at his local shelter. Over time, Ginny brings home numerous cats that need special care due to disabilities or deformities. Ginny’s ability to sense cats in distress leads Gonzalez to find a new purpose in life as he opens his home to his dog’s feline friends. $14. BUY.


Homer's Odyssey - Touching Story, Blind Cat Changes Author's Life

Homer’s Odyssey. This is an enlightening book called Homer’s Odyssey written by Gwen Cooper who is also the main character of the book due to the nature of it being non-fiction. Homer was an abandoned eyeless cat that Gwen took into her home and life to love and cherish. Throughout their life together the two helped each other in many ways through various natured events including protection, inspiration, and expressions of love. This enchanting story covers many life lessons both Gwen and Homer learned through their life together and is sure to impress any reader with even the slightest interest. $15. BUY.


Amazing Gracie - Story of How a Dog with Special Needs Inspired the Three Dog Bakery

Amazing Gracie: A Dog’s Tale book. From the founders of Three Dog Bakery, Amazing Gracie is a wondrous story about a mostly blind and completely deaf Great Dane dog that also happens to be albino and the men who let her become their inspiration for many things including a line of canine bakeries. Dan was the man who initially adopted Gracie after going through some heart wrenching life events of his own but he eventually teamed up with a friend named Mark who joined in on the canine bakery business plan. Overall, this story will tell the touching tale about how once being saved herself, Gracie becomes the savior to both Dan and Mark; a truly inspiring story to all. $11. BUY.


Following Atticus - Story of the Mountain Climbing Dog

Following Atticus. This is a book called Following Atticus: Forty-eight High Peaks, One Little Dog and an Extraordinary Friendship, which tells of the many true adventures between a dog named Atticus and a legendary man named Tom Ryan who is also the author. Both Tom and Atticus have traveled many places and climbed many mountains to raise money for charities but along the way they have many adventures, life changing events and heart gripping moments. Every aspect of this book is sure to intrigue any reader whether they are an animal lover or not. And who knows? They might become one after reading this. $16. BUY.


A Dog's Purpose - A Lost Puppy Finds Purpose in Life

A Dog’s Purpose. Written by W. Bruce Cameron comes a humorous tale of an adventurous, playful golden-haired puppy named Bailey. Sadly, at first Bailey is a street living puppy that is on a mission to find an owner’s love, which doesn’t take long because soon he finds an 8 year old named Ethan. These two have many adventures together, which help to show the young pup that there is more to life than finding his next meal and sleeping alone. It is a beautifully written story that will help anyone to understand the true meaning of man’s best friend and the actual purpose of a dog in this tragically happy world. $14. BUY.


Cat Daddy Book by Jackson Galaxy, Star of "My Cat From Hell"

Cat Daddy Book. Cat owner’s everywhere should look into the Cat Daddy book. Jackson Galaxy, the featured author and also the one doing all the teaching throughout the book, has a unique talent with being able to understand cats and their feline ways better than the average person. He writes about his experiences and includes plenty of tips, tricks and hints within the Cat Daddy book that any cat owner will surely benefit from once they’ve read the book and applied it to their pet’s life. $25. BUY.


A Street Cat Named Bob - Cat That Saved a Man's Life

A Street Cat Named Bob Book. James Bowen, a musician from the streets of London, sadly where he resides, writes this book about a tom cat he found on the street and nursed back to health. James had no idea about what would come after helping this cat return to normal health but, Bob as he named it, had another plan in mind, which included sticking by James at all times. In this book, you will read all about the true story of James and his street cat Bob, the adventures they went through together and how much one little cat in a single moment changed his life for the better. $25. BUY.


Imagine Life with a Well Behaved Dog: A 3-Step Positive Training Program

Imagine Life with a Well Behaved Dog: A 3-Step Positive Training Program. Training a dog can be very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. This dog training book is a contemporary and genius instruction manual that will guide you through dog training in a matter of 3 steps. No modern dog owner should ever go without this training manual as it is very simple to follow and helpful in all of the necessary tasks such as potty training, human interaction behavior, other pet interaction behavior and all around doggy manners. $17.99. BUY.


Veterinarian’s Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs

Veterinarian’s Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs. This book will guide you through many eco-friendly and environmentally safe solutions to treating and ultimately healing many of your dog’s ailments. It is full of all-natural remedies for dogs and many techniques that will help you keep your dog healthy and even increase its lifespan just by following its holistic advice and methods. Much of it has to do with basic daily maintenance with your dog such as their diet which is a very important thing for a dog to have cared for throughout each stage of their life from newborn and puppy age to adult and elder age. Overall, the Veterinarian’s Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs will show you the most eco-friendly way to love your pet. $15. BUY.


101 Ways to Do More with Your Dog - A Book of Activities to Stimulate Your Dog

Spend more time with your dog!  101 Ways to Do More with Your Dog: Make Your Dog a Superdog with Sports, Games, Exercises, Tricks, Mental Challenges, Crafts, and Bonding by Kyra Sundance is a great book that teaches you all new activities to do with your pet.  Teaching your dog tricks and activities is a way to strengthen your bond and to keep you both entertained for hours!  This book will help you teach your dog everything from volleyball to becoming a therapy dog.  There’s no limit to what you and your dog could do together! $14. BUY.


Dewey's Nine Lives - Collection of Nine Inspirational Cat Stories

“Dewey’s Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions” by Vicki Myron is based on nine separate stories of cats who made a difference in people’s lives.  These amazing, heartwarming stories told by “Dewey’s mom,” Vicki, are sure to make you realize the significance of your own pet.  The stories deal with real situations that in the end make a big difference in everyday life.  “Dewey’s mom” understood that pets are an important influence in people’s lives and can be the one to change them for the better. $14. BUY.