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Dog Gone Smart Bed - Nano Technology for Dogs

Dog Gone Smart Rectangle Canvas Bed. If you're looking for a durable pet bed that will stay clean, you might be interested in NanoSphere technology. We're not sure what is Nano about the NanoSphere technology but apparently it incorporates nanotechnology to create a naturally non-stick surface which in turn keeps things like honey and ketchup slipping off instead of staining. Sounds cool! Now this is obviously practical for dogs, but why isn't everything in life made of this? $70-$120.


Dog or Cat House for Your Living Room

DenHaus BowHaus Indoor Pet House and End Table. Here is a pretty funky pet house that can also serve as a practical end table as well. The furniture's edgy design also doubles as providing ventilation around all sides. This cove will sure to serve as a relaxing resting area for your pet. $599.


Modern Style Cat Scratcher - Available in Various Colors and Woodtones

Moderncritter offers the Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher with its unique shape so that you can place against a wall on the floor, hang it up, or lay it flat on the ground.  The FLOR Terra tiles are ECO friendly of 34% corn based material.  Each tile is different and comes in either looped pile or cut pile.  It is recommended to order the looped pile if you do not know what your cat will prefer.  Of course, the most fun feature of this modern cat scratcher is the multiple color options available. $285.


Heated Kitty Pad to Keep Your Cat Warm Outside

The new K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad with fleece cover ensures that your outdoor cat will stay warm this winter.  Perfect item for your pet that can be installed garages, sheds or most other places that they may sleep.  It can even be placed in your house!  Made from rugged ABS plastic, it can withstand wear and tear from the weather and your cat.  The 5.5 foot cord is wrapped in steel to prevent any damage to your pet and property.  With a one year warrantee, you can’t go wrong. $40. BUY.


Pet Safe Heated Bed with Washable Cover for your Dog or Cat or Pig

The PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper is the perfect gift for any pet.  The bed comes with therapeutic low heat and orthopedic foam.  Petsafe thought of everything with this bed.  The cord cannot be chewed through and has a small pocket to store it on the side of the bed.  Cover is washable which makes it easy to keep clean.  Whether young or old, your pet will enjoy this warm and cozy bed. $46-$91.


Cuddle Cube Pet Bed - Cube Cushion Pet Bed Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

K&H Cuddle Cube Pet Bed is available in three sizes and various colors.  This cushioned bed filled with recycled material from plastic bottles is a welcomed area for pets to rest or lounge.  The cube shaped 12 inch thick pet bed is easy to wash and care for if it gets dirty.  The non-slip bottom means your beloved pet will not slide around when your four legged friend jumps on whether in play or for a nap.  Buy one today to keep your loyal friend content. BUY.


Petmate Nap of Luxury Bed - Luxury Pet Bed Incorporates Modern Style with Classic Fashion

Let your pet relax in the center of comfort with the Petmate Nap of Luxury Pet Bed.  The champagne colored bed frame is perfect for smaller breeds and only sits 16’’ off the floor. The sturdy metal frame can be assembled without tools and the camel bedding cover can be removed and washed with ease.  Allow your best friend to relax in a bed all her own.  Adding a new pet blanket will allow the bed to match any décor. BUY.


Dog Gone Smart Bed - Hypoallergenic and Stain Resistant Pet Bed

The Dog Gone Smart Bed, a canvas donut pet bed, is perfect for dogs of all sizes.  The bed comes in a variety of colors and  different sizes.  It allows your furry friend to nest in its donut shaped, hypoallergenic fiber filled center while still having room to stretch if necessary.  This bed is a great buy for animals up to 100 pounds.  Perfect for travel or a nap on a cold winter’s day this bed is easy to move from room to room if the need arises or if your puppy likes to keep an eye on his owner. BUY.


Merry Pet Tropical Island Pet Bed - Wicker Style Pet Bed with Palm Tree Print

If you wish for a vacation in the tropics, chances are your pet will too.  Give your dog or cat a tropical getaway everyday with a Merry Pet Tropical Island with Cushion Pet Bed.  This bed is complete with bamboo frame and a palm tree lined cushion.  The best part is a drawer on the front that allows for easy pet toy storage.  So provide your pet with a tropic get away at home with this earth friendly spin on a bamboo bed. BUY.


Dog Bed Cover Replacement - Stylish Green Pattern

This Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is designed for round pet bedding. Simply enclose the bedding in the zippered duvet to add style to your décor and refurbish that old bedding. You can also use blankets to stuff the duvet to create your own bedding. Because this is recycling, this pet product is eco-friendly and sports modern patterns to accent any décor. This product is made of 100% cotton and will be safe and comfortable for your favorite canine companion. $35. BUY.


Stylish Square Modern Dog Bed Duvet with Brown and Blue Pattern Print

The Molly Mut Square Dog Bed Duvet comes in a wide variety of modern patterns and colors so that your pet’s bed will match your décor. This pet product is eco-friendly as you don’t have to throw out that old bedding, just recover it with this zippered duvet. It is also convenient to use old blankets or towels to stuff the duvet and new bedding will not be necessary. The duvet patterns are attractive and easy to maintain. The price is comparable to new bedding, but with a new look, your old bedding is still useful and easily recycled. BUY.


Portable Pet Bunk Bed - Allow Your Pet to Sleep Closer to You

The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Portable Pet Bunk Bed is perfect for the pet lover who enjoys having their pet close by their side when they sleep, but not actually in the bed. This unique pet product allows you pet to sleep close to you while offering separate sleeping quarters. It is safe and comfortable for pets up to 55 pounds and includes an easy to clean mat to keep your pet comfortable. This light weight product is easily assembled and requires no tools and includes a carrying case for travel. BUY.


Indoor / Outdoor Raised Pet Bed - Made From Recycled Materials

The NewAgePet Indoor/Outdoor Raised Pet Bed is a modern and convenient bedding option for your pet.  This mission style pet bed is made made from eCo-Flex, recycled polymers and recycled wood fibers and is therefore eco-friendly. Included with this modern style frame is an easy clean mat and is a a nice addition to any décor. No tools are required for the ten minute assembly and your pet will sleep in style while maintaining your style of décor. BUY.


Dolce Vita DuoTemp Pet Bed - Luxury Electronically Temperature Controlled Bed Heats and Cools

The Dolce Vita DuoTemp Pet Bed is an excellent accessory for dog owners who wish to keep their pet cool in hot temperatures or warm in colder weather.  This pet bed offers relief for the joints and muscles of active pets and therapeutic relief for older animals suffering from arthritis. Electronically controlled, this pet bed can be set to low level voltage heating, or to a cooling fan. Because the voltage is low, it is safe for your pet. Pets overheat quickly in a hot car, but the cooling fan could keep your pet cool and comfortable. BUY.

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