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Crafting with Cat Hair - Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat Hair

Crafting with Cat Hair. If you love both cats and crafting, then this is your chance to blend the two. Rather than getting frustrated by the amount of cat hair that you find around your home, turn it into something useful. This book has several ideas for projects in which you use cat hair to make something completely original and unique. Whether you want to create an unusual cat toy or a picture frame as a gift, you can find the directions and tips you need to make fabulous projects that will remind you of your favorite furry felines. $14. BUY.

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Animal Blueprint Company - Pet Blueprint Artwork, Featuring Hundreds of Breeds of Dogs, Cats and Horses

The Animal Blueprint Company provides passionate pet owners with detailed blueprints of cats, dogs and horses. They feature over 100 breeds of these animals, and each blueprint includes details that make each breed special. The blueprints are modeled after images used in the 1950s so that they have an essence of classic character and beauty. Shoppers can choose from one of the many breeds that are listed, or they may order a custom drawing of their pet. Each blueprint or custom order is framed using natural wood, and the result is a unique and modern illustration of a beloved pet. $110-$265. BUY.


Framed Photographic Artworks by Cooper the Cat

Cooper the Cat Framed Photographic Artwork. The spontaneous nature and unusual camera angles are what make each of these photos by Cooper the cat photographer a work of art. We as humans never see the world from certain angles that animals experience everyday. Naturally attracted to colorful sceneries, the flamingo photo featured here is an example of Cooper's artistic talents that would serve as a great conversation piece in your home. $265.