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Woofstick - Innovative Dog Toy Provides Exercise, Interaction and Outdoors Fun

Woofstick. Are you looking for a new way to exercise and challenge your dog? The Woofstick is designed to give your dog a great workout that he will enjoy without completely wearing him out. You can insert a treat into the bone that dangles from a wand, which will encourage your dog to jump and pounce as you move the toy around. In addition to providing your pooch with a fun way to exercise, the Woofstick can also be used as a training tool. It even comes with a collapsible water bowl so that your pet stays well hydrated during each enjoyable session. $39. BUY.

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SafeSpot - A Safe and Secure Way to Lock Your Dog Outside a Store

SafeSpot. Pawz first brought you the innovative, waterproof dog boots that keep your dog warm and dry during your walks, and now they have extended their inventory to include a leash that will keep your dog safe and secure. The Safespot Locking Dog Leash serves two purposes. It first acts as an adjustable collar and standard leash that you can use whenever you take your dog outside or in public. However, unlike traditional leashes , it also locks in place so that you can secure your dog safely when you need to leave him alone for a few minutes. It contains a steel cable so that you can rest assured that no one will dognap your precious pooch, which will give you peace of mind as you take your dog out day after day. $70. BUY.

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Shark Hoodie - Just About the Cutest Dog Sweater We Could Find - Handmade Fair Trade

Shark Hoodie. This unique dog sweater makes it easy for you to show off your sense of humor when it gets cold outside. This cute sweater is made of 100% wool and is dyed using organic plant dyes, and it features a knit shark fin on the back. It is also handcrafted in South America following Fair Trade guidelines. Whether your pooch is going to wade through the snow or go out on the town, this adorable and eco-friendly sweater is sure to encourage some smiles wherever you go! $30-$35. BUY.


AnimAlarm - Remote Temperature Monitoring System Keeps Pets Safe in Cars, Planes, etc

AnimAlarm. If you need to take your dog for a trip but worry about him getting too hot in the car or plane, then the AnimAlarm may be of interest to you. It is an innovative portable device that will monitor the temperature so that you can rest assured that your canine companion is always comfortable.  The device will regularly send updates and text messages to your cell phone so that you can monitor the temperature in your car, and it has a setting that you can use if your dog will be staying for an extended period of time in a kennel. The AnimAlarm comes with a USB car charger and a USB home charger so that it is always ready when you need it. $180. BUY.


Neo-Paws Suit - Winter Body Suit for Your Dog - Keeps Your Dog Warm and Dry in Snow

Neo-Paws Suit. Does your dog love to go outside no matter what the weather may be? This full body suit is made of fleece so that your pet stays warm and cozy even when the temperature drops. In addition to its comfortable design, the fleece body suit features reflective strips so that others can see your dog after the sun has gone down. There are eight sizes to choose from, which will allow you to get the one that fits your dog perfectly, and it has a hook and loop system that makes it easy for you to dress and undress your pooch. You can even combine the suit with other Neo Paws products, such as hats and shoes, so that your pet is fully protected from the elements. $35-$64. BUY.


Cuddler Carrier - World's Softest and Most Snuggly Carrier for Small Dogs

Cuddler Carrier. Your pet’s safety is always important, but it should be your primary concern when you are traveling with your dog or cat. Fortunately, this innovative new carrier from Pioneer Pet is designed to keep your pet comfortable and calm while also securing him safely as you travel. Its lush padding is made of eco-friendly recycled sponge, and the outside of the carrier is made with micro plush fabric that is stylish and easy to maintain. The entire carrier is machine washable, and its seatbelt strap ensures that your dog or cat will be safely secured in the car. This makes the carrier the perfect place for your pet to rest at home and on the road. $30. BUY.


Sturdi Walking Vest - Secure Vest-Harness for Small Dogs and Cats

Walking Vest. If walking your pet is more stressful than relaxing, then you may be interested in the SturdiPet Walking Vest. This vest is designed to eliminate the unpleasant sensations that often trouble pets when they are tethered to a traditional leash. The vests simply snap together so that putting them on a furry friend is extremely easy, and their design makes them secure and durable. The vest weighs less than 2 ounces, and pet owners can select either small or medium sizes. There are also two colors that pet owners can choose from, and each vest comes with a 5 foot leash. $18. BUY.

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Puppy Bumpers - Prevents Small Dogs from Going Through Fences and Railings

Puppy Bumpers. If your dog is a little escape artist who loves to squeeze between the fence posts or under the gate, then a Puppy Bumper may save his life. Puppy Bumpers are unique and stylish collars that will keep your dog from sliding through the openings of fences, gates and balconies. There are several sizes and trendy patterns to choose from, and dogs enjoy the soft and comfortable feel of the collars. Puppy Bumpers are washable so that you can keep them clean even after your pup has spent some time outside. If you worry about your little Houdini getting out of the yard or falling through the rails of your balcony, then a Puppy Bumper will help put your mind at ease. $25. BUY.


Ruff Leash by Zee.Dog - Shock and Pull Absorbing Leash with Neoprene Handle

Ruff Leash. If your dog is overly enthusiastic or adventurous when you take him for walks, this shock absorbing leash might be what you are looking for. These leashes feature an advanced design that takes the strain off of you and helps you regain control when Fido gets a little rambunctious. Each Ruff Leash has a polyurethane spring that absorbs shock while giving you the flexibility you need to keep your dog under control, and it has a comfortable handle that will help you keep your grip, even when your hound catches the scent of something that he is compelled to chase. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your individual style. $30. BUY.


Loop Poop - Stylish Poop Bag Dispenser, Biodegradable Poop Bags

Loop Poop Bag Dispenser. It’s no fun to pick up dog poop, but at least you can look good doing it. This stylish poop bag dispenser clips onto your dog’s leash or on your belt so that you always have a bag on hand when your pup does his business. The design is sleek and modern, and it is light enough that you will not mind carrying it on walks. To make you feel even better about cleaning up after your dog, the bags included in the Loop Poop are biodegradable, which means that you can dispose of dog poo using products that are environmentally friendly. The canister holds most universal dog bags so that you can refill it with the bags of your choice. $18. BUY.


LeashLocket - Ultra-Portable Retractable Leash that Attaches to Collar

LeashLocket. Walking your dog just got easier with the help of the LeashLocket dog leash. These retractable leashes can extend as far as 6 feet so that your dog has room to explore, and the fabric is strong enough that you won’t need to worry about your large dog breaking or fraying it. Once you get to a safe location where your dog is free to roam, you simply retract the leash and secure it using the brake lock. You can then place it on the magnetic rivet that is included in the collar attachment, which will allow your dog to safely carry the leash so that your hands remain free. With a weight of only 4 ounces, neither of you will mind carrying the leash when it is time to play! $25. BUY.


Soggy Doggy Doormat - Super-Absorbent Micro-Fiber Door Mat for Wet Dogs

Soggy Doggy Doormat. If you are tired of being able to track your dog around the house because of his muddy paw prints, then you will be happy to bring Soggy Doggy products into your home. Whether your dog runs in the door during a heavy storm or tends to send water flying as he drinks from his water dish, the Soggy Doggy mats will absorb the moisture so that the rest of your floor is left clean and dry. They carry several styles and sizes of mats that are made of attractive and absorbent microfiber chenille, which will hold five times more water than traditional towels. If your pooch is wet all over, then you will also appreciate the Soggy Doggy towels that come with hand pockets for easy use. $40-$85. BUY.


Pet Owners are Healthier Pet - New Studies Show Pets Lower Risk of Heart Issues

Owning a Pet May Protect You from Heart Disease. There are many benefits to owning a pet, but one of the most important may be that it is good for your health. Doctors are studying the link between pet ownership and the risk of heart disease, and they believe that taking care of an animal may lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. If you own a pet, you may be more likely to exercise so that your furry friend stays healthy, and you will also benefit from the emotional support that an animal has to offer. However, researchers point out that pet ownership is not the sole factor in having a healthy heart, and people should not adopt pets simply to reduce the likelihood that they will suffer from heart disease. READ.


Slackline Dog Leash - Adjustable Length Dog Leash for Outdoor Excursions

The Slackline Dog Leash by Ruffwear makes it easy for you to keep your furry friend right by your side during hikes, walks and other outings. The leash is incredibly durable so that it won’t fray as you explore the backwoods, and it won’t break down if your dog starts chewing on it. The leash has a reflective trim that will help keep you both safe and visible in dim light, and it has a clip so you can secure your dog when you stop for breaks. You can adjust the length of the leash from 3.5 to 6 feet to control how much room your pup has to explore, and the comfortable handle will ensure that you enjoy the trip just as much as he does. $40. BUY.


Woolrich Pet Carrer - Stylish Pet Carrier with Outdoors Flair

Woolrich Pet Carrier. Are you looking for a fun and stylish way to carry your pet around town or on your next trip? Then this trendy carrier is the perfect solution. The carrier is manufactured by Woolrich, who is also known for their comfortable apparel for men and women. They have used the same luxurious materials and high quality fabric to create this plaid pet carrier, which features a cushioned shoulder strap for the owner’s comfort and a vented design that will keep pets safe and secure. The carrier includes several pockets for pet treats and essentials, and it can be folded for easy storage. $70. BUY.


Go-Go Dog Toy - 22 MPH Remote Controlled Dog Toy for Outdoors Play

Go-Go Dog Toy. If you are looking for a fun, new way to exercise your dog, then try the Go-Go Dog Pal. This unique and interactive toy includes a remote control so that you can direct how the toy moves. The strong motor allows the toy to travel at speeds up to 22 miles per hour, and it can move across grass, asphalt, concrete and other surfaces. The remote is simple to use and features a control wheel that is easy to operate. The Go-Go Dog Pal is battery operated, and the battery can be recharged so that your dog gets to enjoy his new toy as much as possible. $230. BUY.

Nerf Dog Toys - From The Legendary Toy Brand - Super Durable Outdoor Dog Chew Toys

Nerf Pet Dog Toys. These Nerf dog toys are perfect for dog owners who want to keep their canines happy and healthy. Their innovative designs make it easy for dogs to catch, chew and squeak their way to contentment, and the toys give them incentive to exercise and play. There are several sizes of Nerf dog toys available so that even the smallest and largest dogs can have a toy to enjoy. There are also toys designed specifically for chewing, pulling and catching, which means that pet owners can find a durable toy that best suits their dogs’ preferences.  $11-$16. BUY.

Portable Pet House - High-Tech Fold-able Dog Tent - Ultimate Sporty Dog House

Portable Pet House and Containment System. This sporty pop-up pet house is a modern solution to taking your pet with you no matter what you have in mind. It features a highly useful and handy setup and breakdown mechanism similar to that of an umbrella to better ensure everything involved with its use to simple and quick. This stylish portable pet house is safe to use in cars and is constructed with mesh material durable enough to remain claw proof. It has a great stylish look and is modern in every way that any pop-up travel pet house should be, which will be appreciated by pet owners everywhere. $130-$160. BUY.


Cubix Dog Mansion - Ultra Luxury, Bauhaus-Inspired Designer Dog House

Cubix Dog Mansion. Taking modern pet furniture to a whole new level is the Cubix dog mansion. It is highly functional with a water draining system for the roof, unbreakable glass windows and a unique floating roof construction. It is made with high class premium wood to ensure ultimate durability within the modern luxury dog mansion. It also features movable lids in the back of the dog mansion for easy access to cleaning and maintaining your small or large dog’s home. They are designed to resist all weather so there is no condition outside that this modern dog house will fail against and it can be used outdoors all through the year. $2726-$3824. BUY.


GPS Collar Attachment Tracks Your Dog's Activity and Location, Includes Smartphone App

Tagg-The Pet Tracker. This is a GPS pet locator system that is made to be simple to use and easy to apply. All you have to do is pop on the small, comfortable GPS locator hardware onto the dog’s harness, collar or similar dog apparel and ensure the locator is on. From there, all the owner has to do is access software from their computer or use ultra handy apps from Smartphones such as Androids and iPhones in order to track your dog’s whereabouts. There are hardly any limitations to this system and it is quite necessary for those taking pets on trips, when they are allowed to run free or just to track your pet’s day-to-day movement in order to monitor activity level. $99. BUY.