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Wake & Wag - Hands-On Review of this Amazing Dog Bed Using Military Technology

Wake & Wag Pet Bed. Read our hands-on review with this new dog bed which incorporates patented SKYDEX technology designed for and used by the US military. What can be cooler than that? This super-light dog bed promises to be a more durable alternative to traditional memory foam and is also easier to clean, stays cooler during hot weather and lighter and easier to manage.
You have to read the full review, we love this product! 

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PetCare Pet Mattress - Coil Springs with Foam Layer, Waterproof Liner, Luxurious Pet Bed Mattress

PetCare Coil Spring Pet Mattress. This luxurious pet bed mattress by PetCare has coil springs with a layer of foam, fabric and fleece providing comfort and support for your pet. Pet mattresses are especially recommended for orthopedic care and this pet mattress will keep your dog healthy and the waterproof liner helps you keep the pet bed clean. $200.