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Sojos Organic Catnip - 100% Certified Organic Catnip

Sojos Organic Catnip. Give your cat the catnip that they love.  Sojos Catnip is made from 100% certified organic catnip that is grown in Washington State in the Cascade Mountains.  Add a pinch of Sojos catnip to your cat’s favorite toy or scratching post and they will go crazy for it!  The euphoric state lasts only about five to fifteen minutes, leaving your cat wanting more.  Use up to twice a week as a great treat! $6. BUY.


Organic Dog Toy Non-Bleached and Non-Toxic Simply Fido Dog Toy

Simply Fido Organic Plush Dog Toy. You have given your pet organic food and an organic place to sleep but what about toys?  The Petite Oscar Monkey with squeaker organic toy is a great way to start.  It is made out of organic cotton and is non toxic.  The fibers of the cotton are non -bleached and unprocessed.  Simply Fido toys are only made with natural ingredients to reduce allergies for your pet.  Oscar Monkey would be a wonderful friend for any ones small dog. $12-$20.


Monzies Organic Cookies for Dogs - All Organic Dog Treats Made from Human-Grade Ingredients

Monzies Organic Dog Treats. Most companies are upgrading their products to be healthier for your dog by using higher-grade ingredients. Many dog treats are either organic, or all-natural. Some are made with human-grade ingredients and many do not contain wheat or corn. But Monzie's new dog treats, the Organic Cookies for Dogs are exceptional because they have all those great features. They are flavored with sesame and molasses and made with all organic ingredients. A great treat for your healthy dog! $10.