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Games for Cats - Free Apps for Android and iOS for Your Cats - Even Compete Against Your Cat!

Games for Cats. Friskies has been marketing heavily through social media (like their latest 'It's Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas' music video) and also sponsoring cat celebrities like Grumpy Cat. In their latest project, they actually hosted a 'Hackathon' inviting programmers to compete in creating an entertaining tablet app for cats. This has led them to develop fun and interactive apps that allow cats and kittens to play and practice their hunting skills and improve their reflexes. These games use different stimuli to encourage kitties to participate, including colors and movement. The free apps are available for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets, and you can choose from games that feature birds, fish and other feline favorites. It’s a fun and easy way to keep your cat entertained using some of the newest technology on the market! Free. LINK.

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Kittyo - Remotely Play with and Observe Your Pet with iPhone App

Kittyo. The most recent trend to hit the pet industry is a family of remotely controlled technologies being developed for parents to interact with their pets while away (see Pet Chatz and the Pet Cube). Here is another device that takes advantage of smart phone and wireless internet technologies now becoming mainstream. Being created by inventor Lee Miller, the Kittyo allows you to speak to, play with, record and dispense treats to your cat while you are away. While none of these products are actually available for consumer purchase, we are looking forward to testing out these new gadgets in the future as we are curious to see just how responsive they are. We do have high hopes for the Kittyo considering the sleek styling of the exterior. The creators have teamed up with ION Product Development and are promising to launch a 2014 Kickstarter campaign. LINK.

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Kong On/Off Squeaker Toys - Dog Chew Toys that Can Squeak or Be Silent with the Flip of a Switch

Kong On/Off Squeaker Toy. KONG is well known for their durable chew toys for pets, but they have been branching out into other segments by releasing new innovative lines. They understand that dogs enjoy the sound of a squeak toy but that a pet owner may need some peace and quiet, which is why they have created these toys that can be turned on and off. When your dog needs an extra bit of stimulation and entertainment, you can turn on the toy so that it squeaks. When you’ve had enough of the noise, you can turn it off while your dog continues to enjoy satisfying his need to chew. The toys come in several sizes and shapes, including bones, bears and whales. $9-$15. BUY.

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Whistle Activity Monitor - Collects Your Dog's Daily Activity, Monitor on Your iOS Device

Whistle Activity Monitor. Are you curious about how active your dog is on a daily basis? Industry comrades of the Pet Cube, the Whistle is a unique and innovative device that measures your dog’s activity levels so that you can see exactly how he spends his time. The activity monitor clips onto your pooch’s collar, and you can send the information that it collects to your smartphone. This will let you know how often your dog sleeps, when he plays and the length of time that he spends on walks. It will also let you know when someone else is interacting with your dog so that he can get the socialization that he needs in order to be healthy. $130. Pre-order.

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Pet Cube - Interact with Your Pet When You're Not Home with Your Smartphone

Pet Cube. Have you ever wondered what your pet is up to all day when you are away from home? Now you can find out with the innovative Petcube. Similar to our recently featured Pet Chatz, this sleek and modern device allows you to see and talk with your pet using your smartphone, which means that you can always be close to him even when you are far away. The Petcube also has a built-in laser so that you can play and interact with your dog or cat, which will give your pet exercise while allowing you to spend time together. You can even take pictures and videos of your animals, and you can share these with your friends and family members. $199. Pre-order.

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SafeSpot - A Safe and Secure Way to Lock Your Dog Outside a Store

SafeSpot. Pawz first brought you the innovative, waterproof dog boots that keep your dog warm and dry during your walks, and now they have extended their inventory to include a leash that will keep your dog safe and secure. The Safespot Locking Dog Leash serves two purposes. It first acts as an adjustable collar and standard leash that you can use whenever you take your dog outside or in public. However, unlike traditional leashes , it also locks in place so that you can secure your dog safely when you need to leave him alone for a few minutes. It contains a steel cable so that you can rest assured that no one will dognap your precious pooch, which will give you peace of mind as you take your dog out day after day. $70. BUY.

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AnimAlarm - Remote Temperature Monitoring System Keeps Pets Safe in Cars, Planes, etc

AnimAlarm. If you need to take your dog for a trip but worry about him getting too hot in the car or plane, then the AnimAlarm may be of interest to you. It is an innovative portable device that will monitor the temperature so that you can rest assured that your canine companion is always comfortable.  The device will regularly send updates and text messages to your cell phone so that you can monitor the temperature in your car, and it has a setting that you can use if your dog will be staying for an extended period of time in a kennel. The AnimAlarm comes with a USB car charger and a USB home charger so that it is always ready when you need it. $180. BUY.


Orapup - Dog Tongue Brush from the Makers of Orabrush - Eliminate Dog Breath

Orapup has made it possible for you to nuzzle your dog without worrying about holding your breath. These unique and flavorful products are designed to remove the foul-smelling bacteria on your dog’s tongue, and you won’t need to wrestle him in order to use it. The cleaning solution is made of natural enzymes so that they are safe for your pup, and they come in flavors that he will love, including beef and bacon. When he licks the brush in order to get to the delicious cleaner, the bristles will gently yet thoroughly remove the bacteria from his tongue and kill the plaque around his mouth. The result is fresh doggy breath that will allow you to snuggle as much as you need! $20. BUY.


Feed-Safe - Brilliant New Way to Keep Dogs from Eating Cat Food - Protect Smaller Pet's Food

Feed-Safe. You want all of your family members to get along, but your furry children may be just as prone to mealtime arguments as your human children. Larger pets often try to frighten away their smaller housemates in order to get more food, which can cause your home to be less than blissful. The Feed-Safe is a domed eating area that is designed to give small pets a safe place in which to eat. It features a sliding door that will give your small dog or cat access to the food, as well as a handy escape area in case the entrance is blocked by a watchful eye. You can also remove the lid in order to add food and water as necessary. It’s a great way to make mealtime in your home more enjoyable for everyone. $120. BUY.


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Critter Mazes - Construct Your Own Customizable Rat Maze - For Rats, Mice, Hamsters, etc

Critter Mazes. Often overlooked when innovative products are being developed, we are always thrilled when creative small pet accessories are introduced. Rats and other small animals love a good challenge, which is exactly what a maze provides. These Critter Mazes are ideal for rats, hamsters, gerbils and other small animals that need to get out and explore while still being contained. The mazes come in different colors and sizes, and pet owners can assemble different paths and build larger mazes by combining multiple kits. There are two-story mazes for animals that have mastered single-story mazes and need something more difficult to do, and owners can add additional stories for even more fun. BUY.


Sturdi Walking Vest - Secure Vest-Harness for Small Dogs and Cats

Walking Vest. If walking your pet is more stressful than relaxing, then you may be interested in the SturdiPet Walking Vest. This vest is designed to eliminate the unpleasant sensations that often trouble pets when they are tethered to a traditional leash. The vests simply snap together so that putting them on a furry friend is extremely easy, and their design makes them secure and durable. The vest weighs less than 2 ounces, and pet owners can select either small or medium sizes. There are also two colors that pet owners can choose from, and each vest comes with a 5 foot leash. $18. BUY.

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Pier6 by WholeLife - Made in the USA Dogfish Dog Treats

Pier6 by WholeLife. Many shoppers have chosen to support American businesses whenever possible, and the same can be done when it comes to pet treats. Pier6 treats allow pet owners to feed their dogs healthy and delicious treats that are made and sourced in the USA. These treats are made by Whole Life Pet Products, which is a company that is dedicated to making sure that the fishing industry in and around Boston can continue to thrive despite the harmful effects of commercial fishing companies. Pier6 dog treats are made from freeze-dried dogfish (also known as Rockfish or Huss), and there are no other ingredients. This makes the treats a safe and tasty snack that benefits dogs, their owners and the American fishing industry. $16. BUY.


Grumpy Cat’s Odor Eliminator - Because Grumpy Cat Hates Everything, Especially Odor!

Grumpy Cat's Odor Eliminator. From Internet superstar, Grumpy Cat! Cleaning after your pets can be tedious and challenging. Fortunately, you can have loads of fun and don’t need to rely on harmful chemicals that are not safe for you or your pets. Grumpy Cat’s Odor Eliminator is the only cleaner nothe market made with all USDA-certified organic ingredients, including Yucca schidigera, which is known for its powerful cleaning properties. If your kitty has marked water-safe surfaces in your home, such as litter boxes, totes and plants, this solution will break down the smelly chemicals so that you can breathe through your nose with a smile on your face… or a frown in honor of Grumpy Cat. $15. BUY.


LeashLocket - Ultra-Portable Retractable Leash that Attaches to Collar

LeashLocket. Walking your dog just got easier with the help of the LeashLocket dog leash. These retractable leashes can extend as far as 6 feet so that your dog has room to explore, and the fabric is strong enough that you won’t need to worry about your large dog breaking or fraying it. Once you get to a safe location where your dog is free to roam, you simply retract the leash and secure it using the brake lock. You can then place it on the magnetic rivet that is included in the collar attachment, which will allow your dog to safely carry the leash so that your hands remain free. With a weight of only 4 ounces, neither of you will mind carrying the leash when it is time to play! $25. BUY.


ThunderLeash Dog Harness - No-Pull Dog Harness from Makers of Thundershirt

ThunderLeash Dog Harness. Does your dog take you for a walk instead of the other way around? You can get control back from your own loveable Marmaduke when you use the ThunderLeash, which is an innovative leash that can be converted into a no-pull harness for your dog. The harness will keep your large dog from pulling you down the sidewalk when you take him out for a walk, and its gentle pressure will not harm him or cause him pain. The ThunderLeash is part of a whole plethora of new products that Thunderworks, the manufacturer of the famous Thundershirt has been releasing. $30. BUY.


Burt's Bees for Dogs - Natural Beauty and Grooming Supplies

Burt's Bees for Dogs. Burt’s Bees is well known for their high quality and natural beauty supplies, such as lotion, lip balm and toothpaste, and they have now made it possible for consumers to enjoy the same excellent and safe products for their dogs. Burt’s Bees has a variety of pet oral care and grooming supplies that are made using lavender, chamomile, honey, buttermilk and other fine ingredients found in nature, and they do not use dangerous petrochemicals, parabens or synthetic fragrances.  Pet owners can find dental spray, lotion, ear cleaner, shampoo and other products that will allow them to take care of their dogs using the same company they trust with their own personal care. $13-$16. BUY.


Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Dog Toys - Silent Squeak Toy That Only Your Dog Can Hear

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Toys. If you’re one of the many that are tired of hearing your dog’s squeaking toys then the Hear Doggy Ultrasonic play toys are just for you and your playful pooch! They feature many different animal designs from whales to skunks and have a very modern feel to them simply because of their unique ultrasonic sound feature. The ultrasonic sounds cannot be heard by human ears but they can be heard and enjoyed by your dog so they will be happy playing with them and you will be happy not hearing them all the time. Built with durability and playfulness in mind the Hear Doggy ultrasonic toys are the perfect solution to it all! $10-$13. BUY.


Float-a-Pet - Emergency Flotation Collar for Pets

Float-a-Pet. Modern technology at its best lies right here with the Float-a-Pet safety collar. This collar prototype is like no other on the market today because of its intelligent design and ability to react all on its own when the time calls for it. Essentially, this modern pet collar serves as a night time pet locator because of the solar powered sensors that activate once a low light level has been reached, which turns on powerful yet subtle LED lights to see the pet. The Float-a-Pet features a CO2 cartridge and a humidity sensor, which activates once a large amount of humidity is reached and the CO2 will activate causing the collar to become a floatation device and the LEDs light your way towards the endangered pet. INFO.


Toilet Bowl Pet Waterer

Pet Toilet Bowl Water Bowl. This is one of the most unique pet waterers we have come across resulting in a rather humorous conversation piece. You can use any 2-Liter bottle as a reservoir making this waterer practical as well. We are sure there will be tons of videos and images of pets drinking from these circulating the Internet soon. $29. BUY.


How to Toilet Train Your Cat - CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit. Say no to litter boxes!  With constant use from your cat, litter boxes become unsanitary, bad smelling objects that can prevent you from using the room it’s in.  With the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit, you can teach your cat to use the toilet bowl and eliminate the need for a litter box. Teaching your cat to flush might be a bit more challenging.  The training kit is perfect for cats over three months and can attach to any shape and size toilet.  Forget the mess and cleanup of your old litter box and start saving money by not having to buy kitty litter. $27. BUY.