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Stylish Square Modern Dog Bed Duvet with Brown and Blue Pattern Print

The Molly Mut Square Dog Bed Duvet comes in a wide variety of modern patterns and colors so that your pet’s bed will match your décor. This pet product is eco-friendly as you don’t have to throw out that old bedding, just recover it with this zippered duvet. It is also convenient to use old blankets or towels to stuff the duvet and new bedding will not be necessary. The duvet patterns are attractive and easy to maintain. The price is comparable to new bedding, but with a new look, your old bedding is still useful and easily recycled. BUY.


End Table Aquarium - Fish Tank Furniture - Coffee Table That is a Fish Tank

The Midwest Tropical Aqua End Table Aquarium is a unique and modern way to display your favorite fish.  This 15 gallon aquarium will add beauty to your décor as well as providing the practical function of an end table. This unique furniture piece will also be a great conversation piece as guests admire this display.  This pet product will take up less space than an additional aquarium while offering the relaxing ambiance usually associated with fish tanks. BUY.


Indoor / Outdoor Raised Pet Bed - Made From Recycled Materials

The NewAgePet Indoor/Outdoor Raised Pet Bed is a modern and convenient bedding option for your pet.  This mission style pet bed is made made from eCo-Flex, recycled polymers and recycled wood fibers and is therefore eco-friendly. Included with this modern style frame is an easy clean mat and is a a nice addition to any décor. No tools are required for the ten minute assembly and your pet will sleep in style while maintaining your style of décor. BUY.


Popware for Pets Collapsible Pet Feeder - Portable Elevated Pet Feeder is Perfect for Traveling

The Popware for Pets Collapsible Pet Feeder is a new and unique pet product that is convenient for use on the go or at home. This product is unique because you can remove both portable feeding bowls for easy cleaning and storage. The entire system collapses to 1.5” making this dish easy to carry and store in your vehicle or travel bag so that you have this pet product on hand wherever you go. The feeder is completely dishwasher safe and is appropriate for water and food. The ability to take along your feeder in a compact package makes traveling with your pet easier and more pleasureable. BUY.

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