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The Odin - Modular Dog Toy Brings Clever, Minimalist Design for Unique Modern Dog Toy

The Odin. We were introduced to The Odin when Michelle Moy, founder of Up Dog Toys contacted us about an innovative dog toy. Intrigued by its modern, industrial design and modular capabilities, we quickly found ourselves very excited about the possibility of this product being developed. We found their concept of actually creating a well-designed dog toy to complement a contemporary household's chic style to be rather unique in its own right. Being able to connect additional units to both add variation, length of play but also to increase difficulty is an example of a well executed design in that it not only looks good but is also functional. $25-$2000. SUPPORT.

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DOGTV - First Television Channel Made Just For Dogs - Entertain Your Pooch While You are Out

DOGTV. If your dog loves to watch your favorite television programs with you, then he may appreciate DOGTV. DOGTV is the first network television channel that is designed specifically for dogs, and it has unique programs that have been created just for canines that spend time alone at home. The station has partnered with The Human Society of the United States to provide programming that stimulates dogs while exercising their visual and auditory skills. These shows can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that dogs often feel when their owners are gone, and they can also cause dogs to be more playful while their humans are gone. The next time your dog seems despondent when you leave the house, consider allowing him to tune in so he can cheer up! LINK.


Glass Hermit Crab Shells - Artistic Hand Blown Glass Shells for Hermit Crabs Lets You See Them Inside

Glass Hermit Crab Shell. If you are fascinated with hermit crabs, then you will enjoy this unusual home for them. Rather than hiding away in natural shells, hermit crabs can cozy up in these glass shells so that you can see them at all times. The shells are carefully made of hand blown glass, and artist Robert DuGrenier creates the inside of the shells so that they perfectly match the contours and spiral formations that are found in nature. There are several sizes of glass shells available, but you can also place a custom order so that your hermit crab has a shell that fits him perfectly. $15-$35. BUY.

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Pagoda Water Fountain - Stylish Pet Water Fountain for the Modern Home

Pagoda by Petmate. If you wouldn’t drink from the same glass all day long, then you shouldn’t expect your pet to do the same. That is why dog and cat owners have started using pet fountains to keep their pets well hydrated. This innovative and stylish fountain constantly recirculates 70 ounces of fresh water, which is carbon filtered to remove impurities. There are two tiers of water, and the sound of the water trickling will attract your pet just as a brook or stream would draw their attention out in the wild. The motor is quiet, and the fountain is made of durable ceramic porcelain so that your pets can enjoy it for years to come. $100. BUY.


Bowsers Cat Tower - Colorful and Stackable Contemporary Cat Condo

Bowsers Cat Tower. Here we have a stackable, stylish cat tower that any cat will surely enjoy to the fullest. It is made of mostly natural materials including solid wood so you know it will last as long as possible. You can rearrange the tower as you see fit, which will in turn keep your cat, or cats, interested at all times because the structure is always changing. This modern cat tower is covered in a lovable fabric that allows for a no-slip climb for your favorite felines and it features plenty of entry holes, or windows, for the cats to roam in and out of the cat tower as they please. $289. BUY.


Cubix Dog Mansion - Ultra Luxury, Bauhaus-Inspired Designer Dog House

Cubix Dog Mansion. Taking modern pet furniture to a whole new level is the Cubix dog mansion. It is highly functional with a water draining system for the roof, unbreakable glass windows and a unique floating roof construction. It is made with high class premium wood to ensure ultimate durability within the modern luxury dog mansion. It also features movable lids in the back of the dog mansion for easy access to cleaning and maintaining your small or large dog’s home. They are designed to resist all weather so there is no condition outside that this modern dog house will fail against and it can be used outdoors all through the year. $2726-$3824. BUY.


Pet Product Buying Guide - Designer Dog Crates and Stylish Dog Crate Covers

Buying Guide: Stylish Dog Crates. A dog crate is not only your dog's furniture but also inevitably becomes part of your decor. Because the dog crate is a necessity in any healthy dog's life, we understand the need for a stylish dog crate to mesh with your design tastes. From modern and contemporary dog crates to more traditional ones, from standard to luxury, we have collected some of the best looking and stylish dog crates. Some of them are unique twists and some are covers for your existing dog crate. Read more...


Niche Kakon Kennel - Sleek Contemporary Designer Dog House

Niche Kakon Kennel. A unique way to offer housing and a bedding area for your favorite cat or small dog is the Kakon kennel. It is both modern and fashionable so it will look perfect in any home setting but many are very happy with the planter included at the top of the kennel. This planter can house just about any plant or live greenery you might have in mind in order to give the kennel a better appearance for your home. It also features a pullout drawer in the back for easy cleaning and a soft cushion for the inside of the pet house for ultimate comfort. $300. BUY.


Dog Pod 2.0 - Modern Eco-Friendly Pet Bed

Dog Pod 2.0. The Dog Pod 2.0 is a shelter for a variety of dogs that is both stylish and contemporary in the overall design and look. The dog pod is made of the best materials possible including birchply for the pod itself with a bamboo veneer to give it a shiny, smooth appearance that any owner and dog will simply fall in love with. The curved legs are not only constructed to look great but they are also made to make the bed sturdier while the walnut veneer overlay gives it that deep colored finish. It is also considered a sleeping pod because of the included and removable soft pad that is sure to make any dog comfortable in every way possible. $899. BUY.


Modern Cat House - Contemporary Style Pet Home

This Modern Cat House will surely impress any onlookers of the house as well as the cat itself. It is made of laminated plywood except for the front and back pieces, which are made of acrylic. It has an 8.5 inch circular opening perfect for just about any size cat or even a small dog and is carpeted with an oatmeal colored material. The back of this modern cat house has a slot to satisfy the natural curiosity all cats have and the overall measurements are 25 in by 16 in by 14 in tall. It truly is a stylish addition to any cat’s life as well as any owner’s home. $450. BUY.


Fresh Patch - Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

Disposable Dog Potty. A modern solution to any dog that is having a hard time potty training or if you are unable to take the dog out for bathroom trips is the disposable dog potty made with R.E.A.L. grass. R.E.A.L. grass is hydroponically grown and free of dirt, which promotes its clean qualities. It naturally attracts your dog to use it as a potty and has a specialized rooting system that will soak in odors and urine instantly upon use. This modern dog potty is a wonderful solution to a variety of scenarios and makes for a purely genius way of allowing your dog to be able to use the bathroom indoors with no mess to worry about and the best part is that it’s fully disposable. $24.99. BUY.

Editor's Note: The Fresh Patch system is more eco-friendly than traditional puppy pads and appeals to their natural instincts.


Keep Calm and Walk Your Dog - Avant Garde Retractable Leash

Avant Garde Matte Retractable Leash. 26 Bars and a Band has released several popular retractable leashes with designs such as the Paul Frank monkey. Their newest series is Matte which sports contemporary stylings and sharp color combinations. Featured here is the dog perspective of the classic British propoganda poster, "Keep Calm and Carry On." Our other favorite is, "Home is Where the Dog Is." With a 36 month warranty on all Avant Garde leashes, we think this is a great buy.  $29. BUY.


Magic Globe Aquarium - Snow Globe Aquarium with Water Fall Feature

Magic Globe Honey Rose Aquarium. While every fish tank has a similar overall appearance, Aquatica Gallery has designed the Magic Globe Honey Rose Aquarium to be a unique and modern fish tank.  This sleek, new design has incorporated the idea of a snow globe, fish tank and water fountain.  This aquarium comes complete with everything you need to get started, just add the fish!  With a new, water-vacuum technology, your guests will be amazed by this creative style aquarium.  The Magic Globe was voted the 2010 best new aquatic product of the year!  Feel safe knowing that it is back by a one year limited warranty. $125. BUY.


Sleepypod Air - Stylish and Modern Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Sleepypod Air. Sleepypod originally debuted with their unique circular designed pet carriers which became popular due to the high quality and comfort they provide. Their latest design, the Sleepypod Air is just as stylish as the original, though a bit more traditionally shaped. This high-tech pet carrier is made for traveling with your dog and is airline approved, so the rectangle design is mostly a matter of function. The plush liner is removeable and washable. $147. BUY.


Cat-Genie Cat Box - Litter Box That Automatically Cleans Itself

The CatGenie-Self Washing, Self Flushing Cat Box is a wonderful invention.  Who enjoys spending time to clean the litter box?  We love our cats but don't always love to clean up after them.  Finally, we can have a cat litter box that cleans itself.  The CatGenie uses permanent washable granules that you don’t have to keep replacing.  It is great for the environment and your health.  Not only are you conserving cat litter, but because the CatGenie is self-cleaning, there is never any waste or odor.  Everything is included with the CatGenie, you only add your cat. $250. BUY.


Pet Stages Heartbeat Pillow - Heartbeat Sound to Comfort Anxious Puppy or Dog

Petstages Heartbeat Pillow. Help comfort your new puppy when you are not there to.  The Petstages Heartbeat Pillow is designed to let your new puppy think that it is a real heartbeat, decreasing their anxiety of being in a new place.  The soft, comfortable fleece of the pillow will make your puppy want to snuggle.  Turn on the heartbeat whenever you desire and it will last for five minutes.  The sound will help your puppy fall sleep and ease them into their new environment. $12.99. BUY.


Urban Denim Dog Bed by Pet Play - Contemporary & Modern Dog Bed

Urban Denim Dog Bed. Let your pet be stylish with the new Urban Denim Pet Bed.  The durable material and hand sewn stitching will be able to withstand years of use.  The high-loft fill is made from eco-friendly material making it a great option for your pet.  The easy zip off bed cover is machine washable so your pet can always have a fresh, clean place to sleep. Feel safe about the quality of the bed knowing that it was made to meet the quality standard for children and infants. $95-$189. BUY.


Happy Hamster - Recipe Book for Your Hamster with Cute Pictures

Happy Hamster. A culinary cookbook for your pet hamster, the recipes contained use fresh ingredients to create everyday favorites, such as tacos and hot dogs, to grand presentations like Thanksgiving dinner. Not only is this book very educational and entertaining, it is also filled with cute illustrations and photographs. Of course it is, because the author, Mathijs van der Paauw, was made famous by having his pictures featured on multiple times. He also has another interesting website,, where he tracks the distance his pet hamster, Lucy, runs on her wheel. Last we checked, it was at about 375,000 meters which is a little over 230 miles! You will definitely want to order a few copies to offer as gifts because this book is just that cute. $10.


Sonoma Furniture Bedroom Collection - Bedroom Furniture for Your Pet

Sonoma Mahogany Furniture Pet Bedroom Set. This adorable furniture set for your pet includes a platform bed, toy chest and wardrobe. The bed has a 4" thick mattress and the wardrobe allows you to hang your dog's outfits and a place for shoes underneath. Perfect for creating a corner sanctuary for your dog as shown in the picture, this mahogany collection will add a bit of elegance and fun to any decor. $649.


Dynasty Double Diner Raised Pet Feeder with Storage Drawer

Pet Goods Dynasty Double Diner Feeding Station. Standing at 11-1/2 inches tall, this pet feeding station is the perfect marriage of form and function. The matte black finish and ornate design does a great job hiding the fact that it also has a storage compartment, as well. The stainless steel bowls can be removed and the top of the drawer is covered to ensure that the stored items are safe from any spilling. We always recommend elevated pet feeders as an ergonomic way of feeding your dog or cat. $100.