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Hibern8 Dog Bed by Petoji - Customizable with Bold Modern Designs

Petoji Hibern8 Dog BedWrapping up a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Petoji is creating hypoallergenic, super comfortable and easy to clean dog beds that are also customizable. The Hibern8 Dog Bed’s ‘Cloud 9’ filling has a higher loft weight ratio than conventional pet bed stuffing fibers. Betting on their technology, Petoji company is offering a very impressive five year ‘Fluffy Guarantee’! The bed itself is enveloped by the customizable cover in a patterned fabric of your choice; both the cover and the pillow itself are washable, which we at Cool Pet Products consider a necessary feature. A breathable, water resistant ‘Active Breathe Shield’ protective layer is also available for dogs who like to lounge around outside or relax on their bed after a bath. Available in four sizes, ranging from ‘mini’ through to ‘supreme’ and with hundreds of possible combinations of fabric patterns and piping colors (and more to come!), we are excited about the new ‘Hibern8’ dog bed. $100-$300. SUPPORT.

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The Odin - Modular Dog Toy Brings Clever, Minimalist Design for Unique Modern Dog Toy

The Odin. We were introduced to The Odin when Michelle Moy, founder of Up Dog Toys contacted us about an innovative dog toy. Intrigued by its modern, industrial design and modular capabilities, we quickly found ourselves very excited about the possibility of this product being developed. We found their concept of actually creating a well-designed dog toy to complement a contemporary household's chic style to be rather unique in its own right. Being able to connect additional units to both add variation, length of play but also to increase difficulty is an example of a well executed design in that it not only looks good but is also functional. $25-$2000. SUPPORT.

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LazyBonezz Cat Scratch Pad - Chic, Stylish Scratcher Combines Design and Quality

Cat Scratch Pad. It is in a cat’s nature to sharpen his claws, but this can often lead to shredded furniture. The LazyBonezz cat scratch pad will protect your belongings from your cat’s sharp claws without using bulky and unattractive materials. The scratch pad is angled to make scratching and sharpening claws even more enjoyable for kitties, which will encourage them to use it to satisfy their scratching needs so that your furniture remains intact. Its sturdy design features a solid wood frame that has sleek stainless steel accents, and it is non-toxic so that your pet will be completely safe while using it. It even has a coating on the bottom so that it won’t damage your delicate floors. $129. BUY.


No More Woof - New Technology Interprets Dog's Brain Signals and Converts to Text

No More Woof. From the company that brought us the rocking chair iPad charger and indoor cloud, Micasa LAB brings us their newest invention. What would you do differently if you knew that your dog could talk? The Nordic Society for Intervention and Discovery is a research lab that is working to bridge the communication gap between animals and humans. They are creating No More Woof, which is a unique and innovative product that is designed to read electronic signals from an animal’s brain and translate them into words. They are currently raising funds to support the development of No More Woof, and supporters can make contributions through Indiegogo. It won’t be long until we can hear what our dogs, cats and other animals are thinking! $65-$1200. PRE-ORDER. CROWDFUND.

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Park Avenue - Luxury Dog Bed, Cute Bone-Shaped Design by Bowsers

Park Avenue. As a dog owner, you know that it is important to keep your dog nice and cozy when he sleeps. It is also important that you find a bed that fits in with your home’s décor, which is why Bowsers Pet Products has designed this hip and cute dog bed. It is bone-shaped and comes in black, grey, beige and off-white. You can also choose from washable microvelvet and microlinen fabrics in several patterns. The frame is lightweight and sturdy, and the design is fashionable and modern. The Park Avenue dog bed will give your pup a soft and comfortable place to sleep while adding style and flair to your home. $169-$199. BUY.

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Modern Bed by MaxPet - Luxury, Eco-Friendly Pet Furniture - Handmade Pet Bed Both Stylish and Durable

Modern Bed by MaxPet. If you are careful about choosing to use products that are humane and environmentally friendly, then you will be happy to know that you can find a pet bed that meets your eco-conscious requirements. MaxPet has designed modern dog and cat beds that are created with the health of the planet and the comfort of your pet in mind. The wooden bed frame is covered in fineline oak, ribbed walnut or chestnut, fineline wenge or bleached beech veneer. You can also choose a pillow that is made of either natural hemp or synthetic leather, and the back of the bed is plexiglass so that it is easy to clean. In addition to its eco-friendly materials, these beds have a sleek and modern design that will enhance your décor. $497-$1114. BUY.

Editor's Note: This design has received the prestigious European Gold Award, A'Design, in 2012. This is the worlds' largest design competition showcasing the best designs, design concepts and products & services. MORE INFO.

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Tabby Tree - Sleek, Modern Cat Tree, Multiple Color Options, Replaceable Loop Pile Carpet Pads

Tabby Tree by Modern Cat. How many times have you had to rescue your kitty from the highest branches of the tree in your yard? If your cat has a penchant for climbing, then you need to find a way to satisfy that need while also keeping him safe, and the Tabby Tree can help you do that. This unique tree has five levels that are coated in loop pile carpet, which will let your feline climb to his heart’s content while also giving him a great place to sharpen his claws. It is made out of sturdy fiberboard so that it won’t tip over or fall apart as your cat gets the exercise he needs to stay healthy and safe. $359. BUY. via Hauspanther.

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For Gimli Dog Den - Modern, Stylish Eco-Friendly Dog House, Custom Colors and Pillows Available

For Gimli Dog Den. If traditional crates seem a little too confined, harsh and boring for your pup, then take a look at the For Gimli Dog Den. This is an eco-friendly den that is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. It is crafted from sustainably-harvested walnut, and the finish is 100% natural so that your beloved canine is not exposed to toxic chemicals. The design is based on traditional teepees and pyramids, and you can order a walnut locking door to secure your dog when necessary. You can also choose to buy a dog bed that is handmade using organic cotton filling. Your dog will be able to rest comfortably, and you will be able to enjoy the modern design and the environmentally-friendly construction. $1050-$1400. BUY. via Dog-Milk.

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Cat Hammock - Modern Style Cat Hammock, Patent Pending Wood Stand

Cat Hammock with Wood Stand. After stalking your house for mice and dust bunnies, your cat deserves a nice place to rest his weary paws. This stylish hammock is designed to provide cats with a comfortable resting place while adding a touch of style to the room in which it is located. The frame is very durable and is made of unfinished wood so that any scratches or bite marks will not be noticeable. You can choose from a variety of fabric patterns so that the hammock can complement your décor, and you can easily assemble and disassemble the hammock when it is time to travel. The washable sling has two sides so that your cat can stay comfortable no matter what the temperature may be. It’s the purrfect place to curl up for a catnap! $98. BUY. via Hauspanther.


iMac Pet Bed - Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed - Super Cute, Chic and Eco-Friendly

iMac Pet Bed. This upcycled Apple computer pet bed allows you to protect the environment while also providing your pet with a trendy and comfortable place to rest. The bed is made from an old Mac computer’s casing, and it features a washable slipcover and a plush cushion for your cat or dog to enjoy. The bed even sits on top of the computer’s speakers to prevent it from rocking. The entire bed has a sleek, fun and retro design that will add a unique flair to your home, and you will enjoy knowing that you are helping the environment by preventing the computer from being buried in a landfill. $129. BUY.

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Atria Lounger - Stylish Luxury Pet Bed - Hammock Style Leatherette Pet Lounger

Atria Lounger. The Atria Pet Lounger is more than just a pet bed. It is a stylish statement that surrounds dogs and cats in pampered luxury using a timeless design. It is styled after the Modern Bauhaus Movement that first became popular in Germany in the early 20th century, and yet it features elements that will continue to be trendy long into the future. The sleek frame is made of chrome plated steel that is durable and attractive. The seat is made of leatherette, which looks and feels like real leather but is much more durable and comfortable. Leatherette is often used in German luxury automobiles and provides pets with a warm and cushioned place to sleep. $150-$180. BUY.

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Loop Poop - Stylish Poop Bag Dispenser, Biodegradable Poop Bags

Loop Poop Bag Dispenser. It’s no fun to pick up dog poop, but at least you can look good doing it. This stylish poop bag dispenser clips onto your dog’s leash or on your belt so that you always have a bag on hand when your pup does his business. The design is sleek and modern, and it is light enough that you will not mind carrying it on walks. To make you feel even better about cleaning up after your dog, the bags included in the Loop Poop are biodegradable, which means that you can dispose of dog poo using products that are environmentally friendly. The canister holds most universal dog bags so that you can refill it with the bags of your choice. $18. BUY.


Bespoke Dog Crates - Ultra Luxury Dog Crates for a Stylish Home

Bespoke Dog Crates. There is no need for your pet to be cooped up in an unfashionable and cramped crate. These designer crates will give your pet the style and comfort he needs while keeping him safely secured. Customers can choose from two stylish designs so that their pets can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable crate. Each crate is made of marine-grade polymer, which is very durable and softly textured. The beautiful patterns in the crate allow pets to see the world around them so that they do not feel isolated or alone, and there are multiple sizes to choose from. $539-$1299. BUY.

Editor's Note: Be sure to visit our Stylish Dog Crates and Covers Buying Guide.


Brown Faux Leather Pet Couch - Stylish Furniture-Grade Luxury Pet Bed

Faux Leather Pet Couch. This furniture-grade constructed pet bed is a nice addition to the world of luxury pet furniture. This stylish pet bed screams fashion and is sure to show off how much you love and want to pamper your pet to the fullest. It is made with top quality material designed to not only look rich in luxury but also to be very easy to clean simply by using a damp cloth, which is perfect for a dog that tends to shed plenty of hair. Made with a solid wood construction and furniture gliders for the feet, this luxury dog bed is constructed to hold up to 15 pounds and is roomy enough to accommodate a dog of up to 25 inches in length. $140. BUY.


Jas Pet Bed - Eco-Friendly Recycled Wood Pet Bed with Foam Mattress and Drawer

Jas Pet Bed. A modern addition to any pet’s life and every owner’s home is within the Jas pet bed. It comes in a variety of styles all of which are true to world of modern pet bed furniture. You have your choice of frames made of either light or dark wood but for those who wish to use environmentally safe pet beds an eco-friendly recycled wood frame is available as well. This modern pet bed by Jas includes a foam cushion that is of the highest quality and washable while remaining comfortable. A bonus feature with this modern pet bed is the 5 inch storage drawer beneath the bed used for storing a variety of items. $870. BUY.


Modko Flip Litter Box - Modern Style Litter Box with Innovative Top Opening for Easy Clean

Modko Flip Litter Box. A litter box with a modern, clean approach with a contemporary feel has finally made it to the market. The Flip Litter Box is an extraordinary, minimalist constructed pet product sure to solve any litter tracking and cleanliness issues for cat lovers everywhere. It features a sleek, stylish litter box inside of a modern and simple yet diverse house with a flip lid that uses only one finger to open. The flipping of the lid will activate a scooping action so that every time you flip the lid you will be cleaning the litter: it’s as simple as that. $120. BUY.


Mid Century Modern Dog Furniture - Luxurious Pet Home or Litter Box Hide, Also a Stylish Table

Mid Century Modern Dog Furniture. This iconic piece of dog furniture is a superior alternative to any traditional pet home and is made to look luxurious and modern in every inch. The design is meant to take on a mid century feel while still providing that coveted modern touch of style. It is a wonderful piece of stylish dog furniture that allows your dog to relax, perch, play and even sleep in while also being able to double as a table for the owner’s use. It can be rearranged to better suit you or the dog’s needs including side-by-side, stacked and stand alone. This modern dog furniture is made with a beautiful walnut hardwood finish and can also accommodate a cat and its litter box. $479. BUY.


Petego Dogrich Jacket - Winter Coat Parka with Fur Hood

Italian Winter Dog Coat
. Designed with ultimate luxury and style this winter dog coat will keep your pet warm and cozy while turning the heads of people and other pets everywhere. It features a stylish design with plenty of fashion in the look and it even has a detachable fleece undercoat for easy cleaning. Additionally, this luxury dog coat has an area made to hold the collar and reflective ribbons to increase safety when the dog is in dimly lit areas. It was designed with fashion and comfort in mind by stylish Petego Dogrich so there are no short comings with this fashionable winter dog coat. $32 - $84. BUY.


Mid-Century Modern Cat Home - Bed, Litter Box Cover and Cubby in One

Modern Cat Furniture and Litter Box Cover. This modern cat furniture and litter box cover has been designed with style and functionality in mind. It will keep your cats comfortable and happy while allowing a way to hide a disgusting litter box and even help to reduce the tracking of litter when the cat uses it. There are hinged doors for easy access and the modern cat furniture also comes apart so you can place it as you see fit. It is among the most stylish cat furniture any feline fanatic could ever hope to own and its beauty is only part of the benefits you’ll see when this item is put to good use. $999. BUY.


Black and White, Contemporary Style Dog Bed

Let your pet sleep like royalty with the Bowsers Ritz Style Donut Dog Bed.  The contemporary black and white tuxedo pattern is filled with high-loft fiber that is designed to return to its plush shape even after being crushed.  The high sides surround your pet, allowing them to be snuggled and feel secure in their bed.  With fabric that is hair, dirt and moisture resistant, it is easy to maintain.  This bed is designed to last your pet through years of use. $60. BUY.