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The Odin - Modular Dog Toy Brings Clever, Minimalist Design for Unique Modern Dog Toy

The Odin. We were introduced to The Odin when Michelle Moy, founder of Up Dog Toys contacted us about an innovative dog toy. Intrigued by its modern, industrial design and modular capabilities, we quickly found ourselves very excited about the possibility of this product being developed. We found their concept of actually creating a well-designed dog toy to complement a contemporary household's chic style to be rather unique in its own right. Being able to connect additional units to both add variation, length of play but also to increase difficulty is an example of a well executed design in that it not only looks good but is also functional. $25-$2000. SUPPORT.

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ALU Collars - Kickstarter Campaign for Beautifully Designed CNC Machined Aluminum Dog Collars

ALU Collars. You know we are huge fans of products where form meets function and when use creates design. ALU is a brand after our own hearts. Their Kickstarter campaign claims that their main objectives were to incorporate ease of use, quality and longevity into their dog collars and while they did accomplish these goals, they also inadvertently created a beautiful specimen of industrial art. The buckle hardware is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and the collar itself consists of a cork layer over hemp webbing. Aluminum has an awesome strength per pound and is 100% recyclable. Cork and hemp is naturally antimicrobial and also a sustainable resource. Using a truly innovative magnetic clasp, the ALU Collar is completely a one-of-a-kind dog collar. $5-$255. KICKSTARTER.

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Schnuzzle - Kickstarter Campaign for Innovative Modular Dog Toy with Scent Discs

Schnuzzle. While we have already seen module-based dog toys like PetSafe's Busy Buddy, we are still excited by this Kickstarter campaign for a new dog toy called, "Schnuzzle". The feature that caught our attention is their innovative Scent Disc that you can insert into each toy. Activated by the screwing action when placed into the toy and by the playing and chewing of your dog, they release appetizing aromas such as BBQ beef, roast chicken and honey bacon. They claim these zero calorie inserts provide as much entertainment as a treat dispensing toy. What we really love is their Essentials Scent Discs which incorporate essential oils to promote psychological health focused on travel, calming and bed time. If the campaign is successful, they should be available in 2015. $5-$300 AUD. SUPPORT.

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