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The Inventor of iFetch - An Interview with Denny Hamill

We receive many emails from readers on how to convert their inspiration or concept into an actual invention. We are hoping that our guest, Denny Hamill will be able to provide our readers with some insight on the process in creating a product from an idea.

Denny Hamill, along with his grandson Grant, invented the iFetch after their toy poodle Prancer continued to demand playing fetch even after the family members were exhausted. With a successful Kickstarter launch, they are ready to accept pre-orders and will be shipping out units in a few weeks.

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Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog - Durable, Interactive Dog Puzzle Games to Challenge and Entertain

Wooden Dog. These games are designed to help you interact with your dog while giving him the stimulation he needs to develop his intelligence. They meet all of California’s health and environmental standards for composite wood, which is what the games are made of. Each game requires pups to use their energy and focus in order to get treats, and it helps them to develop and hone the skills that they would normally use in the wild. There are thirteen unique games to choose from, and all of them will challenge and entertain your dog. $40-$60. BUY.