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Custom Sock Dog - Handmade, Custom Plush of Your Own Pet with ID Tag

Custom Sock Dogs. Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pet owner in your life? You can send a picture of the dog, cat, bunny or other pet to artist Stacey Hsu, who will then use a variety of new materials to create a plush replica of the animal. She incorporates socks, cloth, thread, embroidery floss, fiberfill and buttons into her creations, and she uses colors and shapes that perfectly match the features on the live animal. The sock pets are 12” to 15” from the top of the head to the back paws, and they come with an aluminum ID tag that is personalized with the pet’s name. You can even order gift cards so that your friend or family member can send in his favorite picture of his animal. $104. BUY.

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Egg Roll Cat Toy - Chinese Take-Out Inspired Catnip Toy Sans Unhealthy Grease

Egg Roll Cat Toy. If your cat's refined palette leans more towards a Szechuan cuisine than a hairy rodent, then he may perk up when he sees this unusual cat toy. Rather than playing with the more primitive cat targets, your kitty can bat and kick this adorable stuffed eggroll. The fabric is completely original and is designed by PolydactylCats, and it looks just like an eggroll. The filling is made of polyester and organic catnip, and the entire toy is durable enough to withstand hours of play. You may also be interested in the other stuffed toys made by PolydactylCats, which include soy sauce packet toys and squirting duck sauce packet toys. $22. BUY.


Modern Bed by MaxPet - Luxury, Eco-Friendly Pet Furniture - Handmade Pet Bed Both Stylish and Durable

Modern Bed by MaxPet. If you are careful about choosing to use products that are humane and environmentally friendly, then you will be happy to know that you can find a pet bed that meets your eco-conscious requirements. MaxPet has designed modern dog and cat beds that are created with the health of the planet and the comfort of your pet in mind. The wooden bed frame is covered in fineline oak, ribbed walnut or chestnut, fineline wenge or bleached beech veneer. You can also choose a pillow that is made of either natural hemp or synthetic leather, and the back of the bed is plexiglass so that it is easy to clean. In addition to its eco-friendly materials, these beds have a sleek and modern design that will enhance your décor. $497-$1114. BUY.

Editor's Note: This design has received the prestigious European Gold Award, A'Design, in 2012. This is the worlds' largest design competition showcasing the best designs, design concepts and products & services. MORE INFO.

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Dog Snoods - Adorable Knitted and Polar Fleece Neck and Ear Warmers for Your Dog

Dog Snoods by Cozy Horse. Baby, it’s cold outside, and you need to go the extra mile to make sure that your animals stay warm. Your dog deserves to be just as cozy as you are in frigid weather, which is why CozyHorse has made these snuggly snoods for dogs. They have snoods available in several sizes and colors so that you can choose the one that best fits your pup’s personality and build. They have a variety of polar fleece patterns that will keep your dog’s throat, head and ears warm when he is outside. You can even find a selection of hand knit sweaters that will help your canine stay cozy in style. $19-$50. BUY.


Handmade Wood Three Bowl Raised Pet Feeder

Handmade Elevated Pet Feeder. This colorful three-bowl pet feeder is handmade by an employee at a veterinary office that noticed how helpful raising the food and water dishes in dogs including his own. His observation is correct in that elevated feeders are more ergonomic than without. The simple yet well-designed pet feeder would fit into many kitchens. $54.


Handmade Hemp Dog Collar - Luck of the Irish Shamrocks

Luck of the Irish Handmade Dog Collar. We found this to be perfect for the upcoming holiday. This hemp collar is handmade by Collars With Color. Hemp is one of the fastest growing and most renewable resources and lasts as long or longer than most textiles due to its durability and resistance to mold. And unlike cotton, hemp can be grown without the use of pesticides of herbicides. Collars With Color also offsets everything they produce through, a company that allows you to erase your carbon footprint. $18.


All Natural Handmade Cat Toys - Bird Shapes Available in Multiple Colors

These Handmade natural Cat Toys are made from natural wool fiber and a bamboo fiber fill and are knitted to be durable while be swatted around by your cat. These were designed and made by a veterinary technician with the safety of your cat in mind. $21.99 for any three.