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Critter Mazes - Construct Your Own Customizable Rat Maze - For Rats, Mice, Hamsters, etc

Critter Mazes. Often overlooked when innovative products are being developed, we are always thrilled when creative small pet accessories are introduced. Rats and other small animals love a good challenge, which is exactly what a maze provides. These Critter Mazes are ideal for rats, hamsters, gerbils and other small animals that need to get out and explore while still being contained. The mazes come in different colors and sizes, and pet owners can assemble different paths and build larger mazes by combining multiple kits. There are two-story mazes for animals that have mastered single-story mazes and need something more difficult to do, and owners can add additional stories for even more fun. BUY.


Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper Hamster Cage

Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper. Do you have an old 10 gallon fish tank in your attic that you'd like to make use of. Well, turn it into a roomy hamster cage! The Tank Topper allows you to expand a standard 10 gallon fish tank to include two additional levels of hamster living space. It also features a hamster house hide-away, food dish and water bottle. This is a very secure housing for your hamster and provides ample ventilation for a healthy environment. You can also use this for gerbils or mice, as well. $25.


Small Pet Bed for Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rats...

Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets that deserve a comfortable place to sleep.  With the Super Pet Hamster Super Sleeper, your small pet will get a great night sleep.  The Super Sleeper has a padded interior made with ultra soft fleece to keep your pet warm and comfortable during the night.  The 6 inch by 6 inch size is perfect for smaller pets including hamsters and gerbils.  Made from a safe poly fiber construction, your pet will love their new bed! BUY.


Hamster Run-About Ball and Track - Hamtrac

Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that need exercise.  Smaller pets such as hamsters and gerbils need more exercise than they can get in their cages.  Super Pet Run-About Hamtrac is a great solution for people who own small pets.  Put the hamster ball on the track and watch them go!  The Hamtrac eliminates the possibility of losing track of where your pet has gone since they are confined to the track.  The track is easy to set-up and can work with three different sizes of Run-About balls. BUY.


Sleep N Bedroom Set for Hamsters - Cute Hamster Furniture Set Decorations

The Sleep N Bedroom Set for Hamsters is an ideal pet product for your rodent friends to live in style. This 3 piece set includes a Sleep-N-Slumber Bed for your pet to hide out or rest; a Peek-N-See Vanity so that the pet can climb and take a peek at himself; and a Sip-N-Snack Lamp so that the hamster, gerbil or mouse can snack or sip from the when kibble or water is added. This set is inexpensive and a fun addition to your cage. BUY.