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Underwater Puppies by Photographer Seth Casteel, Sequel to Underwater Dogs

Underwater Puppies. Just when you thought photos of dogs swimming underwater couldn't get any cuter, Seth Casteel brings us Underwater Puppies, the sequel to his national bestselling coffee table book, Underwater Dogs. Seth auditioned 1,500 puppies, many from shelters, from all over the country for this extraordinary project. Over a hundred photos featuring adorable creatures, complete with cotton-soft fur and large helpless eyes, just paddling away in a storm of bubbles are collected in this book. How ironic that through all the splashing and bursts of action, these puppies create such peaceful, surreal imagery. $21. BUY.

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CAT vs HUMAN - Book that Illustrates the Complex Cat-Human Dynamic

Cat Versus Human. Cat lovers will definitely relate to these humorous cartoons sketched by Yasmine Surovec, who operates a blog by the same title. Its comedic approach to the relationship between cats and humans is sure to draw a chuckle from any cat lover, even if the sketches hit a little too close to home. The images depict the effect that cats can have on romantic relationships and social situations, and there are witty comparisons between a life with cats and a life without cats. $9. BUY.

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Beyond the Myth - Pit Bull Documentary Shedding Light on their Loving and Loyal Characteristics

Beyond the Myth. Many people fear pit bulls because of the negative attention that they have received in the media, but this documentary emphasizes the loving and caring nature that the breed can exhibit. It covers the legislation that has taken many pit bulls away from their families, as well as the number of dogs that have been killed out of fear. The video’s stories highlight the stories of pit bull owners and how they have been affected by breed specific legislation, and it debunks many of the myths about how violent and dangerous pit bulls can be. Many viewers have declared “Beyond the Myth” a must-see documentary for pit bull owners, animal advocates and animal lovers. $25. BUY.


Pencil Rope Toy - Cute Pencil-Shaped Dog Toy Made of 100% Cotton by Waggo

Pencil Rope Toy. Do you love to find new and unique toys for your dog to enjoy? This rope chew toy is designed to look like a pencil, which will give both you and your dog some entertainment while he plays. The 9” x 1” pencil shape makes it possible for your dog to grasp the toy easily, and it is strong enough to endure many hours of tugging and chewing. The Waggo pencil chew toy is made of 100% cotton, which will help to keep your pooch’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. It’s the “write” way for a dog to play! $12. BUY. Pairs perfectly with the Paperclip Dog Toy.

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Custom Sock Dog - Handmade, Custom Plush of Your Own Pet with ID Tag

Custom Sock Dogs. Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pet owner in your life? You can send a picture of the dog, cat, bunny or other pet to artist Stacey Hsu, who will then use a variety of new materials to create a plush replica of the animal. She incorporates socks, cloth, thread, embroidery floss, fiberfill and buttons into her creations, and she uses colors and shapes that perfectly match the features on the live animal. The sock pets are 12” to 15” from the top of the head to the back paws, and they come with an aluminum ID tag that is personalized with the pet’s name. You can even order gift cards so that your friend or family member can send in his favorite picture of his animal. $104. BUY.

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Wag More Bark Less - Cute Ceramic Coffee Mugs for the High-Spirited Dog Lover

Wag More Bark Less Mugs. If you need a little extra pick-me-up as you drink your coffee in the morning, then take a look at these fun mugs! Using pet treat and shampoo company Cloud Star's fun tagline, the Wag More Bark Less ceramic mugs are made for dog lovers who also enjoy a great cup of coffee, and their creative designs make drinking hot beverages even more enjoyable. Each mug features the slogan, “Wag More Bark Less”, as well the image of Cloud Star's mascot Buddy or one of his many pack members. The mugs are made of stoneware that has been coated in a lead-free glaze, and they are microwavable and dishwasher safe. Their bright colors and durability make these mugs a fun way to sip coffee no matter how early in the morning it may be! $10. BUY.

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Texts from Dog II - Second Installment of Texts from Dog by October Jones

Texts from Dog II. What would happen if your dog were able to use a cell phone to send text messages? This sequel to the original Texts from Dog, both based on the popular website of the same title, has witty messages and text conversations between a dog and his human, and they will give you insight into your dog’s mind while also making you 'LOL'. Each page is filled with hilarious and sometimes crude texts about a dog’s life, with topics such as being fed, being penned up in the yard, daily canine activities and more. The funny messages even include graphics that give the book even more character and style. After reading it, you’ll be wondering what your dog would be telling if you if he had the ability to text! $14. BUY.

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Pet Box - The Only Monthly Pet Goody Box that You Pick What's Inside - For Cats and Dogs

Pet Box offers you a fun and affordable way to treat your cat or dog to new products. Rather than searching every month for something new and fun, you can have a Pet Box shipped to your door with a significant discount as a bonus. These boxes are full of quality products by popular brands, including Stella & Chewy’s and The Honest Kitchen, and you can choose which food, toys and other items are included. You can get free samples for your pet to try, and a rescue animal is fed each time a box is shipped. You will even get great discounts on the products your pet loves, and everything ships for free. You’ll be amazed at how excited your furry friend gets when his next Pet Box arrives in the mail! $29-$39. BUY.

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Crafting with Cat Hair - Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat Hair

Crafting with Cat Hair. If you love both cats and crafting, then this is your chance to blend the two. Rather than getting frustrated by the amount of cat hair that you find around your home, turn it into something useful. This book has several ideas for projects in which you use cat hair to make something completely original and unique. Whether you want to create an unusual cat toy or a picture frame as a gift, you can find the directions and tips you need to make fabulous projects that will remind you of your favorite furry felines. $14. BUY.

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Sleepypod Pendants - Jewelry Grade Pendants for Pets and Children

Sleepypod Pendants. Sleepypod Pendants are cute and unique charms that can be worn by both pets and humans. There are six charms, and you can buy them in 100% stainless steel or 18k gold-plated stainless steel. They are hypoallergenic and easy to clean, and they will not rust, stain or oxidize over time. These traits make Sleepypod Pendants the perfect charms for pet identification tags, but they can also be worn by children and adults. They are the perfect accessory for your pet, child, purse, carrier or key ring, and the adorable designs include a sheep, whale, chick, elephant, lion and stegosaurus. You can also choose from two sizes to best suit your needs. $18-$27. BUY.


Dog Toaster - Create Whimsical Dog Silhouettes Prints on Toast

Dog Toaster. If you suffer from the early morning blahs, then this two-slice toaster may help you look forward to waking up each day. This unusual toaster will turn your boring toast into fun food by toasting the silhouette of your favorite dog breed onto your bread. You can choose from breeds such as Chihuahuas, dachshunds, bulldogs, poodles, labs and more. If you love all things canine, then simply choose the toaster that will add the phrase “I Love My Dog” to your bread. With a fun toaster like this and a mug of hot coffee, you may not dread the sound of your alarm clock in the morning! $35. BUY.


Songs for Sophie - Music Specifically Designed to Calm Your Pets - Calms and Relaxes

Songs for Sophie. If your pet needs a little help calming down, then you may want to try playing this CD. The music is written and performed by George Skaroulis, who is famous for his soothing music, and he has turned his talents to helping anxious animals become calm and relaxed. Skaroulis has become the official musician for the Atlanta branch of the Humane Society because their animals will become visibly relaxed and calmer when they play his music around the shelter. The CD features 13 tracks that have successfully soothed many animals, including songs played by guitar, banjo, piano and other peaceful instruments. If your savage beast has not responded to other soothing methods, then this music may be the perfect solution.  $18. BUY.


ResQ Cat Tote - Adorable Accessory for Cat Lovers - Supports Local Animal Shelters

ResQ Cat Tote. It is always better to give than to receive, but now you can do both with this cute tote from RESQTHREADS. It is made in the U.S. with 100% cotton, and it is very stylish and durable. When you place your order, $10 will be donated to the pet rescue center of your choice, or you can ask that your donation be spread across all of the rescue beneficiaries. If you love the idea of helping animals in need through your purchase, then you may want to take a look at the other products that are offered by RESQTHREADS, such as leashes, dog tags, shirts, bracelets, hoodies and more. $25. BUY.


Love Saves the Day - The Story of Prudence the Cat by Author of 'Homer's Odyssey'

Love Saves the Day. This heartwarming tale is touching on its own, but it is made even more so because it is told from the perspective of a cat.  Prudence was only five weeks old when she was found and adopted by Sarah, and the following three years of her life are filled with affection and laughter. When Sarah does not come home one day, Prudence lives with Sarah’s daughter, Laura, who has always resented her upbringing and had distanced herself from her mother. As Prudence and Laura struggle to understand each other’s preferences, habits and personalities, they are brought together by the love they both share for Sarah. It is written by the same author who wrote “Homer’s Odyssey,” and critics and readers alike have declared it to be touching, funny and unforgettable. $15. BUY.


Zooquarium by The Refined Fin - Cute Fish Bowls Available in Different Shapes and Colors

Zooquarium. Have you been looking for the perfect fish bowl that will add a whimsical and unique touch to your room? The Zooquarium fish bowls are stylish and cute, and they are the ideal home for beta fish, goldfish and small reptiles. They are made by The Refined Fin, a sister company to The Refined Feline, which is a well-known and respected designer of luxurious cat furniture, and there are several styles that will enhance your home or office. You can choose ½ gallon fish bowls in shapes of cats, whales, frogs, hearts, fish and elephants, and they come in several trendy colors. $30. BUY.


How to Exercise Your Human - Shorty and Kodi's Guide to Becoming a "Purrsonal Trainer"

How to Exercise Your Human. From the creaters of the Youtube channel Sho Ko come the humorous pet book starring Shorty and Kodi along with their cat guardian Robert Moore. With the usual cuteness we are accustomed to in their videos and the quirky title marketted towards cats, we are guessing that this will be an entertaining read. Featuring exercises along with adorable images referencing their highly popular videos, fans of the show and cat lovers will definitely enjoy this book. $20. BUY.


Pet Party Printz - Gift Wrapping Paper that is Safe For Your Dog, Pet-Safe

Pet Party Printz. If your pet is a little party animal, then you need to make sure that he can enjoy unwrapping his gifts safely. Perfect for the holiday season, Pet Party Printz has created animal-friendly wrapping paper that your pet can tear into without fear of consuming bleach, chlorine and other harmful chemicals that are found in traditional wrapping supplies. There are several festive and stylish designs that you can choose from, and each one includes a pet-safe adhesive edge that you can use to secure the wrapping paper. It’s the perfect way to surprise your pet using cute and safe materials! $5. BUY.


Animal Blueprint Company - Pet Blueprint Artwork, Featuring Hundreds of Breeds of Dogs, Cats and Horses

The Animal Blueprint Company provides passionate pet owners with detailed blueprints of cats, dogs and horses. They feature over 100 breeds of these animals, and each blueprint includes details that make each breed special. The blueprints are modeled after images used in the 1950s so that they have an essence of classic character and beauty. Shoppers can choose from one of the many breeds that are listed, or they may order a custom drawing of their pet. Each blueprint or custom order is framed using natural wood, and the result is a unique and modern illustration of a beloved pet. $110-$265. BUY.


Cat Miracles - Collection of Stories of Paranormal Cat Activities

Cat Miracles: Inspirational True Stories of Remarkable Felines. Whether you need a reason to think favorably of cats or are already the owner of several adorable felines, you will enjoy this book. The heartwarming stories revolve around cats that have gone above and beyond normal feline behaviors in order to protect or reunite with their loved ones. These unusual stories will appeal to readers of all ages who are looking for something interesting, mysterious and enjoyable to read. Just be ready to laugh, cry and be amazed at the collection of incredible but true cat adventures. $13. BUY.


Dog Tape Dispenser - Cute Gift for the Dog Lover - Cute Desk Accessory

Scotch Dog Tape Dispenser. Man’s best friend is now able to join you while you work! This cute and refillable tape dispenser will make tedious tasks more enjoyable as you use it to store and access Scotch tape. The tape comes out of his mouth like a tongue, and it rests on the bone in his dog bowl. This puppy’s friendly and happy expression will tempt you to scratch him behind the ears as you work, but don’t expect him to wag his tail! $15. BUY.