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CAT vs HUMAN - Book that Illustrates the Complex Cat-Human Dynamic

Cat Versus Human. Cat lovers will definitely relate to these humorous cartoons sketched by Yasmine Surovec, who operates a blog by the same title. Its comedic approach to the relationship between cats and humans is sure to draw a chuckle from any cat lover, even if the sketches hit a little too close to home. The images depict the effect that cats can have on romantic relationships and social situations, and there are witty comparisons between a life with cats and a life without cats. $9. BUY.

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Texts from Dog II - Second Installment of Texts from Dog by October Jones

Texts from Dog II. What would happen if your dog were able to use a cell phone to send text messages? This sequel to the original Texts from Dog, both based on the popular website of the same title, has witty messages and text conversations between a dog and his human, and they will give you insight into your dog’s mind while also making you 'LOL'. Each page is filled with hilarious and sometimes crude texts about a dog’s life, with topics such as being fed, being penned up in the yard, daily canine activities and more. The funny messages even include graphics that give the book even more character and style. After reading it, you’ll be wondering what your dog would be telling if you if he had the ability to text! $14. BUY.

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How to Exercise Your Human - Shorty and Kodi's Guide to Becoming a "Purrsonal Trainer"

How to Exercise Your Human. From the creaters of the Youtube channel Sho Ko come the humorous pet book starring Shorty and Kodi along with their cat guardian Robert Moore. With the usual cuteness we are accustomed to in their videos and the quirky title marketted towards cats, we are guessing that this will be an entertaining read. Featuring exercises along with adorable images referencing their highly popular videos, fans of the show and cat lovers will definitely enjoy this book. $20. BUY.


I Could Pee on This - Humorous Book of Poems from a Cat's Perspective

I Could Pee on This. If you have ever wondered what your cat is thinking, then this whimsical book of poems may give you some insight. “I Could Pee on This” is filled with humorous poetry that is written from a cat’s point of view, such as “Some of My Best Friends are Dogs” and “Kneel Before Me”, and the text is enhanced by photographs that perfectly illustrate the quirky behaviors of cats. The collection of poems will resonate with cat owners, but even dog lovers will find the book to be charming and witty. $13. BUY.


Paperclip Chew Toy - Cute and Fun Shaped Dog Toy

Paperclip Chew Toy for Dogs. The paperclip shaped chew toy for dogs is a stylish, fun way to keep your dog entertained while also running out that extra energy every dog needs to remain happy. Your dog can enjoy this toy in two different ways by either unwinding it for a fun owner to dog tugging session or simply let it retain its natural paperclip shape for a soft, durable chew toy that the dog can play with for as long as it wants. The paperclip chew toy is made entirely out of rubber and would make a great gift for any dog. $14. BUY.


Toilet Bowl Pet Waterer

Pet Toilet Bowl Water Bowl. This is one of the most unique pet waterers we have come across resulting in a rather humorous conversation piece. You can use any 2-Liter bottle as a reservoir making this waterer practical as well. We are sure there will be tons of videos and images of pets drinking from these circulating the Internet soon. $29. BUY.


Bark 4 Beer - Dog Collar with Detachable Beer Bottle Opener

Bark 4 Beer Dog Collar. Spring time is near and it means two things - time with your dog and barbecues. Now your best friend can be your best drinking buddy, as well, with this nifty dog collar with a beer bottle opener attached to it. Made with recycled woven nylon and rust free metal on the bottle opener, this collar will last many outings you may not remember. $20.


Humunga Tongue Dog Toy - Rubber Chew Toy for Dogs with Ball and Tongue

Humunga Tongue Dog Toy. Are you looking for a funny dog toy? Or maybe you are looking for a real unique dog gift? Or maybe you are just looking to add some humor to your life. Everytime you see your dog chewing on this Humanga Tongue Dog Toy, you will have a great laugh. It is a chew toy that also looks like a huge tongue and when your dog chews it it will look like it is the dog's tongue. A great novelty pet item. $13.