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Zooquarium by The Refined Fin - Cute Fish Bowls Available in Different Shapes and Colors

Zooquarium. Have you been looking for the perfect fish bowl that will add a whimsical and unique touch to your room? The Zooquarium fish bowls are stylish and cute, and they are the ideal home for beta fish, goldfish and small reptiles. They are made by The Refined Fin, a sister company to The Refined Feline, which is a well-known and respected designer of luxurious cat furniture, and there are several styles that will enhance your home or office. You can choose ½ gallon fish bowls in shapes of cats, whales, frogs, hearts, fish and elephants, and they come in several trendy colors. $30. BUY.


Teddy Tank - Fish Bowl Snuggled into a Teddy Bear

Teddy TankJust think how much your children will love to watch their new fish swim in their cuddly Teddy Tank! If you keep fish in the tummy bowl you will be glad to know that when you remove the inner tank for cleaning, you can wash Teddy as well. Kids will get a kick out of feeding fish through Teddy’s mouth. There are other uses for the bowl as well. Store jelly beans, colored rocks or marbles, pennies or peppermints. When you purchase the Teddy Tank you will get everything you need, except the fish! Set contains an 18-inch plush Teddy Bear, 10 second voice recorder to record a personal greeting, a one gallon bowl and an LED soft glow night light. You also get 8.8 ounces of acrylic gravel, Velcro bow, a plant you can use in the fish bowl and of course the fish net. $50. BUY.


Magic Globe Aquarium - Snow Globe Aquarium with Water Fall Feature

Magic Globe Honey Rose Aquarium. While every fish tank has a similar overall appearance, Aquatica Gallery has designed the Magic Globe Honey Rose Aquarium to be a unique and modern fish tank.  This sleek, new design has incorporated the idea of a snow globe, fish tank and water fountain.  This aquarium comes complete with everything you need to get started, just add the fish!  With a new, water-vacuum technology, your guests will be amazed by this creative style aquarium.  The Magic Globe was voted the 2010 best new aquatic product of the year!  Feel safe knowing that it is back by a one year limited warranty. $125. BUY.


Modern Style Fish Tank with High-Tech Filtration

Aquariums can be beautiful, but most times people only get one view of them.  Get a better look with the Hagen Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit provides high definition viewing from every angle including the top!  The sleek design allows for a more modern look than the traditional tank.  All wiring for the aquarium is hidden including the three stage filtration system and lighting.  With easy assembly, it can be setup in only a few minutes! $110. BUY.


USB Powered Fish Tank - Filter, Light and Clock Powered by USB

USB Desktop Aquarium. While this may not be the most exquisite aquarium featured on Cool Pet Products, it is one of the niftiest. This fish tank is actually USB powered. Both the filter and the light can be powered by your computer. If you are looking for the perfect desktop aquarium, but you don't have an outlet to spare, then the USB Desktop Aquarium would make a nice addition to your workplace. It can also play a variety of tranquil nature sounds as well. Because of the small size, we would really only recommend this for a single fish. $35.


Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium - Fish Tank Furniture

The Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium would make a great addition to any living room by bringing a touch of luxury and aquatic life. This 28 gallon acrylic aquarium is illuminated from below and features a beveled glass top so it can actually be viewed from every angle. Now you can sit back, kick your fit up and enjoy a movie with the company of your fish. $499.


Silverfish Aquarium System - Contemporary New Innovative Aquarium System

 Silverfish Aquarium System. This fish tank is so cool, its more of a museum piece than an aquarium. Its basically 5 fish bowls connected with tunnels - of course, that's easier said than done. Our main concern was the maintenance and longevity of the aquarium system itself. Looking further, it seems that the folks at Octopus Studios took their time in designing every aspect by equipping the Silverfish with an Eheim Professional2 canister filter. It also has handheld gadgets like a powered gravel vacuum, magnetic surface cleaners and extended tongs. Planting live plants also help by developing a self sustaining eco-system. We're sure a team of otto cats would be a plus as well. This is a work of art which would look stunning in your house. $5700.


Aquavista Wall Mounted Aquarium - Cool Fish Tank with Modern Design

Aquavista Wall Mounted Aquarium. This is a 6.6 gallon fish tank that can be hung on your wall to look like a picture in a frame. They claim that it only requires 10 minutes of maintenance a month so their must be a fairly capable filtration system that comes with the unit. The filter, heating and lighting can all be controlled by the electronic panel on the right of the aquarium. Altogether, this is a really cool fish tank that would be great for someone with limited floorspace. $300.


The Spacearium - Modern Fish Tank for the Contemporary Pet Owner

Modern technology meets contemporary design in this truly breathtaking aquarium. The Spacearium is the newest concept in cool unique fish tanks for your home. With the ability to be suspended from the ceiling and its streamlined design, this aquarium will capture the attention of your guests immediately. $4,900 to $8,400.


BiUbe - Self Cleaning Aquarium with Modern New Look

BiUbe Aquarium. BiOrb has changed the look of an ordinary fish tank.  The biUbe is in a cylinder shaped of acrylic glass.  A built in filter with is located at the bottom so it does not interfere with the look of the tank or fish.  Filter cartridges last for up to 8 weeks to keep the water clear and clean.  Silver trim finishes off the tank making it easy to incorporate into a home or office.   The kit includes nearly everything you need, such as air pump, ceramic media, 12-volt transformer, halogen light unit, fish food, water treatment, and instruction booklet.  The only thing you need to do is add water and pick your fish. $150.


Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium - Cool Fish Bowl for Your Desk with Filter and Light

The Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium would make a modern, unique gift idea for any office or home.  This 1.8 gallon aquarium is equipped with a build in filter and LED light that offers a happy home for fish and a relaxing view and sounds for the owner.  The filter is a waterfall that pours into the bowl creating relaxing sounds for the stressed out executive or overworked housewife.  The simple bowl can be decorated with any color rocks or flowers to give fish a colorful environment and match the décor in which they will be living.  Purchasing this new item as a gift would be sure to earn a smile. BUY.


API Aquarium Test Kit - Complete Deluxe Kit - Test pH, Ammonia, Nitrate, etc.

Tank upkeep is vital for healthy fish.  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater Master Test Kit is the perfect way to make sure your fresh water fish are living is the best possible conditions.  This easy to use kit requires a miniscule amount of tank water to test Ph levels.  The kit comes with easy to follow instructions that make testing a breeze.  If you buy and use this kit your fishy friends will be swimming easy in a beautiful clean tank. BUY.


End Table Aquarium - Fish Tank Furniture - Coffee Table That is a Fish Tank

The Midwest Tropical Aqua End Table Aquarium is a unique and modern way to display your favorite fish.  This 15 gallon aquarium will add beauty to your décor as well as providing the practical function of an end table. This unique furniture piece will also be a great conversation piece as guests admire this display.  This pet product will take up less space than an additional aquarium while offering the relaxing ambiance usually associated with fish tanks. BUY.