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Zooquarium by The Refined Fin - Cute Fish Bowls Available in Different Shapes and Colors

Zooquarium. Have you been looking for the perfect fish bowl that will add a whimsical and unique touch to your room? The Zooquarium fish bowls are stylish and cute, and they are the ideal home for beta fish, goldfish and small reptiles. They are made by The Refined Fin, a sister company to The Refined Feline, which is a well-known and respected designer of luxurious cat furniture, and there are several styles that will enhance your home or office. You can choose ½ gallon fish bowls in shapes of cats, whales, frogs, hearts, fish and elephants, and they come in several trendy colors. $30. BUY.


API Aquarium Test Kit - Complete Deluxe Kit - Test pH, Ammonia, Nitrate, etc.

Tank upkeep is vital for healthy fish.  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater Master Test Kit is the perfect way to make sure your fresh water fish are living is the best possible conditions.  This easy to use kit requires a miniscule amount of tank water to test Ph levels.  The kit comes with easy to follow instructions that make testing a breeze.  If you buy and use this kit your fishy friends will be swimming easy in a beautiful clean tank. BUY.