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Fresh Patch - Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

Disposable Dog Potty. A modern solution to any dog that is having a hard time potty training or if you are unable to take the dog out for bathroom trips is the disposable dog potty made with R.E.A.L. grass. R.E.A.L. grass is hydroponically grown and free of dirt, which promotes its clean qualities. It naturally attracts your dog to use it as a potty and has a specialized rooting system that will soak in odors and urine instantly upon use. This modern dog potty is a wonderful solution to a variety of scenarios and makes for a purely genius way of allowing your dog to be able to use the bathroom indoors with no mess to worry about and the best part is that it’s fully disposable. $24.99. BUY.

Editor's Note: The Fresh Patch system is more eco-friendly than traditional puppy pads and appeals to their natural instincts.


Doog Mini Running Belt - Dog Fanny Pack for Runners

Doog Mini Belt. Following with the success of the original Doog Walking Belt , Australian dog product company Dog Owners Outdoor Gear has released a sporty version of their classic dog walker utility belt. The Doog Mini Belt incorporates a slimmer design specially tailored for active runners who wish to carry a sleaker fanny pack. It is made of mesh material and holds doggie poop bags, wallet, keys, phone all in a compact unit. $20. BUY.


DOOG Walkie Belt with Accessories - Dog Walking Fanny Pack

Walkie Belt with Foldable Water Bowl and Tidy Bags. Your dog needs to go for walks but it can be a hassle with all the different things you need to carry.  DOOG has designed the Walkie Belt to make walking your pet an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.  With a foldable water bowl and 60 biodegradable tidy bags to clean up after your pet, it has everything your pet will need.  The Walkie Belt has compartments for your keys, cell phone, money and a separate spot for your dog’s treats.  One size fits most with this all in one belt. $23. BUY.


Flush Puppies - Flushable Doggie Bags

Flush Puppies are biodegradable, compostable and flushable doggie doo-doo poopie bags. Flushing is a more sanitary approach to disposing of a doodie bag as opposed to having it in your garbage. Once you flush, the waste is completely gone. Of course, if you could compost it, that would be the best. They also come in a convenient wallet-style dispenser so they are easy-to-carry. But don't just use it on-the-go, keep them at home as well, just in case an accident occurs. $9 for 3 packs, 60 bags. BUY.


Bags on Board Rainbow Refill Pack - New Colorful Alternatives for Bags on Board

Bags on Board Color Refills. Stop searching for bags when you take your dog for a walk.  Bags on Board are a modern, earth-friendly option.  Fit the roll of bags into the Bags on Board dispenser and you’re ready to go!  These bags make picking up after your pet simple.  No mess, no fuss and leak-proof!  Don’t worry about throwing these bags away because Bags on board are designed to be 100% biodegradable.  Each refill pack comes with 8 rolls of 15 bags in a variety of colors. $7. BUY.


Nutri-Vet Green Grass Chewable Tablets - Prevent Lawn Burn from Dog Urine

Nutri-Vet Green Grass Chewable Tablets are saving one dog owner’s lawn at a time!  These all- natural tablets contain 133 mg of dl-methionine which help to neutralize the high pH level in urine.  By neutralizing the pH level, it will help to keep your lawn green.  No more spending hours and money spent trying to cover up those yellow spots!  These supplements help to promote a healthy pup.  Available in a delicious liver flavor, your dog will beg for more! $18. BUY.


Earth-Friendly All Natural Doggie Bags

Picking up after your dog isn’t just being responsible but in many places if you don’t, it could result in a fine.  Plastic bags help but they are not environmentally-friendly and can take over 100 years to decompose.  BioBag Dog Waste Compostable Bags are 100% biodegradable making them the perfect choice for responsible dog owners.  Containing no polyethylene, you can be sure that it contains no plastics.  Each package comes with four boxes of fifty bags.  BUY.


Mutt Mitt Pinkies Pink and Black Doggie Bags - Stylish and Cute Colors, Pink Poop Bags

Mutt Mitt Pinkies Pink & Black Dog Bags will help you have a contemporary look even when disposing of your dog’s waste.  This dirty job is no one’s favorite, but Mutt Mitt Pick Up Bags make waste cleanup a fashionable job.  The pink and black bags allow you to simply stoop and pick up the waste, turn the bag inside out and toss it away into the trash.  Hands are left clean and nature is left intact as these bags are degradable. BUY.


Bulk Generic Biodegradable Doggie Bags Rolls and Dispenser

Bulk Generic Bags on Board Refills. Help your pet and the environment at the same time!  With the Pet Supply City Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags, you can clean up after your pet without using a plastic bag that will remain in a landfill.  Bags come in orders of 700 bags with 20 bags per roll.  Also included is the convenient bone shaped dispenser to hold the roll of bags.  Bags are available in an assortment of colors including blue, black, pink and purple. 700 for $26. BUY.