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Drinkwell Hy-Drate - Turn an Ordinary Water Bowl Into a Water Fountain with this Pump

Drinkwell Hy-Drate. Pets need clear, clean drinking water in order to stay healthy and hydrated. The Drinkwell filters are designed to move and filter water so that cats are encouraged to drink more of it. The system fits in most pet bowls, and it circulates water quietly so that it simulates the sounds of water in nature. This tempts cats to drink more water so that they are less likely to get dehydrated and suffer from urinary tract infections. It is dishwasher safe, and it has an adjustable flow control so that you can set it to match your pet’s needs. $22. BUY. via

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Toilet Bowl Pet Waterer

Pet Toilet Bowl Water Bowl. This is one of the most unique pet waterers we have come across resulting in a rather humorous conversation piece. You can use any 2-Liter bottle as a reservoir making this waterer practical as well. We are sure there will be tons of videos and images of pets drinking from these circulating the Internet soon. $29. BUY.


Drinkwell - The Original Pet Fountain

There’s no need to worry about whether or not your pet will need a fresh bowl of water during the day anymore.  The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain will ensure that your pet will stay hydrated and always have a full bowl of water to drink from.  The fountain provides your pet with 50 ounces of water that has been cleaned interior charcoal filter, giving the water a fresh, clean taste.  Be sure to get replacement filters and the cleaning kit to make sure you pets only get the freshest water. BUY.


Drinkwell Water Fountain Cleaning Brush Kit

Drinkwell Fountain Cleaning Kit. Cleaning is essential to keeping your pet healthy.  That is why Drinkwell has created the Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit.  The flared tip sponge has been designed to reach those hard to reach spots that a regular sponge may miss.  The wire shaft at the bottom of the sponge is wrapped in vinyl to protect from rust.  Compatible with all Drinkwell fountains, this cleaning kit will help to protect your pet and supply them with fresh, clean drinking water. BUY.


Replacement Drinkwell Filter Cartridges - Premium Filter Cartridge Refills

Keep your pet’s water tasting fresh by replacing their Drinkwell Premium Filter every two to four weeks.  Drinkwell filters work with several Drinkwell fountains including the original, platinum and big dog models.  However, it does not work with the Drinkwell 360.  Inside the filter’s six compartments, charcoal has been evenly disbursed to ensure longer lasting, deeper water filtration.  Each replacement filter package contains three filters.  Each package could last up to three months! BUY.


PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station - Dog or Cat Water Dispenser with Stainless Steel Bowl - Dishwasher Safe

Every living thing needs water to survive, this includes our beloved pets that need a safe clean drinking water source that is constant.  The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station with a stainless steel bowl is the solution that all pet owners are looking for.  Available in three sizes the medium watering system holds about one gallon of water and provides fresh water whenever your pet needs it.  Though the watering system can only be used indoors, it is dishwasher safe so your pet will always have clean, sanitary water. BUY.


Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain - Modern Pet Water Fountain

The Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain, with its raindrop design is a water filtration system to keep your pet’s water fresh and clean. The unique raindrop design is attractive and easily incorporated into modern décor. The heavy duty ceramic dish includes a replaceable charcoal filter that purifies the circulating drinking water that is naturally appealing to pets. The drinking dish is completely dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and is more sanitary for animals than classic plastic bowls. BUY.


Dog Waterer Faucet Attachment Provides Fresh Water for Your Pet

The Lixit Faucet Water Feeder is a unique pet product designed to keep your dog hydrated at all times. By attaching this feeder to a water faucet, your pet has access to unlimited water. Owners of outdoor dogs need not worry about empty water bowls as the feeder is designed much like a gerbil or hamster feeder. Your pet simply licks the faucet feeder to quench his thirst. You can be assured that his water is always clean and fresh even when you are away. This product is ideal for busy owners who need the convenience of a water feeder and may not have time to freshen water frequently, especially in warm weather when your pet requires more hydration. BUY.