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Bamboo Training Pads - Eco-Friendly Puppy Pads Combine Natural Bamboo and Charcoal

Green Pet Shop Bamboo Training Pads. The Green Pet Shop has combined bamboo and charcoal technology to create these eco-friendly puppy pads without the need for nasty chemicals. They claim that not only do the bamboo and charcoal emit a scent that is attractive to inquisitive pups but that they also work as a natural odor control so there is no need for added fragrance. They also claim that bamboo fibers are quick drying, preventing your toilet trainee from tracking wet paw prints through the house and their superior absorbency allows the pads to hold up to 28 fl oz of liquid. $25. BUY.


Woofstick - Innovative Dog Toy Provides Exercise, Interaction and Outdoors Fun

Woofstick. Are you looking for a new way to exercise and challenge your dog? The Woofstick is designed to give your dog a great workout that he will enjoy without completely wearing him out. You can insert a treat into the bone that dangles from a wand, which will encourage your dog to jump and pounce as you move the toy around. In addition to providing your pooch with a fun way to exercise, the Woofstick can also be used as a training tool. It even comes with a collapsible water bowl so that your pet stays well hydrated during each enjoyable session. $39. BUY.

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Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog - Durable, Interactive Dog Puzzle Games to Challenge and Entertain

Wooden Dog. These games are designed to help you interact with your dog while giving him the stimulation he needs to develop his intelligence. They meet all of California’s health and environmental standards for composite wood, which is what the games are made of. Each game requires pups to use their energy and focus in order to get treats, and it helps them to develop and hone the skills that they would normally use in the wild. There are thirteen unique games to choose from, and all of them will challenge and entertain your dog. $40-$60. BUY.


Weiss Walkie - Simple But Effective No-Pull Dog Harness - Attaches to Existing Collar

No Pull Dog Leash. A contemporary no pull dog leash created by Weiss Walkie is a humane and very safe way to eliminate troublesome pulling that traditional dog leashes have a problem with. Its unique, modern no pull dog leash design enables your dog to be comfortable throughout its use without being tugged on when you get to far behind or ahead during the walk. Many dogs become frustrated during activities that require a dog leash because of the pulling and stress around the neck and shoulder areas but with the use of the Weiss Walkie contemporary no pull dog leash you can eliminate such problems completely. $25. BUY.


Imagine Life with a Well Behaved Dog: A 3-Step Positive Training Program

Imagine Life with a Well Behaved Dog: A 3-Step Positive Training Program. Training a dog can be very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. This dog training book is a contemporary and genius instruction manual that will guide you through dog training in a matter of 3 steps. No modern dog owner should ever go without this training manual as it is very simple to follow and helpful in all of the necessary tasks such as potty training, human interaction behavior, other pet interaction behavior and all around doggy manners. $17.99. BUY.


101 Ways to Do More with Your Dog - A Book of Activities to Stimulate Your Dog

Spend more time with your dog!  101 Ways to Do More with Your Dog: Make Your Dog a Superdog with Sports, Games, Exercises, Tricks, Mental Challenges, Crafts, and Bonding by Kyra Sundance is a great book that teaches you all new activities to do with your pet.  Teaching your dog tricks and activities is a way to strengthen your bond and to keep you both entertained for hours!  This book will help you teach your dog everything from volleyball to becoming a therapy dog.  There’s no limit to what you and your dog could do together! $14. BUY.


It's Me or the Dog: Season 1 DVD Set - Starring Victoria Stilwell

It's Me or the Dog: Season 1. Watch some of your favorite episodes from Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog: Season One” on DVD.  Victoria Stilwell, expert dog trainer, helps families transform their dogs.  Untrained pets can cause stress and separate a family.  Victoria steps in and helps families with seemingly untamable dogs take control of their lives.  With the help of a “pet cam” plus observation and interviews, she helps families see what they are doing wrong and corrects their methods. $60. BUY.


Treat Tote - Dog Training Treat Bag Clips on Belt

Canine Hardware Treat Tote. Training your pet with treats can be a very effective method but carrying noisy bags that are a hassle to open just isn’t practical.  When on the go, the Canine Hardware Treat Tote is the best solution.  It can easily be opened and closed with one hand, leaving your other hand free for your pet’s leash or a command signal.  The Treat Tote attaches to your belt or pocket and the small size can carry up to one cup of treats.  Available in blue, black and red. $9. BUY.


How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days

Housebreaking can be a difficult task for dog owners.  That is why Shirlee Kalstone created the book “How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days.”  Kalstone understood that between work, family and life, training can seem like a hassle.  The book comes complete with a step-by-step training program that can help housebreak your dog is only one week!  With helpful tips, the book helps teach dog owners how to reinforce positive behavior and handle “accidents” if they occur.  Don’t struggle with housebreaking; make it a simple task with “How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days.” $7.99. BUY.


Moleskine Dog Journal - A Beautiful Way to Keep Your Dog's Records

Moleskine Dog Journal. Publishing notebooks modeled after the personal journal design used by Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway and others, the Moleskine company has had a reputation of creating quality notebooks since 1997. They are available in all types of sizes and designs and their latest journal is for your dog. The dog journal has 5 sections, "special moments that show the personality of the dog, a dog log, a section for helping travel with a dog, and a section on care", 5 blank sections and also comes along with adhesives that you can use for customization. $14.


Natural Jute Professional Tug Toy for Dogs

The Jute Ball. It's important to provide lots of exercise and time in the fresh outdoors to your dog. And for yourself as well. That's why we particularly appreciates interactive pet toys such as The Jute Ball by The Gripper company. It's made of high quality natural jute (link for all you curious minds) and allows for you to engage in a tug-o-war or for you to lead your dog - Especially in the water cuz this product floats as well. And it's affordable! Pick up a flipper while your at it. $15.


Quick Way to Housebreak Your Dog - How to Housebreak Your Dog Quick

Housebreaking your dog can be a difficult task.  With so many different methods and the owner’s inconsistency, it is hard for the dog to know what they need to do.  How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days by Shirlee Kalstone, provides dog owners with step-by-step advice about housebreaking.  In just seven days, Kalstone’s guide will help you learn a correct, sensible way to train your dog.  Discover the best method for your lifestyle and make your life easier by learning how to housebreak your dog effectively. BUY.


Victoria Stilwell's First Book on Dog Training - It's Me or the Dog

Victoria Stilwell from the hit television show, It’s Me or the Dog, seems to know all there is to know about training your pet.  Now you can learn her secrets in her first book, It’s Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet.  This book will not just help you train your dog but will help you with every part of their life.  You will learn about understanding, communication, training, a healthy diet, house training, exercise and playtime.  Learn as much as you can about your furry friend and they will learn from you too. BUY.


Silent Pet Air Horn Training Aid

Skip the nasty tasting training solutions.  When training a pet, you don’t want to taste or smell the behavior corrector also.  Pet Corrector Pet Behavioral Training Aid is ideal for pet owners.  It lets out hiss of air that will disrupt the pet because of their increased hearing sensitivity and correct the behavior without any other effects.  Included is a training guide that will give you tips and tricks on how to correct unwanted behavior such as excessive barking and jumping. $10. BUY.


Nature's Miracle Quick Results Training Pads

Nature's Miracle Quick Results Training Pads. The Nature's Miracle brand name has been in pet homes for years as the bio cleaning stain and odor remover. These puppy training pads are specially treated with a "Fresh Grass" scent to teach your pooch good habits. Also has odor control which has been Nature's Miracle's specialty all these years. $22.


PetSafe Wireless Fence System - Deluxe Wireless Pet Containment System

Have you ever worried that your pet will dig out of the backyard or sneak through a small hole in the fence?  With the new PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, you can now feel safe leaving your pet outside.  The PIF-300 model is a wireless radio-fence that sends a static correction signal to the waterproof receiver collar when your pet tries to leave the area.  The PIF-300 can cover up to half an acre with its adjustable circular area. BUY.


Motion Sensor Pet Deterrent - Teach Your Dog or Cat Where to Stay Away From

Teach your pet where they are allowed to go and not allowed, in an effective and humane way with the Contech StayAway Motion Activated Pet Deterrent.  With two different settings as deterrents, you could choose a sound with an odorless compressed air spray or just a sound.  The compressed air can is good for up to 200 sprays.  The ultra-modern deterrent uses a passive infrared sensor to detect when a pet is within one meter of the blocked area. BUY.


Dog Agility Starter Kit - Create Your Own Dog Obstacle Course

AAAADP8SxgwAAAAAAE2K9AIf you are looking to train your dog to go through obstacle courses like you see at the dog shows, then it takes training both for you as a handler and for your dog - this is a great way to start. The Kyjen agility starter kit comes with everything you need to start your own dog obstacle course complete with dog weave poles, tunnel, ribbons and stopwatch. $40.


101 Dog Tricks Book Teaches You With Techniques and Pictures

101 Dog Tricks: Step-by-Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog. 101 Dog Tricks is one of the most comprehensive dog tricks book around because it features most of the common dog tricks along with a few new ones as well. It also teaches you general dog training techniques as well. Written by dog trainers Chalcy and Kyra Sundance. $11.49.


Lentek Super Bark Free - Stops Dogs from Barking, Anti-Bark Dog Device

This is a great way to stop your dog from barking. Or to stop your neighbor's dog from barking if that's the situation. The Lentek Super Bark Free uses ultrasonic frequencies to train dogs to stop continuous barking episodes. This gadget is effective at stopping dog barking from up to 35 feet away and it uses 4 D batteries. $70.