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Nina Ottoson Dog Fighter - Puzzle Dog Toy That Stimulates Intelligence

The Dog Fighter dog puzzle game is a wooden game designed to stimulate your dog’s brain and reward him for his hard work. Inserting treats into this puzzle keeps your pet entertained while learning a new way to be rewarded. There are several levels for any breed of dog and you will be rewarded as he learns his way through the puzzle and he is rewarded with the treat waiting as he discovers his way through this unique learning game. BUY.


Everlasting Fun Ball - Strong Dog Toy Ball That You Put Treats Into

The Everlasting Fun Ball was designed with the aggressive chewing dog in mind. This pet product is more durable than rubber making it much less destructible than other chew toys. Kibble or treats can be put inside the ball for extended play. Because it floats in water, this toy is perfect for playing fetch as well as keeping your pet entertained while chewing and eating. The large breed dog that is an aggressive chewer will certainly get a workout with this product without totally destroying it as easily as other chew toys. Puppies are very playful and love to chew. The Everlasting Fun Ball will keep your pet happy and you will have the assurance that this product is safe and durable. BUY.

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