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Humunga Bling: Grrrillz for Your Superstar Pooch - Funny New Dog Toy

Humunga Bling. Winner of Best New Pet Product at the 2016 Global Pet Expo. At about the size of a tennis ball, this hilarious toy by Moody Pet hopes to upgrade your dog's selfies and games of fetch with Fido that little bit more fun! The Humunga Bling is encircled by huge molded teeth adorned with blingy gold and diamond grillz, instantly  transforming your pooch into a doggy superstar. The durable, non-toxic rubber ball features two sets of teeth, with one side proclaiming your dog to be a ‘ROCKSTAR’ and the other stating simply: ‘DAWG’. $16. BUY.

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The Odin - Modular Dog Toy Brings Clever, Minimalist Design for Unique Modern Dog Toy

The Odin. We were introduced to The Odin when Michelle Moy, founder of Up Dog Toys contacted us about an innovative dog toy. Intrigued by its modern, industrial design and modular capabilities, we quickly found ourselves very excited about the possibility of this product being developed. We found their concept of actually creating a well-designed dog toy to complement a contemporary household's chic style to be rather unique in its own right. Being able to connect additional units to both add variation, length of play but also to increase difficulty is an example of a well executed design in that it not only looks good but is also functional. $25-$2000. SUPPORT.

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Schnuzzle - Kickstarter Campaign for Innovative Modular Dog Toy with Scent Discs

Schnuzzle. While we have already seen module-based dog toys like PetSafe's Busy Buddy, we are still excited by this Kickstarter campaign for a new dog toy called, "Schnuzzle". The feature that caught our attention is their innovative Scent Disc that you can insert into each toy. Activated by the screwing action when placed into the toy and by the playing and chewing of your dog, they release appetizing aromas such as BBQ beef, roast chicken and honey bacon. They claim these zero calorie inserts provide as much entertainment as a treat dispensing toy. What we really love is their Essentials Scent Discs which incorporate essential oils to promote psychological health focused on travel, calming and bed time. If the campaign is successful, they should be available in 2015. $5-$300 AUD. SUPPORT.

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Woofstick - Innovative Dog Toy Provides Exercise, Interaction and Outdoors Fun

Woofstick. Are you looking for a new way to exercise and challenge your dog? The Woofstick is designed to give your dog a great workout that he will enjoy without completely wearing him out. You can insert a treat into the bone that dangles from a wand, which will encourage your dog to jump and pounce as you move the toy around. In addition to providing your pooch with a fun way to exercise, the Woofstick can also be used as a training tool. It even comes with a collapsible water bowl so that your pet stays well hydrated during each enjoyable session. $39. BUY.

You must watch the video of this product in action after the break!

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The Inventor of iFetch - An Interview with Denny Hamill

We receive many emails from readers on how to convert their inspiration or concept into an actual invention. We are hoping that our guest, Denny Hamill will be able to provide our readers with some insight on the process in creating a product from an idea.

Denny Hamill, along with his grandson Grant, invented the iFetch after their toy poodle Prancer continued to demand playing fetch even after the family members were exhausted. With a successful Kickstarter launch, they are ready to accept pre-orders and will be shipping out units in a few weeks.

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DOGTV - First Television Channel Made Just For Dogs - Entertain Your Pooch While You are Out

DOGTV. If your dog loves to watch your favorite television programs with you, then he may appreciate DOGTV. DOGTV is the first network television channel that is designed specifically for dogs, and it has unique programs that have been created just for canines that spend time alone at home. The station has partnered with The Human Society of the United States to provide programming that stimulates dogs while exercising their visual and auditory skills. These shows can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that dogs often feel when their owners are gone, and they can also cause dogs to be more playful while their humans are gone. The next time your dog seems despondent when you leave the house, consider allowing him to tune in so he can cheer up! LINK.


Pencil Rope Toy - Cute Pencil-Shaped Dog Toy Made of 100% Cotton by Waggo

Pencil Rope Toy. Do you love to find new and unique toys for your dog to enjoy? This rope chew toy is designed to look like a pencil, which will give both you and your dog some entertainment while he plays. The 9” x 1” pencil shape makes it possible for your dog to grasp the toy easily, and it is strong enough to endure many hours of tugging and chewing. The Waggo pencil chew toy is made of 100% cotton, which will help to keep your pooch’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. It’s the “write” way for a dog to play! $12. BUY. Pairs perfectly with the Paperclip Dog Toy.

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Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog - Durable, Interactive Dog Puzzle Games to Challenge and Entertain

Wooden Dog. These games are designed to help you interact with your dog while giving him the stimulation he needs to develop his intelligence. They meet all of California’s health and environmental standards for composite wood, which is what the games are made of. Each game requires pups to use their energy and focus in order to get treats, and it helps them to develop and hone the skills that they would normally use in the wild. There are thirteen unique games to choose from, and all of them will challenge and entertain your dog. $40-$60. BUY.


Kong On/Off Squeaker Toys - Dog Chew Toys that Can Squeak or Be Silent with the Flip of a Switch

Kong On/Off Squeaker Toy. KONG is well known for their durable chew toys for pets, but they have been branching out into other segments by releasing new innovative lines. They understand that dogs enjoy the sound of a squeak toy but that a pet owner may need some peace and quiet, which is why they have created these toys that can be turned on and off. When your dog needs an extra bit of stimulation and entertainment, you can turn on the toy so that it squeaks. When you’ve had enough of the noise, you can turn it off while your dog continues to enjoy satisfying his need to chew. The toys come in several sizes and shapes, including bones, bears and whales. $9-$15. BUY.

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Pet Box - The Only Monthly Pet Goody Box that You Pick What's Inside - For Cats and Dogs

Pet Box offers you a fun and affordable way to treat your cat or dog to new products. Rather than searching every month for something new and fun, you can have a Pet Box shipped to your door with a significant discount as a bonus. These boxes are full of quality products by popular brands, including Stella & Chewy’s and The Honest Kitchen, and you can choose which food, toys and other items are included. You can get free samples for your pet to try, and a rescue animal is fed each time a box is shipped. You will even get great discounts on the products your pet loves, and everything ships for free. You’ll be amazed at how excited your furry friend gets when his next Pet Box arrives in the mail! $29-$39. BUY.

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Pet Cube - Interact with Your Pet When You're Not Home with Your Smartphone

Pet Cube. Have you ever wondered what your pet is up to all day when you are away from home? Now you can find out with the innovative Petcube. Similar to our recently featured Pet Chatz, this sleek and modern device allows you to see and talk with your pet using your smartphone, which means that you can always be close to him even when you are far away. The Petcube also has a built-in laser so that you can play and interact with your dog or cat, which will give your pet exercise while allowing you to spend time together. You can even take pictures and videos of your animals, and you can share these with your friends and family members. $199. Pre-order.

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Wobble Ball - Dishwasher Safe Dog Toy Treat Dispenser, Cute and Practical

Wobble Ball. P.L.A.Y. is best known for their luxurious line of dog beds, but they have also designed an interactive dog toy that will stimulate your pup. This super cute dog toy treat dispenser is an innovative product that allows your dog to use his senses in order to get a treat. The toy features a cone-shaped design  and the rounded base makes the toy wiggle and roll so that the treats fall out as your dog plays. The entire toy can be easily taken apart and placed in the dishwasher, which will allow your playful dog to use it time and time again. $18. BUY.


Moochews - Dog Toys Recycled from Cow Milking Tubes

Moochews. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and innovative chew toy, then offer your dog a MooChew. MooChew toys are unique because they are made from repurposed cow milking tubes. The rubber tubes are washed and sanitized, but they retain the cow scent so that dogs are drawn to them. The rubber in each MooChew is extremely durable, and there are several sizes and colors of toys available. Dog owners can choose from MooChucks and MooTugs in assorted colors to keep their dogs entertained using a non-toxic, earth-friendly chew toy. $18-$20. BUY.


Go-Go Dog Toy - 22 MPH Remote Controlled Dog Toy for Outdoors Play

Go-Go Dog Toy. If you are looking for a fun, new way to exercise your dog, then try the Go-Go Dog Pal. This unique and interactive toy includes a remote control so that you can direct how the toy moves. The strong motor allows the toy to travel at speeds up to 22 miles per hour, and it can move across grass, asphalt, concrete and other surfaces. The remote is simple to use and features a control wheel that is easy to operate. The Go-Go Dog Pal is battery operated, and the battery can be recharged so that your dog gets to enjoy his new toy as much as possible. $230. BUY.

Nerf Dog Toys - From The Legendary Toy Brand - Super Durable Outdoor Dog Chew Toys

Nerf Pet Dog Toys. These Nerf dog toys are perfect for dog owners who want to keep their canines happy and healthy. Their innovative designs make it easy for dogs to catch, chew and squeak their way to contentment, and the toys give them incentive to exercise and play. There are several sizes of Nerf dog toys available so that even the smallest and largest dogs can have a toy to enjoy. There are also toys designed specifically for chewing, pulling and catching, which means that pet owners can find a durable toy that best suits their dogs’ preferences.  $11-$16. BUY.

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Dog Toys - Silent Squeak Toy That Only Your Dog Can Hear

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Toys. If you’re one of the many that are tired of hearing your dog’s squeaking toys then the Hear Doggy Ultrasonic play toys are just for you and your playful pooch! They feature many different animal designs from whales to skunks and have a very modern feel to them simply because of their unique ultrasonic sound feature. The ultrasonic sounds cannot be heard by human ears but they can be heard and enjoyed by your dog so they will be happy playing with them and you will be happy not hearing them all the time. Built with durability and playfulness in mind the Hear Doggy ultrasonic toys are the perfect solution to it all! $10-$13. BUY.


Paperclip Chew Toy - Cute and Fun Shaped Dog Toy

Paperclip Chew Toy for Dogs. The paperclip shaped chew toy for dogs is a stylish, fun way to keep your dog entertained while also running out that extra energy every dog needs to remain happy. Your dog can enjoy this toy in two different ways by either unwinding it for a fun owner to dog tugging session or simply let it retain its natural paperclip shape for a soft, durable chew toy that the dog can play with for as long as it wants. The paperclip chew toy is made entirely out of rubber and would make a great gift for any dog. $14. BUY.


DogFace Green Army Men Dog Toy by Doca Pet

Doca Pet DogFace. We always love another way to bring some retro into our home, and these army men dog toys are another perfect excuse to do just that. Each soldier stands 7 inches tall and is made with a peanut butter scent infused natural rubber so its green in many ways. Great attention to detail and an overall whimsical appeal makes this cool dog toy a great gift to any dog lover. $16.


Natural Jute Professional Tug Toy for Dogs

The Jute Ball. It's important to provide lots of exercise and time in the fresh outdoors to your dog. And for yourself as well. That's why we particularly appreciates interactive pet toys such as The Jute Ball by The Gripper company. It's made of high quality natural jute (link for all you curious minds) and allows for you to engage in a tug-o-war or for you to lead your dog - Especially in the water cuz this product floats as well. And it's affordable! Pick up a flipper while your at it. $15.


Hot Doll for Dogs - The First Ever Dog Sex Toy

Hot Doll for Dogs. By teaching your dog to use the Hot Doll, you eliminate the awkward situation of having your guest watch your dog be intimate with the pillow or even worse, their leg. The company states that you can train them to only use the Hot Doll the same as you house trained them. The legs are designed for a better grip and the material is easy to clean. The company also states that this can be used as decor in houses without pets as well. $209.