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Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl - Feeder Slows Dog Eating Down So Dog Doesn't Eat Too Fast

Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowls. Does your dog eat too fast? Are you looking for a way to prevent your dog from choking while eating? Many dogs get excited when it comes to food - its a natural instinct being dogs are pack animals. Brake-Fast dog food bowls are designed to help your dog slow down while eating. Everything about this dog food bowl is designed to help your dog take his time while eating. It even slides to make it harder for them to eat and forces them to take even more time. Available in an assortment of colors and sizes. $15-$19.


Pet-Ease Natural Calming Differ - Disperses Natural Calming Mist for Dogs - Plug Into the Outlet

If you have a hyper or overactive puppy the Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease Natural Calming Differ for Dogs may be the solution.  This diffuser plugs in and releases a natural calming solution of essential oils that naturally helps to calm anxiety, stress, and aggressive behavior in canines.  Once your puppy is relaxed he will be more enjoyable during family times and possibly less destructive during time alone.  Buy a diffuser today as it will easily fit into your décor since it looks like all common room diffusers. BUY.

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