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Wake & Wag - Hands-On Review of this Amazing Dog Bed Using Military Technology

Wake & Wag Pet Bed. Read our hands-on review with this new dog bed which incorporates patented SKYDEX technology designed for and used by the US military. What can be cooler than that? This super-light dog bed promises to be a more durable alternative to traditional memory foam and is also easier to clean, stays cooler during hot weather and lighter and easier to manage.
You have to read the full review, we love this product! 

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DOGTV - First Television Channel Made Just For Dogs - Entertain Your Pooch While You are Out

DOGTV. If your dog loves to watch your favorite television programs with you, then he may appreciate DOGTV. DOGTV is the first network television channel that is designed specifically for dogs, and it has unique programs that have been created just for canines that spend time alone at home. The station has partnered with The Human Society of the United States to provide programming that stimulates dogs while exercising their visual and auditory skills. These shows can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that dogs often feel when their owners are gone, and they can also cause dogs to be more playful while their humans are gone. The next time your dog seems despondent when you leave the house, consider allowing him to tune in so he can cheer up! LINK.


No More Woof - New Technology Interprets Dog's Brain Signals and Converts to Text

No More Woof. From the company that brought us the rocking chair iPad charger and indoor cloud, Micasa LAB brings us their newest invention. What would you do differently if you knew that your dog could talk? The Nordic Society for Intervention and Discovery is a research lab that is working to bridge the communication gap between animals and humans. They are creating No More Woof, which is a unique and innovative product that is designed to read electronic signals from an animal’s brain and translate them into words. They are currently raising funds to support the development of No More Woof, and supporters can make contributions through Indiegogo. It won’t be long until we can hear what our dogs, cats and other animals are thinking! $65-$1200. PRE-ORDER. CROWDFUND.

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Whistle Activity Monitor - Collects Your Dog's Daily Activity, Monitor on Your iOS Device

Whistle Activity Monitor. Are you curious about how active your dog is on a daily basis? Industry comrades of the Pet Cube, the Whistle is a unique and innovative device that measures your dog’s activity levels so that you can see exactly how he spends his time. The activity monitor clips onto your pooch’s collar, and you can send the information that it collects to your smartphone. This will let you know how often your dog sleeps, when he plays and the length of time that he spends on walks. It will also let you know when someone else is interacting with your dog so that he can get the socialization that he needs in order to be healthy. $130. Pre-order.

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Pet Cube - Interact with Your Pet When You're Not Home with Your Smartphone

Pet Cube. Have you ever wondered what your pet is up to all day when you are away from home? Now you can find out with the innovative Petcube. Similar to our recently featured Pet Chatz, this sleek and modern device allows you to see and talk with your pet using your smartphone, which means that you can always be close to him even when you are far away. The Petcube also has a built-in laser so that you can play and interact with your dog or cat, which will give your pet exercise while allowing you to spend time together. You can even take pictures and videos of your animals, and you can share these with your friends and family members. $199. Pre-order.

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AnimAlarm - Remote Temperature Monitoring System Keeps Pets Safe in Cars, Planes, etc

AnimAlarm. If you need to take your dog for a trip but worry about him getting too hot in the car or plane, then the AnimAlarm may be of interest to you. It is an innovative portable device that will monitor the temperature so that you can rest assured that your canine companion is always comfortable.  The device will regularly send updates and text messages to your cell phone so that you can monitor the temperature in your car, and it has a setting that you can use if your dog will be staying for an extended period of time in a kennel. The AnimAlarm comes with a USB car charger and a USB home charger so that it is always ready when you need it. $180. BUY.


PetChatz Video Phone - Wi-Fi Webcam Treat Dispenser - See and Talk to Your Dog or Cat While Away

PetChatz Video Phone. Does your pet suffer from anxiety when you are away from home? Do you miss your dog or cat when you’re at work? You can help him and yourself relax using the innovative PetChatz. This unique device makes it possible for you to interact with your pet in multiple ways even when you are separated. You plug it in and connect it to your wireless Internet connection so that you can talk to and view your pet throughout your absence. When you call him using your smartphone or computer, your dog will be able to see and hear you, and you can dispense special treats that will remind him of how much you love him. PetChatz is also beneficial for owners because you can see and interact with your pet at any time to give you peace of mind. $349. Preorder.

GPS Collar Attachment Tracks Your Dog's Activity and Location, Includes Smartphone App

Tagg-The Pet Tracker. This is a GPS pet locator system that is made to be simple to use and easy to apply. All you have to do is pop on the small, comfortable GPS locator hardware onto the dog’s harness, collar or similar dog apparel and ensure the locator is on. From there, all the owner has to do is access software from their computer or use ultra handy apps from Smartphones such as Androids and iPhones in order to track your dog’s whereabouts. There are hardly any limitations to this system and it is quite necessary for those taking pets on trips, when they are allowed to run free or just to track your pet’s day-to-day movement in order to monitor activity level. $99. BUY.


Dog Gone Smart Bed - Nano Technology for Dogs

Dog Gone Smart Rectangle Canvas Bed. If you're looking for a durable pet bed that will stay clean, you might be interested in NanoSphere technology. We're not sure what is Nano about the NanoSphere technology but apparently it incorporates nanotechnology to create a naturally non-stick surface which in turn keeps things like honey and ketchup slipping off instead of staining. Sounds cool! Now this is obviously practical for dogs, but why isn't everything in life made of this? $70-$120.


Hot Doll for Dogs - The First Ever Dog Sex Toy

Hot Doll for Dogs. By teaching your dog to use the Hot Doll, you eliminate the awkward situation of having your guest watch your dog be intimate with the pillow or even worse, their leg. The company states that you can train them to only use the Hot Doll the same as you house trained them. The legs are designed for a better grip and the material is easy to clean. The company also states that this can be used as decor in houses without pets as well. $209.


Eyenimal Video Camera - Collar Digital Camcorder for Your Pet

Dogtek Eyenimal Collar Video Camera. Now you can see what your pet sees. Did you ever wonder where your cat journeys or what your dog does while you're away? With its ultralight construction and 8 gigabytes of flash memory, this high-tech pet product is both innovative and entertaining. $99.

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Pet's Eye View Camera - Collar Camera for Your Cat

Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View Camera. Uncle Milton is a well-known company that made ant farms back in the day and here is a new and very entertaining toy that will answer all those questions you had about your pet's day to day activities. You can set the interval of time in between pictures. With a 640x480 resolution, you can expect webcam quality images, but it will still show you what your pet is looking at. This would e great for a party you host. $32

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Puppy Tweets - Dog Tag That Sends Tweets

Puppy Tweets. Mattel's latest pet gadget, the Puppy Tweets, is perfect for a dog lover and Twitter fanatic. It is pre-loaded with over 500 phrases and whenever your dog moves, barks or naps, the dog tag sends a Tweet via Twitter. It comes with a USB receiver. An example Tweet would be, if your dog barks, it will say, "I bark because I miss you. There I said it. Now hurry home." That is pretty cute. Though not as accurate as you would wish, it is a pretty nifty toy. $14.


Free PetHub Link ID Tag - Scan Your Dog's Tag with a Smartphone

PetHub Link ID Tag. is a website focused on connecting pet owners, primarily dog owners, with service providers in their area and informing of upcoming local events. You can keep a PetCard on the website that includes information you enter into the system as well as updated information that service providers can enter. For example, you can have your vet information stored so that your dog walker can contact them if necessary. Also, your dog walker can enter information you may find to be pertinent to your dog. The ID tag itself can either have a scan code that you can scan with your smart phone or you can enter a direct link to your PetCard. It is usually $9 but the folks at are offering it for free plus $3 shipping and handling until March 31. $Free + $3 SH.


Thundershirt - Natural Dog Anxiety Treatment

The Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Jacket calms your dog by applying a gentle, constant pressure. Originally designed to naturally relax your dog friend during thunderstorms and fireworks, it turns out that it also aids in traveling and training by helping your dog focus better. Cool Pet Products is always fans of natural pet products and this one does it well. $36-$41.


PetZoom Pet Park Potty - Dog Indoor Potty with Fake Grass

If you are working all day and not able to take your dog out, a great solution is the PetZoom Pet Park Indoor Dog Potty that allows you to provide your pet an accident-free living. It has a non-toxic synthetic mat that simulates grass so your dog will be comfortable using it. This dog potty mat can also be used as a housebreaking aid for puppies. It's sort of a reusable wee-wee pad. $30.


How to Find Our What Breed Your Dog Is

Ever wonder what breed you mutt is?  Well know you can!  With DNAffirm Canine Breed Determination Cheek Swab you can discover more about your best friend.  Learning about your dog will allow you to understand more about the breeds including personality traits and even predisposed health concerns.  This kit does not include the $47.55 fee for DNA lab testing.  Once the genetics of your furry friend are determined, as a bonus you will be sent a personally designed certificate that includes the information about the dominant breeds and characteristics. $8. BUY.


Pet MicroID Card Stores Dog Information onto USB Collar Tag for PC or MAC

The PetSafe Pet Micro ID can make any owner breathe easier. All of your cat’s information is stored right in a USB flash drive inside the lightweight collar.  Collar comes with a program that shows you step by step how to enter your pet’s personal information.  You can use the software with either Microsoft or Macintosh.  The collar fits necks up to 12 inches. $14-$30.


Lentek Super Bark Free - Stops Dogs from Barking, Anti-Bark Dog Device

This is a great way to stop your dog from barking. Or to stop your neighbor's dog from barking if that's the situation. The Lentek Super Bark Free uses ultrasonic frequencies to train dogs to stop continuous barking episodes. This gadget is effective at stopping dog barking from up to 35 feet away and it uses 4 D batteries. $70.


Stop Dog Barking with this Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent / Birdhouse Decoration

Do you have a dog that barks constantly?  Do you have a neighbor with one and can’t get them to stop?  PetSafe has an Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent shaped as a birdhouse.   It uses ultrasonic waves to help stop the dog from barking by sounding a high pitched sound that only the dog can hear, but without hurting it.  It can be mounted near or on the fence.  It is built to withstand the elements of the outdoors.  One of two lights on the front of the house indicates when to change the 9 volt battery. $40.

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