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Shark Hoodie - Just About the Cutest Dog Sweater We Could Find - Handmade Fair Trade

Shark Hoodie. This unique dog sweater makes it easy for you to show off your sense of humor when it gets cold outside. This cute sweater is made of 100% wool and is dyed using organic plant dyes, and it features a knit shark fin on the back. It is also handcrafted in South America following Fair Trade guidelines. Whether your pooch is going to wade through the snow or go out on the town, this adorable and eco-friendly sweater is sure to encourage some smiles wherever you go! $30-$35. BUY.


Dogrich Winter Coat - Fashion Meets Function with Designer Coat by Pet Ego

Dogrich Winter Coat. Pet Ego has teamed up with designer Emanuele Bianchi to offer a line of dog coats that are stylish yet functional. One of the most popular coats in the Winter Collection is this Siberian Coat, which features water resistant microfiber fabric and a plush faux lambswool lining. It has an adjustable waist belt so that you can make your dog as comfortable as possible while wearing the coat, and it has a collar ring cut so that you can attach a leash when necessary. With a coat this comfortable, your dog might start looking forward to colder weather! $32-$84. BUY.

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Neo-Paws Suit - Winter Body Suit for Your Dog - Keeps Your Dog Warm and Dry in Snow

Neo-Paws Suit. Does your dog love to go outside no matter what the weather may be? This full body suit is made of fleece so that your pet stays warm and cozy even when the temperature drops. In addition to its comfortable design, the fleece body suit features reflective strips so that others can see your dog after the sun has gone down. There are eight sizes to choose from, which will allow you to get the one that fits your dog perfectly, and it has a hook and loop system that makes it easy for you to dress and undress your pooch. You can even combine the suit with other Neo Paws products, such as hats and shoes, so that your pet is fully protected from the elements. $35-$64. BUY.


ThunderCoat - Stylish Dog Jacket and Popular Dog Anxiety Wrap Combo

ThunderCoat. The very popular Thundershirt dog anxiety wrap just got a lot more stylish. And warmer! The unique design of the ThunderShirt and ThunderCoat system will comfort your pet so that he is less likely to exhibit signs of stress and anxiety. The ThunderShirt has already helped thousands of animals to calmly wait out storms, and it is often recommended by trainers and veterinarians. This two-in-one combo pack includes the ThunderShirt, which provides a sense of security, and a ThunderCoat to provide warmth. If it is a summer storm, your pet can wear the shirt alone, but you can also easily snap the coat into place when the weather gets chilly. $70. BUY.


Dog Snoods - Adorable Knitted and Polar Fleece Neck and Ear Warmers for Your Dog

Dog Snoods by Cozy Horse. Baby, it’s cold outside, and you need to go the extra mile to make sure that your animals stay warm. Your dog deserves to be just as cozy as you are in frigid weather, which is why CozyHorse has made these snuggly snoods for dogs. They have snoods available in several sizes and colors so that you can choose the one that best fits your pup’s personality and build. They have a variety of polar fleece patterns that will keep your dog’s throat, head and ears warm when he is outside. You can even find a selection of hand knit sweaters that will help your canine stay cozy in style. $19-$50. BUY.


Bowtie Collars - Adorable Bowtie-Shaped Collars for Your Dog

Bowtie Collars by Martini. Style and class make their appearance known with these bowtie collars individually crafted nowhere else other than Martini workshops in California. Each of these modern collars are designed using premium leathers and include nickel hardware on the clasp, which is rust resistant making the collars lifespan that much longer. These classic collars come in all shapes and sizes as well as styles so you will be sure to find a bowtie that matching the occasion appropriately or just for everyday wear. Martini bowtie collars are handcrafted and accurately inspected to ensure the creation of a higher quality collar your dog deserves! $70. BUY.


Gucci Dog Baseball Hat - Ultra Luxury Fashion for Dogs by Italian Fashion House

Gucci Dog Baseball Hat. An Italian made luxury style Gucci dog baseball hat is the only way to truly add class to your dog! This stylish dog baseball hat bares the signature style of Gucci in every way possible including the beige and ebony GG symbol ridden canvas and the truly unique red between green straps, which are fully adjustable. This luxury dog baseball hat also includes premium brown leather straps that lead down to the adjustable grosgrain ribbon strap that bears the red and green Gucci signature. $195. BUY.


Ski Parka - Designer Winter Pet Coat for Your Stylish Dog, Hood with Faux Fur

Ski Parka Dog Coat by FouFou Dog. Offering both style and warmth, the ski parka designer dog coat by FouFou dog has plenty to offer your favorite pooch no matter the size. It has a stylish look full of modern fashion and features a shiny outer material along with a reflective safety strip around the neck of the dog coat. The stylish ski parka dog coat is also reversible for added fashion and the overall construction is quilted to better ensure warmth and comfort all in one fabulous dog coat. $32-$46. BUY.


SF Umbrella Co - Cute and Colorful Dog Print Umbrella - Variety of Breed Silhouettes

Silhouette Pet Umbrellas. Walk your pet with fashion and style while remaining classy and adding luxury to your every day errands with a silhouette designer umbrella by the San Francisco Umbrella Company. They are guaranteed to be made of the highest quality materials including stainless steel sticks that are both durable and stylish while the umbrella material itself is supported by fiberglass ribs made to resist damage from winds and other damage caused by use over time. It has a 48 inch arcing canopy that will ensure you stay dry when in use and features a variety of modern silhouettes of your favorite breed of dog or cat. $40. BUY.


Petego Dogrich Jacket - Winter Coat Parka with Fur Hood

Italian Winter Dog Coat
. Designed with ultimate luxury and style this winter dog coat will keep your pet warm and cozy while turning the heads of people and other pets everywhere. It features a stylish design with plenty of fashion in the look and it even has a detachable fleece undercoat for easy cleaning. Additionally, this luxury dog coat has an area made to hold the collar and reflective ribbons to increase safety when the dog is in dimly lit areas. It was designed with fashion and comfort in mind by stylish Petego Dogrich so there are no short comings with this fashionable winter dog coat. $32 - $84. BUY.


Kurgo Dog Lifejacket - Sporty Dog Flotation Device

Kurgo Dog Lifejacket. We are always fans of the marriage of stylish form and practical function in the design of pet products, so it is a given that Kurgo's new dog lifejacket would catch our eye. The dog flotation device is removable so you can use it as a raincoat and because of the stylish design and insulation that the flotation device provides, you can also use it as a cold weather coat as well. It also has two handles to assist in water activities. Overall a fun product for outdoors use. $40 - $70. BUY.


Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket - Life Preserver Flotation Device for Dogs

Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket. Many pets love to swim but being a cautious owner, it can make you wonder if your dog is safe in the water.  The Kyjen Pet Saver Life Vest is a great way to allow your dog to enjoy the water and stay safe.  Available in sizes XXS to X-Large and equipped with adjustable straps, this dog life preserver is sure to be the perfect fit for your pup!  For easy visibility the vest is available in bright orange and a top handle for portability. $12-$27. BUY.


Ralph Lauren for the Pup - Striped Dog Polo

Pierced Stripe Dog Polo by Ralph Lauren. Keep the pooch stylin' with fresh and fashionable dog apparel by Ralph Lauren. Featuring bright colors perfect for the season, this luxury cotton mesh polo shirt will be sure to attract a lot of attention to you and your cute pooch. It has an embroidered pony logo that is signature of Ralph Lauren and is designed especially to fit your dog's canine body. The bottom hem is shaped to fit the rump better and there is a hole in the back for the leash to go through. This is a definite must for the modern and hip dog. $40. BUY.


Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Dog Collars - Earth Friendly Hemp Dog Collars

Comfort is truly key when it comes to your dog and a collar that he or she will wear full time, Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collars come in a range of colors and sizes that will match any canine personality and style.  The collars are made of organic hemp that is lined with a soft material to maximize comfort.  Keep your dog looking good and earth friendly with these quality made collars.  The easy open latches make placing them on and taking them off a breeze. $19. BUY.


Wander Pack Dog Backpack - Great Looking and Cool

Wander Pack Dog Backpack by Kurgo. Are you still carrying the doggie bags? Are you holding your keys and cell phone because your pockets are full of dog treats? Well, now you can let your dogs carry their own luggage with this Wander Pack Dog Backpack. With adjustable straps, the backpack is like a dog harness with zippered storage compartments. It has a saddlebag on each side so you can also pack some snacks, water dispenser, bowl and food, etc. Not only is it very practical, it also adds a nice sporty element to your dog. $30.


Purple Striped Dog Collar and Leash - Cute Dog Collar and Leash for Spring Outings

Purple Striped Dog Collar and Leash. Spring is about to be here soon and this collar and leash set would make a perfect dog dressed for the seasons. The cute yet sophisticated patterns bring a splash of color to your pet. Featuring stripes of different shades of purple, the American made collar and leash is a cute and affordable dog accesory set. $11.99 and $11.99.


Thundershirt - Natural Dog Anxiety Treatment

The Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Jacket calms your dog by applying a gentle, constant pressure. Originally designed to naturally relax your dog friend during thunderstorms and fireworks, it turns out that it also aids in traveling and training by helping your dog focus better. Cool Pet Products is always fans of natural pet products and this one does it well. $36-$41.


Brown and Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar - Cute Dog Collar

Polka Dot Dog Collar. A high-quality nylon collar is a necessity for any dog but in this day and age, the dog collar has become an accessory as well. Keep your dog stylish with this fashionable and affordable polka-dot dog collar. The blue and brown polka-dot theme is a cute and fun, yet sophisticated look that would complete a great spring ensemble. $12.99.


Merino Wool Dog Sweater - Upscale Fashion for Your Dog

Dog Merino Wool Sweater. Toss away that itchy dog sweater and replace it with this luxurious and stylish sweater by Wag Wear. The Merino Sweater is hand knit from the finest Italian merino wool.  The sweater will keep any dog nice and warm but also in style.  The sweater is available in four different colors, Green Melange, Orange Melange and Pink with Green or Midnight Navy with Gray. $80-$100.


Aussie Dog Backpack by ABO Gear

Aussie Dog Backpack. Notice how you never have enough hands to carry things when you walk your dog?  There’s no need to worry about carrying water, food, cell phone or anything anymore!  With ABO Gear Aussie Dog Backpack, your dog can be your extra set of hands.  Working dog breeds are known to enjoy “working.”  Allowing them to carry things is what they were originally bred to do.  This backpack is best suited for dogs between 50 and 80 pounds.  With its lightweight, breathable cotton, your dog will stay cool.  For added convenience, this backpack can be machine washed! $50. BUY.