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For Gimli Dog Den - Modern, Stylish Eco-Friendly Dog House, Custom Colors and Pillows Available

For Gimli Dog Den. If traditional crates seem a little too confined, harsh and boring for your pup, then take a look at the For Gimli Dog Den. This is an eco-friendly den that is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. It is crafted from sustainably-harvested walnut, and the finish is 100% natural so that your beloved canine is not exposed to toxic chemicals. The design is based on traditional teepees and pyramids, and you can order a walnut locking door to secure your dog when necessary. You can also choose to buy a dog bed that is handmade using organic cotton filling. Your dog will be able to rest comfortably, and you will be able to enjoy the modern design and the environmentally-friendly construction. $1050-$1400. BUY. via Dog-Milk.

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Bespoke Dog Crates - Ultra Luxury Dog Crates for a Stylish Home

Bespoke Dog Crates. There is no need for your pet to be cooped up in an unfashionable and cramped crate. These designer crates will give your pet the style and comfort he needs while keeping him safely secured. Customers can choose from two stylish designs so that their pets can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable crate. Each crate is made of marine-grade polymer, which is very durable and softly textured. The beautiful patterns in the crate allow pets to see the world around them so that they do not feel isolated or alone, and there are multiple sizes to choose from. $539-$1299. BUY.

Editor's Note: Be sure to visit our Stylish Dog Crates and Covers Buying Guide.


Pet Product Buying Guide - Designer Dog Crates and Stylish Dog Crate Covers

Buying Guide: Stylish Dog Crates. A dog crate is not only your dog's furniture but also inevitably becomes part of your decor. Because the dog crate is a necessity in any healthy dog's life, we understand the need for a stylish dog crate to mesh with your design tastes. From modern and contemporary dog crates to more traditional ones, from standard to luxury, we have collected some of the best looking and stylish dog crates. Some of them are unique twists and some are covers for your existing dog crate. Read more...


Niche Kakon Kennel - Sleek Contemporary Designer Dog House

Niche Kakon Kennel. A unique way to offer housing and a bedding area for your favorite cat or small dog is the Kakon kennel. It is both modern and fashionable so it will look perfect in any home setting but many are very happy with the planter included at the top of the kennel. This planter can house just about any plant or live greenery you might have in mind in order to give the kennel a better appearance for your home. It also features a pullout drawer in the back for easy cleaning and a soft cushion for the inside of the pet house for ultimate comfort. $300. BUY.


Pet Tube - Round Tube-Style Pet Carrier and Kennel

The Pet Tube is an ingenious and stylish solution to traveling safely with your pet. It comes in both large and small sizes to accommodate animals of all sizes, which also helps with safety appeal. It is very strong and lightweight so you get the best of both worlds including style and safety. The ‘tube’ shape will allow your pet to move freely while the entire Pet Tube attaches easily to any car’s seat securely, which will ensure your pet stays out of harm’s way throughout the entire trip. $75 - $140. BUY.


Classic Dog Crate Bed - Fleece Bed for Your Dog's Crate

Crates and carriers can be uncomfortable for pets.  With the Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed, your pet can rest quietly on their bed covered with ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin or fur.  Designed to keep your pet snuggly and warm in the winter but cool in the summer.  Perfect for pets that weigh between 41 and 71 pounds.  With a base made of cotton and polyester-filled bolsters, your pet will think it is their very own mattress. BUY.


Portable Soft Crate - Steel Frame, Outer Shell is Washable

Firstrax Port-A-Crate Pet Home. The Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home is a special home for the smaller of the furry species.  The crate is built with a sturdy steel frame.  The outer shell is removable and washable.  It also has rounded corners to protect your walls and furniture from dings.  The Port-A-Crate can be folded up for easy storage or travel. $20-$84.


West Paw Nature Nap Dog Mat - Colorful and Stylish Dog Crate Mats - Earth-Friendly Materials

Every pet needs a comfortable place to curl up at night and West Paw Nature Nap Dog Mat is perfect for a short nap or overnight, dream filled sleep.  The perfect size for larger dogs over 50 pounds, this mat is stuffed with fifty percent recycled fiber fill.  The design and colors will mesh well with even the most modern décor.  The rectangular design allows for your four legged friend to travel with his bed in a crate or nap in the corner with ease.  Choose your favorite color today. BUY.


Richell Wood Mobile Pet Pen - Stylish Dog Crate with Wheels and Removable Trays

Richell Wood Mobile Pet Pen is the perfect solution to looking modern while keeping your pet safe at home or on the move.  The 38 pound Pet Pen has the added security of slide locking system doors on the top and base which means your pet will not escape when he or she is not supposed to.  A washable tray offers an easy cleaning solution and this pen is roomy enough for most small to medium size animals.  The best part is the removable casters that can be locked or released for easy movement from place to place. BUY.


Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen - Outdoor Playing Enclosure for All Types of Pets

When a fenced in yard or nearby park is not available a pen can offer your dog a place to run and play in the outdoors.  The Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen is 24’’ wide and 30’’ high and offers your pup a place to break loose and play.  Allow your indoor friend to enjoy the great outdoors without a least with this pen.  The easy to assemble pen is sturdy enough to withstand a playful puppy or lazy older dog.  Folding flat allows for easy storage of the large unit.  All pet types can benefit from the no tools required pen that opens up the great outdoors. BUY.