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Keep Calm and Walk Your Dog - Avant Garde Retractable Leash

Avant Garde Matte Retractable Leash. 26 Bars and a Band has released several popular retractable leashes with designs such as the Paul Frank monkey. Their newest series is Matte which sports contemporary stylings and sharp color combinations. Featured here is the dog perspective of the classic British propoganda poster, "Keep Calm and Carry On." Our other favorite is, "Home is Where the Dog Is." With a 36 month warranty on all Avant Garde leashes, we think this is a great buy.  $29. BUY.


Paul Frank Dog Collar - Cute Designer Dog Collar with Heart Pattern

Love Triangle Dog Collar by Paul Frank. Accessorize your pet with the Paul Frank Dog Collar.  “Love Triangle” is a great new pattern from the Paul Frank Collection that has the fun print on both sides of the collar.  The durable single ply nylon is double stitched so that it can stand even the roughest use.  With sizes available in small, medium and large, you can be sure that there is one that will fit your pet.  Collar includes the metal ring to attach your dog’s nametag or other Paul Frank accessories. $29. BUY.


Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Dog Collars - Earth Friendly Hemp Dog Collars

Comfort is truly key when it comes to your dog and a collar that he or she will wear full time, Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collars come in a range of colors and sizes that will match any canine personality and style.  The collars are made of organic hemp that is lined with a soft material to maximize comfort.  Keep your dog looking good and earth friendly with these quality made collars.  The easy open latches make placing them on and taking them off a breeze. $19. BUY.


Planet Dog Natural Hemp Dog Leash - Earth Friendly Dog Accessories

Walking your dog is the natural thing to do so why not also make it earth friendly.  The five foot long Planet Dog Natural Hemp Leash is the perfect way to be organic and pet conscious.  Walk your dog in style when you buy this beautiful apple green leash with an easy open clasp.  The leash has a strong, sturdy design that will be safe for a dog of any size and ability.  Clip it on and hit the trails or go for a simple walk around the block. BUY.


Bow Wow Meow Design Your Own Collar - Dog Collar for You to Draw On

Bow Wow Meow Design Your Own Collar. A customizable collar is perfect for your one-of-a-kind pet. You can decorate the dog collar with your pet's name, drawings, or some Warhol-inspired artwork as shown above. The collar comes blank along with four permanent fabric markers. This would make a fun and entertaining activity for a dog birthday party! $16. BUY.


Brown Canvas Collar by Found My Animal - Dog Collar Designed for Adopted Pets

Brown Waxed Canvas Dog Collar by Found My Animal. Made from 100% reclaimed and recycled materials, this very stylish dog collar is a great natural looking accessory for a very down-to-earth look. It's available in four different sizes changing gradually in both length and width. The Found My Animal company focuses on dog collars for adopted pets, hence the humble, yet dapper style. $42-$50.


Flexi Glam

Flexi Glam. Dog owners that are bored of the same old retractable leashes can now splurge on a decorative Flexi instead. This ornate Flexi leash provides elegant style along with the high quality you'd expect from the inventors of the retractable leash. Available in white, pink or black, each designer retractable leash is decorated with Swarovski crystals by hand for precise craftsmanship. $160.


Bark 4 Beer - Dog Collar with Detachable Beer Bottle Opener

Bark 4 Beer Dog Collar. Spring time is near and it means two things - time with your dog and barbecues. Now your best friend can be your best drinking buddy, as well, with this nifty dog collar with a beer bottle opener attached to it. Made with recycled woven nylon and rust free metal on the bottle opener, this collar will last many outings you may not remember. $20.


Rustic Photo Frame Leash Hook - Designer Leash Hook with a Picture Frame

Pet Lovers Rustic Photo Frame Leash Hook. Cute picture frame with a leash hook as well. Of course we are going to love the form and function of this great addition to any home's entrance. It is a convenient way to store the leash and the second hook can be used for a leash coupler or a doggie bag holder. $20.


Purple Striped Dog Collar and Leash - Cute Dog Collar and Leash for Spring Outings

Purple Striped Dog Collar and Leash. Spring is about to be here soon and this collar and leash set would make a perfect dog dressed for the seasons. The cute yet sophisticated patterns bring a splash of color to your pet. Featuring stripes of different shades of purple, the American made collar and leash is a cute and affordable dog accesory set. $11.99 and $11.99.


Puppy Tweets - Dog Tag That Sends Tweets

Puppy Tweets. Mattel's latest pet gadget, the Puppy Tweets, is perfect for a dog lover and Twitter fanatic. It is pre-loaded with over 500 phrases and whenever your dog moves, barks or naps, the dog tag sends a Tweet via Twitter. It comes with a USB receiver. An example Tweet would be, if your dog barks, it will say, "I bark because I miss you. There I said it. Now hurry home." That is pretty cute. Though not as accurate as you would wish, it is a pretty nifty toy. $14.


Handmade Hemp Dog Collar - Luck of the Irish Shamrocks

Luck of the Irish Handmade Dog Collar. We found this to be perfect for the upcoming holiday. This hemp collar is handmade by Collars With Color. Hemp is one of the fastest growing and most renewable resources and lasts as long or longer than most textiles due to its durability and resistance to mold. And unlike cotton, hemp can be grown without the use of pesticides of herbicides. Collars With Color also offsets everything they produce through, a company that allows you to erase your carbon footprint. $18.


Brown and Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar - Cute Dog Collar

Polka Dot Dog Collar. A high-quality nylon collar is a necessity for any dog but in this day and age, the dog collar has become an accessory as well. Keep your dog stylish with this fashionable and affordable polka-dot dog collar. The blue and brown polka-dot theme is a cute and fun, yet sophisticated look that would complete a great spring ensemble. $12.99.


Retractable Leash with Built-In Doggy Bag Dispenser by Bags on Board

Retractable Leash with Doggy Bag Dispenser. Now you can have the convenience of a retractable leash and also of having doggy bags always "on hand"...literally. This new product introduced by the Bags on Board company has a refillable doggy bag dispenser that allows you just grab the leash and your ready to walk Fido. The doggy bags are biodegradable and the pack also includes a 48-bag starter kit. $20.


Pet MicroID Card Stores Dog Information onto USB Collar Tag for PC or MAC

The PetSafe Pet Micro ID can make any owner breathe easier. All of your cat’s information is stored right in a USB flash drive inside the lightweight collar.  Collar comes with a program that shows you step by step how to enter your pet’s personal information.  You can use the software with either Microsoft or Macintosh.  The collar fits necks up to 12 inches. $14-$30.


Planet Dog Zip Lead - Innovative Retractable Dog Leash - Compact and Modern Design

Planet Dog Zip Lead is an innovative retractable dog leash that has a modern look.  Not as bulky as other retractable leashes, this leash is award winning.  The strong sleek design can handle dogs up to 100 pounds and can easily fit into a pocket when not being used.  The leash is six feet of reflective webbing complete with a wrist strap and easy release clasp.  This leash is perfect for most dog breeds and offers and easy solution to long tangled leashes of the past. BUY.


Blue/Brown Jester Dog Collar - Blue and Brown Diamond Print Dog Fashion Collar and Leash Combo

The fashion forward dog needs a modern look in accessories and the most important accessory is, of course, the collar.  The Blue with Brown Jester Dog Collar offers a very handsome look for the dog on the move.  The blue/brown combination is perfect for male or female. The adjustable collar ranges from 18-28 inches with an easy release latch and ring for leash attachment.  Purchase this collar to keep your dog looking sleek and ready to go out on the town. $12+12. BUY.


Moss Green and White Polka Dot Dog Collar and Leash - Stylish and Fashionable Dog Accessory

Even puppies like to look cute when heading out on the town or hanging out at home.  The Moss and White Polka Dot Dog Collar offers just that opportunity.  The collar easily adjusts between 13 and 20 inches, comes equipped with an easy open latch and ring for easy leash attachment.  The design is simple with a modern twist as polka dots are making a comeback, even in dog wear accessories.  Buy one for your pampered pooch today. $12 + $12. BUY.

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