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Drinkwell Hy-Drate - Turn an Ordinary Water Bowl Into a Water Fountain with this Pump

Drinkwell Hy-Drate. Pets need clear, clean drinking water in order to stay healthy and hydrated. The Drinkwell filters are designed to move and filter water so that cats are encouraged to drink more of it. The system fits in most pet bowls, and it circulates water quietly so that it simulates the sounds of water in nature. This tempts cats to drink more water so that they are less likely to get dehydrated and suffer from urinary tract infections. It is dishwasher safe, and it has an adjustable flow control so that you can set it to match your pet’s needs. $22. BUY. via

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Green Interactive Slow Feeder - Dishwasher Safe, Prevents Gulping Food and Bloat

Green Interactive Slow Feeder. When pets eat meals too quickly, they can vomit, belch or suffer from gas. You can prevent their discomfort with the Green Interactive Feeder. This affordable feeder is designed to simulate tufts of grass, which is a dog’s natural eating environment, and the structure has a modern and contemporary appearance that will look attractive in your home. After you pour pet food into the feeder, your dog will have to push the food out from between the blades of grass, which will slow his eating time so that he is less likely to suffer from indigestion. $30-$35. BUY.

Elevated Storage Feeder with Bowls - Food Storage Container and Double Diner in One

Elevated Storage Feeder with Bowls. Airtight and made to store food this modern, new age elevated storage feeder is a great solution for dog owners everywhere. It can hold up to 46 cups of your pet’s preferred dry food or even play house to rawhides and treats all while keeping them fresh for very long periods of time due to the airtight design. It includes 2 stainless steel feeding dishes that are very easy to clean and can hold up to one quart of food, treats or similar. $25-$40. BUY.


Popware Travel Cup - Colorful Collapsible Travel Bowl Attaches to Leash

Pet Collapsible Travel Cup. Popware isn’t only for people to enjoy anymore! This modern take on a well known human product is a wonderful way to ensure your pet has a refreshing way to rehydrate. No matter where you may be or what you may be doing this modern collapsible travel cup, which comes with a bottle holder, will serve your pet with the perfect way to enjoy a drink at any given time. It is resistant to microbes, dishwasher safe and features a clip to easily attach the stylish travel cup to any backpack or belt loop. $10. BUY.


SleepyPod Food Bowls - Cute Colors, Practical Design, BPA-Free Pet Bowls

SleepyPod Food Bowl Set. True to being part of the modern pet product world, the SleepyPod food bowl set allows for transporting and storing your pets many foods and water all in a single handy, stylish design. This modern food bowl set has 3 unique bowls that were constructed to be leak-free with proper use and spill resistant. The entire SleepyPod food bowl set is BPA-free and FDA food grade so it is safe for anyone or any pet coming into contact with it. They are microwave, dishwasher and even freezer safe so you won’t have much to worry about except remembering to bring them with you everywhere you go. $30. BUY.


Studio Table Pet Feeder - Provide Your Dog an Elegant Dining Experience

Studio Table by Unleashed Life. Elegance and modern style are incorporated into this ultimate luxury pet feeder. The stand is crafted from pickled ash wood to give it a contemporary yet antique feel and matches perfectly with the white solid granite top allowing it to match modern and classic home decor. Comes with two stainless steel bowls as well. $275.


Heated Pet Bowl Keeps Water From Freezing Outside

Don’t forget about your furry friend this winter!  During the long cold months, outdoor pets need more help than those inside.  The air is cold and even when in a garage or shed, their water bowls can freeze.  The Allied Plastic Heated Water Bowl prevents this from happening.  This bowl is the perfect size for small to medium dogs and cats.  With a built in thermostat, it ensures that your pet will always have an ice-free bowl of water.  The cord chew protector keeps your pet safe from the cord.  Feel safe knowing that the water bowl is protected by a one year guarantee for any workmanship defects. $19. BUY.


Colorful Dog Bowls with Disposable Liners

Bamboo Feed N Toss Dog Bowl. One of every dog or cats favorite pastime is licking the bowl clean. Now you can provide a clean bacteria-free bowl everytime for your pet. The base gives it support and makes it skid-free to keep the kitchen clean as well. A great convenience for any dog or cat owner. $5.


Provide Your Dog with Fresh Water with this Dog Water Fountain with Filter

The Ergo Systems Electronic Auto Pet Waterer allows your pet fresh clean water 24 hours a day.  So if you are at work or play, your dog can still keep hydrated.  A filter system filters out small or large particles in the water to keep it clean.  The water bottle has two handles to make it easier to fill and carry for home or travel.  $110.


Brake-Fast Dog Bowls - Prevents Your Dog From Eating Too Fast

Brake-Fast Dog Bowls. Does your dog eat too fast? Are you looking for a way to prevent your dog from choking while eating? Many dogs get excited when it comes to food - its a natural instinct being dogs are pack animals. Brake-Fast dog food bowls are designed to help your dog slow down while eating. Everything about this dog food bowl is designed to help your dog take his time while eating. It even slides to make it harder for them to eat and forces them to take even more time. Available in an assortment of colors and sizes. $15-$19.


Dog Tucker Traveler - Collapsible Food Storage Container, Travel Food and Water Bowl

The Dog Tucker Traveler is the perfect solution for traveling with your pet.  The easily cleaned red bag can hold up to fifteen pounds of food and is equipped with collapsible food and water bowls.  The easy clean, quick drying bowls fold up and fit into the larger food bag.  The sleek modern look makes the bag a perfect accessory for the pet owner on the go.  There is even a side pocket that will hold a water bottle for easy water storage.  This is the perfect addition for the traveler or camper with a pet. BUY.


Stainless Steel Spill-Proof Dog Water Bowl - Stylish No Spill Dog Bowl

The IndiPets Stainless Steel Spill Proof Splash Free No Tip Anti-Skid Dish with easy pick up grip handle is the perfect dish for your pet’s water. This pet product is uniquely designed to be splash free and spill proof dish is virtually mess free as you water your pet. It is durable, scratch resistant and very easy to clean.  This product is a must-have for large breed dogs, cats that move the bowl a lot, as well as families who delegate filling the water bowl to children. BUY.


Popware for Pets Collapsible Pet Feeder - Portable Elevated Pet Feeder is Perfect for Traveling

The Popware for Pets Collapsible Pet Feeder is a new and unique pet product that is convenient for use on the go or at home. This product is unique because you can remove both portable feeding bowls for easy cleaning and storage. The entire system collapses to 1.5” making this dish easy to carry and store in your vehicle or travel bag so that you have this pet product on hand wherever you go. The feeder is completely dishwasher safe and is appropriate for water and food. The ability to take along your feeder in a compact package makes traveling with your pet easier and more pleasureable. BUY.