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Mysterious Kuddle Kup - Cat Bed that Attracts Hair

Love your cat but not their fur?  The Mysterious Kuddle Kup Cat Bed is a bed designed to keep your cat comfortable but trap their fur and dander at the same time.  Designed to protect your furniture, the secret behind this great design is the electrostatically charged polyester fibers.  The Kuddle Kup functions not only as a bed but transforms into a play tunnel as well.  This bed is manufactured in the United States and is made of 100% recycled materials. $15. BUY.


Pez Treat Dispenser for Dogs - Unique and Cute Gift for Dog Owners

Pez Dog Treat Dispenser. Treat your pet to a treat.  The PEZ Pet Treat Dispenser is a modern take on everyone’s favorite snack, PEZ.  This giant collectible dispenser has a beagle head on top that dispenses an all natural, real meat flavored treat.  Each package of treats contains six treats that can easily be refilled.  The PEZ dispenser even comes with an extra treat package.  The PEZ dispenser is also available with a grinning hound head.  You enjoyed PEZ growing up; now let your pet have the same experience. $12. BUY.


How to Create a Cake for Your Dog - Bone-Shaped Cake Pan

Bone-Shaped Cake Pan. Treat yourself or your pet to a special treat.  With the Bone Shaped Non-Stick Cake pan you can make delicious cakes in the shape of a bone!  The non-stick pan makes baking cakes simple and with very little clean up, there will be time for you to make more cakes!  The pan measures 9.25” in long, 6.25” wide and 1.5” deep.  This fun, new shape is perfect for a pet or pet lover’s pet themed birthday. $18. BUY.

Also pictured are the bone-shaped muffin pan and the bone-shaped ice cube tray.


Cool Stylish Pet Feeder - Adjustable Elevated Feeder

Get a dog bowl that will grow with your pet.  The Bergan Elevated Feeder comes complete with two- quart size stainless steel bowls that are easy to clean after use.  This modern design has removable legs making it perfect for any size dog.  Remove the legs for puppies or smaller breed dogs or leave it elevated for larger dogs to help their digestion.  It is also recommended for pets with joint problems.  The sturdy build will ensure that your pet’s food and water are securely in place. $30. BUY.


Pet Bookcase Climber - Cat House That is Also a Bookcase Shelf

Places for your cat to play and sleep don’t have to look hideous.  The Pet Bookcase Climber gives your cats a place just for them that looks like a piece of furniture!  With several spots for your cat to lounge, it is perfect for a multiple cat household.  Underneath are two large compartments.  The double doors can be used as storage while the other side with the door can be used to hide your pet’s litter box. $329. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

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Modern Style Fish Tank with High-Tech Filtration

Aquariums can be beautiful, but most times people only get one view of them.  Get a better look with the Hagen Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit provides high definition viewing from every angle including the top!  The sleek design allows for a more modern look than the traditional tank.  All wiring for the aquarium is hidden including the three stage filtration system and lighting.  With easy assembly, it can be setup in only a few minutes! $110. BUY.


How to Toilet Train Your Cat - CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit. Say no to litter boxes!  With constant use from your cat, litter boxes become unsanitary, bad smelling objects that can prevent you from using the room it’s in.  With the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit, you can teach your cat to use the toilet bowl and eliminate the need for a litter box. Teaching your cat to flush might be a bit more challenging.  The training kit is perfect for cats over three months and can attach to any shape and size toilet.  Forget the mess and cleanup of your old litter box and start saving money by not having to buy kitty litter. $27. BUY.


Introducing the Popware Portable, Foldable, Adjustable Elevated Pet Feeder. Whew.

With its trendy yet practical design, the Popware Adjustable Feeder is the perfect feeder for your pet.  Because the height can be adjusted, it can adapt for pets of any size!  Its collapsible height of just 1.5” allows it can be stored almost anywhere and can be easily packed away in storage.  Complete with removable dishwasher safe bowls, this feeder is simple to clean.  The sturdy design can hold up to 20 ounces of food and 2 ½ cups of water! $40. BUY.


Pet Stages Heartbeat Pillow - Heartbeat Sound to Comfort Anxious Puppy or Dog

Petstages Heartbeat Pillow. Help comfort your new puppy when you are not there to.  The Petstages Heartbeat Pillow is designed to let your new puppy think that it is a real heartbeat, decreasing their anxiety of being in a new place.  The soft, comfortable fleece of the pillow will make your puppy want to snuggle.  Turn on the heartbeat whenever you desire and it will last for five minutes.  The sound will help your puppy fall sleep and ease them into their new environment. $12.99. BUY.


Bone-Shaped Spa Basket for Dogs - All-Natural Spa Kit Lets You Pamper Your Dog

Bone-Shaped Spa Basket for Dogs. Long gone are the days of simple pet grooming. Enter the age of pet spa treatment. Your dog deserves being pampered and this super cute Spa Basket is perfect for the job. Made with all-natural products and organic oils to provide aromatherapy for your dog and acts as a natural flea repellant. Kit includes shampoo and conditioner, shea butter paw rub, a bathing sponge and an in-between bath spritz so you can freshen your dog up conveniently. $40. BUY.


Freezy Pups Kit - Make Your Own Frozen Dog Treats

The Freezy Pups Kit contains a bone-shaped ice cube tray and a variety of four recipe packs. Each recipe pack is a different flavor and contains all organic ingredients. You just mix it with water, pour into the ice cube tray and freeze it. While there are many frozen treats available on the market, this is the first type of dog treat that you freeze yourself in this manner. This makes it a very cool and innovative new pet product. $20.


Bow Wow Meow Design Your Own Collar - Dog Collar for You to Draw On

Bow Wow Meow Design Your Own Collar. A customizable collar is perfect for your one-of-a-kind pet. You can decorate the dog collar with your pet's name, drawings, or some Warhol-inspired artwork as shown above. The collar comes blank along with four permanent fabric markers. This would make a fun and entertaining activity for a dog birthday party! $16. BUY.


Happy Hamster - Recipe Book for Your Hamster with Cute Pictures

Happy Hamster. A culinary cookbook for your pet hamster, the recipes contained use fresh ingredients to create everyday favorites, such as tacos and hot dogs, to grand presentations like Thanksgiving dinner. Not only is this book very educational and entertaining, it is also filled with cute illustrations and photographs. Of course it is, because the author, Mathijs van der Paauw, was made famous by having his pictures featured on multiple times. He also has another interesting website,, where he tracks the distance his pet hamster, Lucy, runs on her wheel. Last we checked, it was at about 375,000 meters which is a little over 230 miles! You will definitely want to order a few copies to offer as gifts because this book is just that cute. $10.


DogFace Green Army Men Dog Toy by Doca Pet

Doca Pet DogFace. We always love another way to bring some retro into our home, and these army men dog toys are another perfect excuse to do just that. Each soldier stands 7 inches tall and is made with a peanut butter scent infused natural rubber so its green in many ways. Great attention to detail and an overall whimsical appeal makes this cool dog toy a great gift to any dog lover. $16.


FrolicCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy for Cats - Modern Cat Toy is a Robo-Laser Cat Toy

FrolicCat BOLT. A cat toy from the future! This modern cat toy has a laser and randomly generates laser patterns or you can manually toggle between different patterns. We've seen laser cat toys but this laser toy is pretty advanced. The laser can be adjusted to point in different directions so you can aim the laser at the wall or floor for your cat to enjoy. $12.


Cooper, the Cat Photographer

Cat Cam: The World of Cooper the Photographer Cat. Featured on network television show "Must Love Cats", Cooper the cat just may well be the first world famous animal photographer. Wearing a custom made, ultra-light collar cam that snaps a picture every 2 minutes. These photos have become so popular around the web and he is a local celebrity as well. Along with successful gallery openings, tv spotlights and multiple newspaper and magazine articles written about him, he now has his own book, a collection of his photos. A portion of the proceeds are donated to PAWS: Progressive Animal Welfare Society. $20.


Eyenimal Video Camera - Collar Digital Camcorder for Your Pet

Dogtek Eyenimal Collar Video Camera. Now you can see what your pet sees. Did you ever wonder where your cat journeys or what your dog does while you're away? With its ultralight construction and 8 gigabytes of flash memory, this high-tech pet product is both innovative and entertaining. $99.

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Pet's Eye View Camera - Collar Camera for Your Cat

Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View Camera. Uncle Milton is a well-known company that made ant farms back in the day and here is a new and very entertaining toy that will answer all those questions you had about your pet's day to day activities. You can set the interval of time in between pictures. With a 640x480 resolution, you can expect webcam quality images, but it will still show you what your pet is looking at. This would e great for a party you host. $32

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USB Powered Fish Tank - Filter, Light and Clock Powered by USB

USB Desktop Aquarium. While this may not be the most exquisite aquarium featured on Cool Pet Products, it is one of the niftiest. This fish tank is actually USB powered. Both the filter and the light can be powered by your computer. If you are looking for the perfect desktop aquarium, but you don't have an outlet to spare, then the USB Desktop Aquarium would make a nice addition to your workplace. It can also play a variety of tranquil nature sounds as well. Because of the small size, we would really only recommend this for a single fish. $35.


Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium - Fish Tank Furniture

The Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium would make a great addition to any living room by bringing a touch of luxury and aquatic life. This 28 gallon acrylic aquarium is illuminated from below and features a beveled glass top so it can actually be viewed from every angle. Now you can sit back, kick your fit up and enjoy a movie with the company of your fish. $499.