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Dog Toaster - Create Whimsical Dog Silhouettes Prints on Toast

Dog Toaster. If you suffer from the early morning blahs, then this two-slice toaster may help you look forward to waking up each day. This unusual toaster will turn your boring toast into fun food by toasting the silhouette of your favorite dog breed onto your bread. You can choose from breeds such as Chihuahuas, dachshunds, bulldogs, poodles, labs and more. If you love all things canine, then simply choose the toaster that will add the phrase “I Love My Dog” to your bread. With a fun toaster like this and a mug of hot coffee, you may not dread the sound of your alarm clock in the morning! $35. BUY.


iMac Pet Bed - Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed - Super Cute, Chic and Eco-Friendly

iMac Pet Bed. This upcycled Apple computer pet bed allows you to protect the environment while also providing your pet with a trendy and comfortable place to rest. The bed is made from an old Mac computer’s casing, and it features a washable slipcover and a plush cushion for your cat or dog to enjoy. The bed even sits on top of the computer’s speakers to prevent it from rocking. The entire bed has a sleek, fun and retro design that will add a unique flair to your home, and you will enjoy knowing that you are helping the environment by preventing the computer from being buried in a landfill. $129. BUY.

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Feed-Safe - Brilliant New Way to Keep Dogs from Eating Cat Food - Protect Smaller Pet's Food

Feed-Safe. You want all of your family members to get along, but your furry children may be just as prone to mealtime arguments as your human children. Larger pets often try to frighten away their smaller housemates in order to get more food, which can cause your home to be less than blissful. The Feed-Safe is a domed eating area that is designed to give small pets a safe place in which to eat. It features a sliding door that will give your small dog or cat access to the food, as well as a handy escape area in case the entrance is blocked by a watchful eye. You can also remove the lid in order to add food and water as necessary. It’s a great way to make mealtime in your home more enjoyable for everyone. $120. BUY.


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Kudose Pill Concealer - Unique, Economical Pill Concealer Lets You Use Your Own Recipes

Kudose Pill Concealer. If you are looking for a fun, economical and easier way to help your pet take their medicine, then you will definitely be interested in this rather innovative twist on the traditional pill concealer. This unique product may come in handy when your pet needs some “sugar” to help the medicine go down. They have several recipes for dog and cat treats that will entice your furry friend to chow down rather than nibbling around the pill that he needs. They even offer two treat sizes to accommodate the different sizes of pills on the market. $40. BUY.


PetChatz Video Phone - Wi-Fi Webcam Treat Dispenser - See and Talk to Your Dog or Cat While Away

PetChatz Video Phone. Does your pet suffer from anxiety when you are away from home? Do you miss your dog or cat when you’re at work? You can help him and yourself relax using the innovative PetChatz. This unique device makes it possible for you to interact with your pet in multiple ways even when you are separated. You plug it in and connect it to your wireless Internet connection so that you can talk to and view your pet throughout your absence. When you call him using your smartphone or computer, your dog will be able to see and hear you, and you can dispense special treats that will remind him of how much you love him. PetChatz is also beneficial for owners because you can see and interact with your pet at any time to give you peace of mind. $349. Preorder.

Nerf Dog Toys - From The Legendary Toy Brand - Super Durable Outdoor Dog Chew Toys

Nerf Pet Dog Toys. These Nerf dog toys are perfect for dog owners who want to keep their canines happy and healthy. Their innovative designs make it easy for dogs to catch, chew and squeak their way to contentment, and the toys give them incentive to exercise and play. There are several sizes of Nerf dog toys available so that even the smallest and largest dogs can have a toy to enjoy. There are also toys designed specifically for chewing, pulling and catching, which means that pet owners can find a durable toy that best suits their dogs’ preferences.  $11-$16. BUY.

Elevated Storage Feeder with Bowls - Food Storage Container and Double Diner in One

Elevated Storage Feeder with Bowls. Airtight and made to store food this modern, new age elevated storage feeder is a great solution for dog owners everywhere. It can hold up to 46 cups of your pet’s preferred dry food or even play house to rawhides and treats all while keeping them fresh for very long periods of time due to the airtight design. It includes 2 stainless steel feeding dishes that are very easy to clean and can hold up to one quart of food, treats or similar. $25-$40. BUY.


Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Dog Toys - Silent Squeak Toy That Only Your Dog Can Hear

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Toys. If you’re one of the many that are tired of hearing your dog’s squeaking toys then the Hear Doggy Ultrasonic play toys are just for you and your playful pooch! They feature many different animal designs from whales to skunks and have a very modern feel to them simply because of their unique ultrasonic sound feature. The ultrasonic sounds cannot be heard by human ears but they can be heard and enjoyed by your dog so they will be happy playing with them and you will be happy not hearing them all the time. Built with durability and playfulness in mind the Hear Doggy ultrasonic toys are the perfect solution to it all! $10-$13. BUY.


GPS Collar Attachment Tracks Your Dog's Activity and Location, Includes Smartphone App

Tagg-The Pet Tracker. This is a GPS pet locator system that is made to be simple to use and easy to apply. All you have to do is pop on the small, comfortable GPS locator hardware onto the dog’s harness, collar or similar dog apparel and ensure the locator is on. From there, all the owner has to do is access software from their computer or use ultra handy apps from Smartphones such as Androids and iPhones in order to track your dog’s whereabouts. There are hardly any limitations to this system and it is quite necessary for those taking pets on trips, when they are allowed to run free or just to track your pet’s day-to-day movement in order to monitor activity level. $99. BUY.


Modko Flip Litter Box - Modern Style Litter Box with Innovative Top Opening for Easy Clean

Modko Flip Litter Box. A litter box with a modern, clean approach with a contemporary feel has finally made it to the market. The Flip Litter Box is an extraordinary, minimalist constructed pet product sure to solve any litter tracking and cleanliness issues for cat lovers everywhere. It features a sleek, stylish litter box inside of a modern and simple yet diverse house with a flip lid that uses only one finger to open. The flipping of the lid will activate a scooping action so that every time you flip the lid you will be cleaning the litter: it’s as simple as that. $120. BUY.


Cat Crib Anywhere Hammock - Minimalistic Cat Bed Attaches to any Four-Legged Chair

Cat Crib Anywhere Hammock. Designed to be stylish and modern all at once, this cat crib was uniquely created to be simple and stylish in every aspect. This modern cat crib has four non-slipping straps that can be attached to just about any type of chair’s legs with no difficulty or confusion. It is contemporary and useful while remaining easy on the eyes especially when put to good use. Cats truly enjoy a snuggly place to hide and there’s no better solution than to strap this modern cat crib under a chair for the ultimate covert comfort any feline could wish for. $29. BUY.


SF Umbrella Co - Cute and Colorful Dog Print Umbrella - Variety of Breed Silhouettes

Silhouette Pet Umbrellas. Walk your pet with fashion and style while remaining classy and adding luxury to your every day errands with a silhouette designer umbrella by the San Francisco Umbrella Company. They are guaranteed to be made of the highest quality materials including stainless steel sticks that are both durable and stylish while the umbrella material itself is supported by fiberglass ribs made to resist damage from winds and other damage caused by use over time. It has a 48 inch arcing canopy that will ensure you stay dry when in use and features a variety of modern silhouettes of your favorite breed of dog or cat. $40. BUY.


Doggie Helmets - Protect Your Dog While Biking

Doggie Helmets. Safety is never is short supply when using one of these doggie helmets for a ride on a motorcycle or bike of any kind. Protecting your dog’s cranium with one of these stylish, modern dog helmets is a must have for any biking enthusiast because of the safety is offers the pet that is joining the ride. They are fully adjustable and come in various sizes to fit your dog’s head perfectly for increased safety and the best part is that they are made entirely of the same material used in construction hard hats, which is high impact polymer known for its strength and ability to save lives during such times of danger and impact. $34. BUY.

Editor's Note: Great to use with a pair of Doggles for the ultimate dog biker protection.


Self-Warming Pet Bed - Heats Itself Using Your Pet's Heat

Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed. This innovative lounge sleeper is the perfect addition to any pet’s life and any owner’s home. It is made of a material that has the ability to radiate the pet’s natural heat from the material back to the pet itself without having to use any means of electricity. The filling was designed to be eco-friendly by being made up of recycled plastic bottles and the bottom of the pet bed has a non-slip pad so the pet can enter and exit the lounger with ease. It is easily washed and cared for as well. $24. BUY.


Float-a-Pet - Emergency Flotation Collar for Pets

Float-a-Pet. Modern technology at its best lies right here with the Float-a-Pet safety collar. This collar prototype is like no other on the market today because of its intelligent design and ability to react all on its own when the time calls for it. Essentially, this modern pet collar serves as a night time pet locator because of the solar powered sensors that activate once a low light level has been reached, which turns on powerful yet subtle LED lights to see the pet. The Float-a-Pet features a CO2 cartridge and a humidity sensor, which activates once a large amount of humidity is reached and the CO2 will activate causing the collar to become a floatation device and the LEDs light your way towards the endangered pet. INFO.


Fresh Patch - Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

Disposable Dog Potty. A modern solution to any dog that is having a hard time potty training or if you are unable to take the dog out for bathroom trips is the disposable dog potty made with R.E.A.L. grass. R.E.A.L. grass is hydroponically grown and free of dirt, which promotes its clean qualities. It naturally attracts your dog to use it as a potty and has a specialized rooting system that will soak in odors and urine instantly upon use. This modern dog potty is a wonderful solution to a variety of scenarios and makes for a purely genius way of allowing your dog to be able to use the bathroom indoors with no mess to worry about and the best part is that it’s fully disposable. $24.99. BUY.

Editor's Note: The Fresh Patch system is more eco-friendly than traditional puppy pads and appeals to their natural instincts.


Teddy Tank - Fish Bowl Snuggled into a Teddy Bear

Teddy TankJust think how much your children will love to watch their new fish swim in their cuddly Teddy Tank! If you keep fish in the tummy bowl you will be glad to know that when you remove the inner tank for cleaning, you can wash Teddy as well. Kids will get a kick out of feeding fish through Teddy’s mouth. There are other uses for the bowl as well. Store jelly beans, colored rocks or marbles, pennies or peppermints. When you purchase the Teddy Tank you will get everything you need, except the fish! Set contains an 18-inch plush Teddy Bear, 10 second voice recorder to record a personal greeting, a one gallon bowl and an LED soft glow night light. You also get 8.8 ounces of acrylic gravel, Velcro bow, a plant you can use in the fish bowl and of course the fish net. $50. BUY.


Cat Scratch - DJ Turntable for Your Cat to "Scratch"

Cat Scratch. This cardboard cat scratcher by Suck UK would be the perfect gift for your hip-hop loving cat owner friend or a great addition to any cat's studio for that matter. Elaborate details and clever design make this a unique and humorous cardboard cat scratcher. Watch as your cat "scratches" the vinyl and play with the spinnable and posable tone-arm. Of course, for those who wish to be true to the genre of hip-hop must purchase two of them because, in hip-hop, turntables always come in 2's. $35. BUY.


Toilet Bowl Pet Waterer

Pet Toilet Bowl Water Bowl. This is one of the most unique pet waterers we have come across resulting in a rather humorous conversation piece. You can use any 2-Liter bottle as a reservoir making this waterer practical as well. We are sure there will be tons of videos and images of pets drinking from these circulating the Internet soon. $29. BUY.


Cat Litter Box with Air Filter - How to Keep Your Litter Box From Smelling

Litter boxes are an eye sore.  The new Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box is a modern take on the traditional litter box.  Don’t worry about odors anymore, the Bionaire Odor Grabber has a built in electronic air purifier to eliminate odors but works quietly enough to not disturb your cat.  Can be used with any kind of kitty litter!  Included with the little box are two filters that help to remove excess fur and dander. $60. BUY.