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Hibern8 Dog Bed by Petoji - Customizable with Bold Modern Designs

Petoji Hibern8 Dog BedWrapping up a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Petoji is creating hypoallergenic, super comfortable and easy to clean dog beds that are also customizable. The Hibern8 Dog Bed’s ‘Cloud 9’ filling has a higher loft weight ratio than conventional pet bed stuffing fibers. Betting on their technology, Petoji company is offering a very impressive five year ‘Fluffy Guarantee’! The bed itself is enveloped by the customizable cover in a patterned fabric of your choice; both the cover and the pillow itself are washable, which we at Cool Pet Products consider a necessary feature. A breathable, water resistant ‘Active Breathe Shield’ protective layer is also available for dogs who like to lounge around outside or relax on their bed after a bath. Available in four sizes, ranging from ‘mini’ through to ‘supreme’ and with hundreds of possible combinations of fabric patterns and piping colors (and more to come!), we are excited about the new ‘Hibern8’ dog bed. $100-$300. SUPPORT.

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Wake & Wag - Hands-On Review of this Amazing Dog Bed Using Military Technology

Wake & Wag Pet Bed. Read our hands-on review with this new dog bed which incorporates patented SKYDEX technology designed for and used by the US military. What can be cooler than that? This super-light dog bed promises to be a more durable alternative to traditional memory foam and is also easier to clean, stays cooler during hot weather and lighter and easier to manage.
You have to read the full review, we love this product! 

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Park Avenue - Luxury Dog Bed, Cute Bone-Shaped Design by Bowsers

Park Avenue. As a dog owner, you know that it is important to keep your dog nice and cozy when he sleeps. It is also important that you find a bed that fits in with your home’s décor, which is why Bowsers Pet Products has designed this hip and cute dog bed. It is bone-shaped and comes in black, grey, beige and off-white. You can also choose from washable microvelvet and microlinen fabrics in several patterns. The frame is lightweight and sturdy, and the design is fashionable and modern. The Park Avenue dog bed will give your pup a soft and comfortable place to sleep while adding style and flair to your home. $169-$199. BUY.

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Modern Bed by MaxPet - Luxury, Eco-Friendly Pet Furniture - Handmade Pet Bed Both Stylish and Durable

Modern Bed by MaxPet. If you are careful about choosing to use products that are humane and environmentally friendly, then you will be happy to know that you can find a pet bed that meets your eco-conscious requirements. MaxPet has designed modern dog and cat beds that are created with the health of the planet and the comfort of your pet in mind. The wooden bed frame is covered in fineline oak, ribbed walnut or chestnut, fineline wenge or bleached beech veneer. You can also choose a pillow that is made of either natural hemp or synthetic leather, and the back of the bed is plexiglass so that it is easy to clean. In addition to its eco-friendly materials, these beds have a sleek and modern design that will enhance your décor. $497-$1114. BUY.

Editor's Note: This design has received the prestigious European Gold Award, A'Design, in 2012. This is the worlds' largest design competition showcasing the best designs, design concepts and products & services. MORE INFO.

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iMac Pet Bed - Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed - Super Cute, Chic and Eco-Friendly

iMac Pet Bed. This upcycled Apple computer pet bed allows you to protect the environment while also providing your pet with a trendy and comfortable place to rest. The bed is made from an old Mac computer’s casing, and it features a washable slipcover and a plush cushion for your cat or dog to enjoy. The bed even sits on top of the computer’s speakers to prevent it from rocking. The entire bed has a sleek, fun and retro design that will add a unique flair to your home, and you will enjoy knowing that you are helping the environment by preventing the computer from being buried in a landfill. $129. BUY.

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Canopy Pet Lounge - High-End Modern Pet Bed with Eames-Designed Fabric Upholstery

Canopy Pet Lounge. This stylish canopy pet lounge has a mid century yet modern design that is sure to complement any home as well as any cat’s life. The modern canopy lounge is constructed using rare earth magnets within the cushion and the frame of the lounge that allows the cushion to remain securely attached but also easily removed for cleaning. The legs of this modern cat lounge are durable and long lasting because they are made of solid walnut while the frame is a scratch resistant shell handcrafted from bent plywood. $550. BUY.


Brown Faux Leather Pet Couch - Stylish Furniture-Grade Luxury Pet Bed

Faux Leather Pet Couch. This furniture-grade constructed pet bed is a nice addition to the world of luxury pet furniture. This stylish pet bed screams fashion and is sure to show off how much you love and want to pamper your pet to the fullest. It is made with top quality material designed to not only look rich in luxury but also to be very easy to clean simply by using a damp cloth, which is perfect for a dog that tends to shed plenty of hair. Made with a solid wood construction and furniture gliders for the feet, this luxury dog bed is constructed to hold up to 15 pounds and is roomy enough to accommodate a dog of up to 25 inches in length. $140. BUY.


Luxury Dog Bed for the Pampered Pup - Covered Headboard, Mattress, Pillows and Blanket

Modern Dog Bed with Fabric Covered Headboard. Here is a complete modern dog bed set that is even adorned with a stylish fabric covered headboard. In this set there are 8 pieces included: 1 soft, furry blanket for warmth, 4 fashion pillows, a cover, 4 inch thick mattress and bed frame with headboard attached. Each and every item that makes up this modern pet bed is handcrafted and custom designed right down to the color theme and embroidered name of the dog on the foot of the bed. No pet could ask for much more than this luxury dog bed! BUY.


PetFusion Scratcher - Contemporary Design Cat Scratcher

PetFusion Cat Scratcher. Here is a deluxe, eco-friendly cat scratcher designed by PetFusion to be a place where your cat can lounge while also getting that much needed scratching energy out. This environmentally safe cat scratcher is made up entirely of recycled cardboard but has been constructed to provide a scratching area for multiple cats. The durability of this product is also unmatched as it is known to last much longer than most cat scratcher items due to the dense cardboard, ability to reverse for much more use as well as the overall design perfected at every step. $99. BUY.


Modern Cat House - Contemporary Style Pet Home

This Modern Cat House will surely impress any onlookers of the house as well as the cat itself. It is made of laminated plywood except for the front and back pieces, which are made of acrylic. It has an 8.5 inch circular opening perfect for just about any size cat or even a small dog and is carpeted with an oatmeal colored material. The back of this modern cat house has a slot to satisfy the natural curiosity all cats have and the overall measurements are 25 in by 16 in by 14 in tall. It truly is a stylish addition to any cat’s life as well as any owner’s home. $450. BUY.


Anti-Microbial Luxury Dog Bed - Stylish and Contemporary Pet Bed

Crypton Luxury Pet Beds. Crypton's patented fabric is designed to permanently ward away stains and bacteria making it a perfect anti-microbial pet bed. The fabric is actually non-porous so it is impossible for anything to stick to it. This allows your pet bed to stay cleaner and actually can be disinfected using a cleaner when you do need to clean it. The modern design on this contemporary pet bed gives it a stylish and luxurious look. Pictured here is oval bolstered dog bed. $89 - $229. BUY.


Bingo Dog Bed by Fleabag - Luxury Modern Dog Bed

Bingo by Fleabag. You can finally stop wondering where your dog bed was made. Fleabag dog beds are made in Los Angeles, California and are constructed with material milled locally.  The cushiony interior of the Bingo bed is made of 100% cotton, making it 100% comfortable for your pet.  Each large rectangle bed is designed with a reversible cotton cover that can be removed and is machine washable which is a feature we love for dog beds.  Made to be extremely durable, they will last through years of use. $178. BUY.


Urban Denim Dog Bed by Pet Play - Contemporary & Modern Dog Bed

Urban Denim Dog Bed. Let your pet be stylish with the new Urban Denim Pet Bed.  The durable material and hand sewn stitching will be able to withstand years of use.  The high-loft fill is made from eco-friendly material making it a great option for your pet.  The easy zip off bed cover is machine washable so your pet can always have a fresh, clean place to sleep. Feel safe about the quality of the bed knowing that it was made to meet the quality standard for children and infants. $95-$189. BUY.


Sasquatch II Pet Bed - Giant Croc Dog Bed

Sasquatch II Pet Bed. Apparently Bigfoot has a thing for Crocs. If your feet were that hairy, you would need well-ventilated foot wear. This benefits your dog because while giant Crocs make great shoes for Bigfoot, they also make comfortable and stylish dog and cat beds. This updated version of their original Sasquatch bed features customizable buttons for your pet's name and a removeable, washable liner. $120.  BUY.


Ultra Luxury Dog or Cat Bed - Modern Design in a Contemporary Pet Bed

The LazyBonezz Madison is the ultimate pet bed for your cat or dog. Featuring solid wood construction with stainless steel accents, the bed is sure to match any contemporary decor. The pet bed can hold dogs up to 65 lbs and has coated feet so it won't scuff the imported tiles. The microfiber cushion stays clean and can be machine washed to keep a healthy environment. $299.


Dog Bed - Organic Material and 5 Different Patterns

Westpaw Bumper Bed. The upholstered Dog Bed with bumper is a wonderful way to get your pet hip.  The bed being organic is just a bonus.  Each bed comes in 5 different premium woven fabrics to match any room of your home or office.  The padding in the bed is made up of 100% recycled plastic bottles that will not be added to the current landfills.  The cover on the bed and pillow are washable to make the care easy for you.  Sizes run from extra small to extra large. $72-$194.


Petmate Nap of Luxury Bed - Luxury Pet Bed Incorporates Modern Style with Classic Fashion

Let your pet relax in the center of comfort with the Petmate Nap of Luxury Pet Bed.  The champagne colored bed frame is perfect for smaller breeds and only sits 16’’ off the floor. The sturdy metal frame can be assembled without tools and the camel bedding cover can be removed and washed with ease.  Allow your best friend to relax in a bed all her own.  Adding a new pet blanket will allow the bed to match any décor. BUY.


Merry Pet Tropical Island Pet Bed - Wicker Style Pet Bed with Palm Tree Print

If you wish for a vacation in the tropics, chances are your pet will too.  Give your dog or cat a tropical getaway everyday with a Merry Pet Tropical Island with Cushion Pet Bed.  This bed is complete with bamboo frame and a palm tree lined cushion.  The best part is a drawer on the front that allows for easy pet toy storage.  So provide your pet with a tropic get away at home with this earth friendly spin on a bamboo bed. BUY.


Dog Bed Cover Replacement - Stylish Green Pattern

This Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is designed for round pet bedding. Simply enclose the bedding in the zippered duvet to add style to your décor and refurbish that old bedding. You can also use blankets to stuff the duvet to create your own bedding. Because this is recycling, this pet product is eco-friendly and sports modern patterns to accent any décor. This product is made of 100% cotton and will be safe and comfortable for your favorite canine companion. $35. BUY.