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Cool Way to Keep Your Chinchilla Cool During the Summer

Did you know that chinchillas can suffer from a condition called heat stress?  Chinchillas are unable to sweat which causes their body temperature to rise.  If not treated it could become fatal.  Make sure your pet is always cool, even when you are not around with the Super Pet Chinchilla Chin-chiller Granite Stone.  This granite stone can be placed inside your chinchilla’s cage to help to lower their body temperature, keeping them cool and safe.  $9. BUY.


Marshall Pet Products Portable Ferret Cage / Rat Cage / Chinchilla Cage

Your smaller pets such as ferrets and chinchillas need room to play and exercise.  Marshall Pet Products understand that you little friends need more room and have created the Folding Mansion.  Designed to easily set up and store, it won’t even require tools!  The Folding Mansion comes installed with four wheels to make moving between rooms simple.  The bottom tray can be locked into place to prevent any movement, but can easily be taken out for cleaning. $153. BUY.