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Kong On/Off Squeaker Toys - Dog Chew Toys that Can Squeak or Be Silent with the Flip of a Switch

Kong On/Off Squeaker Toy. KONG is well known for their durable chew toys for pets, but they have been branching out into other segments by releasing new innovative lines. They understand that dogs enjoy the sound of a squeak toy but that a pet owner may need some peace and quiet, which is why they have created these toys that can be turned on and off. When your dog needs an extra bit of stimulation and entertainment, you can turn on the toy so that it squeaks. When you’ve had enough of the noise, you can turn it off while your dog continues to enjoy satisfying his need to chew. The toys come in several sizes and shapes, including bones, bears and whales. $9-$15. BUY.

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Moochews - Dog Toys Recycled from Cow Milking Tubes

Moochews. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and innovative chew toy, then offer your dog a MooChew. MooChew toys are unique because they are made from repurposed cow milking tubes. The rubber tubes are washed and sanitized, but they retain the cow scent so that dogs are drawn to them. The rubber in each MooChew is extremely durable, and there are several sizes and colors of toys available. Dog owners can choose from MooChucks and MooTugs in assorted colors to keep their dogs entertained using a non-toxic, earth-friendly chew toy. $18-$20. BUY.


Grass House for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits - Chewable Edible Guinea Pig Hutch

Super Pet Grassy Rabbit House. Though guinea pigs are very social animals, they can be shy at times. They should always have some type of shelter to provide security and this edible grass house is perfect for that. It is somewhat customizable for your pet as well since it can chew new openings into the house if they want. You can also use this for dwarf rabbits, rats and ferrets. $13.29.