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Meowijuana Purple Passion - Organic, Homegrown Buds for the Far-Out Pussycat

Meowijuana Purple Passion buds are 100% organic and are harvested from top quality catnip plants. Picked at the peak of the plants’ essential oil production, Purple Passion catnip buds are aromatic and highly potent. This is top quality ‘weed’ for the discerning kitty! Available in attractive small and large glass jars that are resealable to keep kitty’s catnip fresh, this quirky product is a great gift idea and makes a nice change from the same old mouse toys and fish flavored treats. You can also use the jars to marinate and reinvigorate other toys you have laying around. $25-$29. BUY.


CAT vs HUMAN - Book that Illustrates the Complex Cat-Human Dynamic

Cat Versus Human. Cat lovers will definitely relate to these humorous cartoons sketched by Yasmine Surovec, who operates a blog by the same title. Its comedic approach to the relationship between cats and humans is sure to draw a chuckle from any cat lover, even if the sketches hit a little too close to home. The images depict the effect that cats can have on romantic relationships and social situations, and there are witty comparisons between a life with cats and a life without cats. $9. BUY.

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Pet Toy Storage Box - Modern Design Toy Chest to Keep Pet Supplies

If your pet likes to play then toy storage sometimes becomes an issue.  Some toys are bulky or get muddy when playing outdoors.  The Pet Toy Storage Box made of MDF is the perfect way to store these toys while maintaining the beauty of your house both indoors and out.  The storage box opens from the top and holds a variety of toys with easy access when it is time to play.  This modern storage unit will keep the house clean and your pet’s toys safe until they are needed. BUY.