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Meowijuana Purple Passion - Organic, Homegrown Buds for the Far-Out Pussycat

Meowijuana Purple Passion buds are 100% organic and are harvested from top quality catnip plants. Picked at the peak of the plants’ essential oil production, Purple Passion catnip buds are aromatic and highly potent. This is top quality ‘weed’ for the discerning kitty! Available in attractive small and large glass jars that are resealable to keep kitty’s catnip fresh, this quirky product is a great gift idea and makes a nice change from the same old mouse toys and fish flavored treats. You can also use the jars to marinate and reinvigorate other toys you have laying around. $25-$29. BUY.


Egg Roll Cat Toy - Chinese Take-Out Inspired Catnip Toy Sans Unhealthy Grease

Egg Roll Cat Toy. If your cat's refined palette leans more towards a Szechuan cuisine than a hairy rodent, then he may perk up when he sees this unusual cat toy. Rather than playing with the more primitive cat targets, your kitty can bat and kick this adorable stuffed eggroll. The fabric is completely original and is designed by PolydactylCats, and it looks just like an eggroll. The filling is made of polyester and organic catnip, and the entire toy is durable enough to withstand hours of play. You may also be interested in the other stuffed toys made by PolydactylCats, which include soy sauce packet toys and squirting duck sauce packet toys. $22. BUY.


Birds of a Sweater Handmade Catnip-Filled Cat Toys

Birds of a Sweater. Filled with organic catnip and made from recycled or upcycled materials, this eco-friendly cat toy is great for the environment and your cat at the same time. The sweater material is made from upcycled wool sweaters and the beaks are made from recycled water bottles. (FYI to our Cool Pet Products readers, "upcycling" is when you take a waste material and converting it into a more useful product.) We think these handmade cat toys are absolutely adorable and your cat would look very cute playing with them. And on top of that, they're earth friendly! $12 for 3. BUY.


Sojos Organic Catnip - 100% Certified Organic Catnip

Sojos Organic Catnip. Give your cat the catnip that they love.  Sojos Catnip is made from 100% certified organic catnip that is grown in Washington State in the Cascade Mountains.  Add a pinch of Sojos catnip to your cat’s favorite toy or scratching post and they will go crazy for it!  The euphoric state lasts only about five to fifteen minutes, leaving your cat wanting more.  Use up to twice a week as a great treat! $6. BUY.


Natural Catnip Spray is Irresistable to Cats

Cats love catnip!  Only problem is that real catnip can make a mess when the cats get into it.  That problem is now solved with Kong Naturals Catnip Spray.  Made with only the most potent, all-natural catnip available in North America, your cat will fall in love!  With a potent smell of cat nip, this oil spray can be applied to your cat’s favorite toys or even their scratching posts.  Your cat will thank you for it! $6. BUY.


Giant Catnip Filled Cat Toy - Fish Shaped Cat Toy Stuffed with Catnip

Cats love catnip and they love fish so how could they resist the Yeowww! Pollock Fish cat toy?  It is filled with 100% Yeowww! brand organic catnip.  Your cat will go crazy when they realize it is stuffed to the gills with catnip!  The Pollock Fish gets its name from the artist Jackson Pollock who is best known for his splatter painting.  Measuring a whopping 11” in length, your cat will get hours of enjoyment out of their new toy. BUY.


Tail Chaser Catnip Cat Toy - 15" Tail Filled with Catnip

Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Cat is the ultimate in fun for your cat.  Mounted to a card is a 15” tail filled with organic catnip that your cat will be unable to resist.  The tail could become an interactive toy by dangling it for your cat.  If you are unable to play, the card attached to the tail could be attached to the wall allowing your car to play on their own.  The tail chasers come in a variety of creatures including bunnies and mice. BUY.


Awesome Catnip Filled Cat Toys - Filled with a lot of Catnip

Cats love catnip.  Make your cat happy with the Yeowww! yellow banana toy.  All Yeowww! toys are handmade in the United States to provide quality workmanship.  The yellow banana is filled with only the best 100% organic catnip.  Yeowww! toys come in a variety of shapes and textures that your cat will enjoy including an apple, a rainbow and even a cigar!  Your cat will find these catnip toys purr-fect. BUY.