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Sauder Modular Cat Tower- Sophisticated space saving haven for your cat

Modular Cat Tower. The stylish Sauder cat tower provides everything your cat needs in a play space, including a comfy cushion with removable soft fabric cover to nap on when they're done playing. The two pieces of this modular cat furniture nest together to create one 42 inch tall tower or can be freestanding, providing your cat with two pieces of furniture to scratch that aren't your brand new couch! Featuring two sisal scratch pads, a molded bristle pad to rub on, padded climbing steps, and a feather toy on elastic, there is plenty to do on this stylish cat playground. $180. BUY.

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Tabby Tree - Sleek, Modern Cat Tree, Multiple Color Options, Replaceable Loop Pile Carpet Pads

Tabby Tree by Modern Cat. How many times have you had to rescue your kitty from the highest branches of the tree in your yard? If your cat has a penchant for climbing, then you need to find a way to satisfy that need while also keeping him safe, and the Tabby Tree can help you do that. This unique tree has five levels that are coated in loop pile carpet, which will let your feline climb to his heart’s content while also giving him a great place to sharpen his claws. It is made out of sturdy fiberboard so that it won’t tip over or fall apart as your cat gets the exercise he needs to stay healthy and safe. $359. BUY. via Hauspanther.

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Bowsers Cat Tower - Stackable and Configurable Designer Cat Condo

Bowsers Cat Tower. Here we have a stackable, stylish cat tower that any cat will surely enjoy to the fullest. It is made of mostly natural materials including solid wood so you know it will last as long as possible. You can rearrange and configure the tower as you see fit, which will in turn keep your cat, or cats, interested at all times because the structure is always changing. This contemporary cat tower is covered in a lovable fabric that allows for a no-slip climb for your favorite felines and it features plenty of entry holes, or windows, for the cats to roam in and out of the cat tower as they please. $289. BUY.


Contemporary Cat Tree with Natural Style - Modern Cat Furniture

Give your cat their own place to play.  The Cat Power Tower comes complete with everything your pet will ever need.  There are 4 separate carpeted areas on different levels for your cat to lie on.  The Cat Power Tower also comes with a scratching post to help with their natural urge to claw.  On top of the scratching post is a feather carousel that will give your cat hours of enjoyment.  Show your pet that you love them with this new stylish cat tree tower. $399. BUY.

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Armakat Cat Tree - Giant Size Cat Climber Tree

If you want a cat tree that is for more than one cat, the Armakat Cat Tree is what you are looking for. This massive cat condo features multiple pedestals, platforms and a cubby hole. Made from pressed wood and a durable faux fleece material that provides great scratching texture. Many cat toys are made from a fleecy material so this giant cat tree is just one big cat toy. The height allows your cat to stretch out when scratching and also promotes exercising with the different levels your cat can move up and down on. It does require some assembly and we recommend not using the supplied toys. $80 with free shipping.


Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower - Modern Cat Condo

Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower. This is a work of art that you and your cat will enjoy. Crafted in deep espresso wood, this modern cat condo's sleek design allows it to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional in that it takes up much less space than traditional cat trees. Its slender curves and modern design make great use of a small amount of floorspace. Multiple resting areas and holes are hidden in this great piece of contemporary cat furniture. Inside and above the cubby box, the faux suade cushion covers can be machine washable and also lends to the elegance of the furniture. We are also impressed with the fact that the carpet pads are attached by velcro which we assume can be replaced after being worn. This is yet another great functional design of the product. In closing, this Cool Pet Product has a lot of bang for its buck considering it is great for the kitty but also adds to the modern decor. $399.


Cat Condo You Can Build to Shape - Cube Style Modular Cat Furniture

Feline Furniture Cat Castle. WOW! Are you looking for a very customizable, very configurable cat furniture set? This modular cat activity center is called the Cat Castle and rightly so. The Cat Castle is a build-to-suit your decor type cat furniture that lets you shape it any way you wish while allowing your cats to have hours of entertainment and exercise. There are cat condos and hammocks in random areas to provide plenty of resting and playing places for your cats. $500.