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Moleskine Cat Journal - Classic Style Pocket Journal for Your Cat's Information

Moleskine Cat Journal. Remember your cat.  As the years go by people can forget the funny or cute things their pet used to do.  That is why Moleskine created the Cat Journal.  There are four different tabbed sections that you can personalize.  The 202 included labels for the different sections include everything from daily life to the little things you don’t want to forget they did.  Labels include feeding schedule, health record, memories, breeds list and much more!  So don’t take your pet’s life for granted.  Remember the things you need to for now and the things you want to remember even after they’re gone. $14. BUY.


How-To Train Your Cat - Book on Training Your Cat

Naughty No More. For years people have understood that training a dog could easily be done but cats never seemed able to be trained, until now!  “Naughty No More” by Marilyn Krieger is a great book that deals with the idea of training your cat.  Cats have been known to be troublesome by clawing furniture and jumping on tables.  The clicker training method combined with positive reinforcement, you can train your cat to follow commands and stay off of furniture!  You’ll be amazed at your cat’s transformation! $12. BUY.