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Mid Century Modern Dog Furniture - Luxurious Pet Home or Litter Box Hide, Also a Stylish Table

Mid Century Modern Dog Furniture. This iconic piece of dog furniture is a superior alternative to any traditional pet home and is made to look luxurious and modern in every inch. The design is meant to take on a mid century feel while still providing that coveted modern touch of style. It is a wonderful piece of stylish dog furniture that allows your dog to relax, perch, play and even sleep in while also being able to double as a table for the owner’s use. It can be rearranged to better suit you or the dog’s needs including side-by-side, stacked and stand alone. This modern dog furniture is made with a beautiful walnut hardwood finish and can also accommodate a cat and its litter box. $479. BUY.


Mid-Century Modern Cat Home - Bed, Litter Box Cover and Cubby in One

Modern Cat Furniture and Litter Box Cover. This modern cat furniture and litter box cover has been designed with style and functionality in mind. It will keep your cats comfortable and happy while allowing a way to hide a disgusting litter box and even help to reduce the tracking of litter when the cat uses it. There are hinged doors for easy access and the modern cat furniture also comes apart so you can place it as you see fit. It is among the most stylish cat furniture any feline fanatic could ever hope to own and its beauty is only part of the benefits you’ll see when this item is put to good use. $999. BUY.


Pet Product Buying Guide - Cat Litter Box Furniture

Buying Guide: Litter Box Furniture. Cat litter box enclosures are amongst the most popular products featured here on Cool Pet Products. Featured in this edition of Pet Product Buying Guide are ten modern cat litter box hides that would fit into any household. There are a variety of options available from contemporary designs to more rustic natural designs such as wicker or a cat litter box cover that doubles as a planter. Read more...


Cat Litter Box with Air Filter - How to Keep Your Litter Box From Smelling

Litter boxes are an eye sore.  The new Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box is a modern take on the traditional litter box.  Don’t worry about odors anymore, the Bionaire Odor Grabber has a built in electronic air purifier to eliminate odors but works quietly enough to not disturb your cat.  Can be used with any kind of kitty litter!  Included with the little box are two filters that help to remove excess fur and dander. $60. BUY.


Katpak - Disposable Paper Litter Box with Cover

Katpak is a disposable covered cat litter tray made of paper and can completely replace the litter box entirely. You never have to clean the litter box. Just replace the Katpak every week with a new one. They're biodegradable and made from recycled paper. $12. Or buy them Here for $13 if you need them sooner than 2 weeks.


Wooden Cat Litter Box Cover - Practical & Stylish Cat Litter Box House

This practical yet easy on the eye Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand Pet House allows you to utilize the space above your cat's litter box, This wooden litter box house can also be used as a night stand if you have a litter box in your bedroom. It helps maintain the odor which is especially nice. $69.99 with free shipping.


Nightstand Dog House / Nightstand Cat Litter Box Cover / Nightstand Cat House... Multi-Function Pet Furniture

Dog crates and litter boxes can be eye sores in your house.  As a beautifully designed piece of furniture, the Merry Pet Nightstand doubles as storage for your pet.  It can be used to hold your cat’s litter box or even your small pet.  Use as an end table or nightstand and your guests will never know its other purpose. Also comes with a stainless steel towel bar that could be attached for extra storage.  So toss out that jail cell looking crate, hide that ugly litter box and take back your home. $92 + Free Shipping. BUY.


Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Cat Litter Box

Plant Litter Box Cover. This is a great way to hide that cat litter box. If you turn it away from view, no one will ever know where or why your cat is disappearing to. The entire top part comes off so you can access the litter box easily. We recommend putting it with other potted houseplants so it just blends right in. $75.


Modern Cat Litter Box House - Mahogany Finish Wood Grain Litter Box House for Modern Cat Owners

Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider. This sleek modern design cat litter box is beautiful and practical at the same time. They call it a "designer litter hider / bed combo" because it not only is a litter box house but also has a bed area for your cat to rest on top of. The chrome accents and mahogany wood laminate finish creates a very stylish cat furniture to add to your home. $250.


Decorative Wicker Litter Box House - Stylish Way to Cover Your Cat Litter Box

Mr. Herzher’s Jumbo Decorative Litter Pan Cover is a unique pet product to hide your litter pan in plain sight. This litter pan cover includes a hinged door and gliders to easily access the litter pan. It also offers a catch tray to contain stray litter. This decorative pet cat product gives your pet privacy while concealing the litter pan. This product is a must-have for pet owners with limited space or who need easy access to clean the litter pan. BUY.