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See and Extend Carrier by Petmate - Pet Carrier that Expands on the Side Providing Extra Legroom

See and Extend Pet Carrier. Your airplane seat reclines, why shouldn’t your pet’s carrier offer the option of becoming more comfortable? That is why Petmate has created this extendable carrier that will give your dog or cat a little extra legroom. You can zip up the extendable vestibule so that the carrier is small enough to meet the most stringent airline policies, but you can also unzip it when you are in the car or when you have reached your destination. You can access the carrier from the side and the top, and its mesh sides will allow your pet to see everything that is happening. It even has loops at the back to secure it safely to the car seat. $80. BUY.


Cuddler Carrier - World's Softest and Most Snuggly Carrier for Small Dogs

Cuddler Carrier. Your pet’s safety is always important, but it should be your primary concern when you are traveling with your dog or cat. Fortunately, this innovative new carrier from Pioneer Pet is designed to keep your pet comfortable and calm while also securing him safely as you travel. Its lush padding is made of eco-friendly recycled sponge, and the outside of the carrier is made with micro plush fabric that is stylish and easy to maintain. The entire carrier is machine washable, and its seatbelt strap ensures that your dog or cat will be safely secured in the car. This makes the carrier the perfect place for your pet to rest at home and on the road. $30. BUY.


Woolrich Pet Carrer - Stylish Pet Carrier with Outdoors Flair

Woolrich Pet Carrier. Are you looking for a fun and stylish way to carry your pet around town or on your next trip? Then this trendy carrier is the perfect solution. The carrier is manufactured by Woolrich, who is also known for their comfortable apparel for men and women. They have used the same luxurious materials and high quality fabric to create this plaid pet carrier, which features a cushioned shoulder strap for the owner’s comfort and a vented design that will keep pets safe and secure. The carrier includes several pockets for pet treats and essentials, and it can be folded for easy storage. $70. BUY.